Are there any set up charges?

None at all.

Are there cancellation charges?

No. However you cannot be refunded for a service that has been provided in full or in part.

How long do the services take to set up?

Your account will be set up as soon as you’ve made payment and completed the account details. Your phone or fax services will start within 48 hours, and your mail forwarding service will be activated within 24 hours from when you have submitted valid proof of ID and proof of address documents. Documents must be certified by a solicitor, accountant, post office, local council, doctor, minister of religion or notary (accompanied by a relevant stamp).

We are required by law to hold proof of ID and proof of Address documents for anyone using our mail forwarding service.

We can accept the following documents:

Proof of ID (Of Account Holder)

  • Passport
  • Driving Licence (with photocard)
  • National identity card
  • HM Forces Identity Card
  • Employment Identification card
  • Disabled drivers blue pass

Proof of address (both name and address must be shown)

  • All of the below must be issued within the last 3 months
  • Gas or Electricity bill
  • Telephone bill (excluding mobile phone bill)
  • Water bill
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Council tax bill
  • Bank statement
  • TV licence

What is the postage deposit for?

Your postage deposit covers the Royal Mail postage costs of forwarding on your mail as well as a 10pence handling charge per letter. When your deposit is running low, we will let you know so you can top it up again.

What are the charges for the forwarding of mail?

On top of your monthly service fee, you will pay the standard Royal Mail postage costs plus a 10 pence handling per item. These costs will be deducted from your postage deposit.

How often is mail forwarded?

You can choose to have your mail forwarded on when it arrives, at the end of each week or at the end of the month. You can also choose to have your mail scanned and emailed to you instead or held for collection at our offices in central London.

How does the telephone answering service work?

We will provide you with a unique phone number that you can use on your stationary and give to clients. We will answer your calls in your company name and take a message from your caller. You will receive the message straight away by email or SMS. You will also be able to check your messages online.

I don’t want to change my number, but I need a telephone answering service. Can you help?

Of course we can help. We will still need to allocate a unique number to you. You will then have to instruct your existing phone service provider to divert your calls to the new number we have given you.

What is the difference between having calls diverted and having them patched through?

With a call divert service, clients who dial your unique phone number will have their call automatically redirected to another phone number of your choosing. With a patching service, we receive and answer the calls to your dedicated phone line, and then try to put the call through to you.