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Building Web Design Business Using WordPress X Theme

The Podcast Episode with Dana James Mwangi

Success Story from Dana James Mwangi

At first glance, Dana James Mwangi looks like the typical wife and mother balancing her time between her husband and kids. Unless you delve a little deeper, you will never know that this dynamo has an additional title under her resume – that of a business person.

A woman filled with laughter and positive energy, her smile and enthusiasm are contagious. There’s no hint of burn-out nor tiredness when you talk to her. Even in this short interview, Dana isn’t short of energy as she talks about her family, business, and most importantly, the X Theme.

The X Factor

WordPress is awash with various themes web designers can use and build upon.  For Dana, however, nothing else works for her other than the X. Her business experiencing a significant boost by just using the X theme is proof enough of its functionality and versatility to meet the various needs of each of her clients.

What’s great about the X theme, according to Dana, is its ability to help her to customize and deliver high quality designs without eating up most of her time. Compared to other themes in the WordPress market, the X is more intuitive allowing her clients to update their own websites. This lifts up the burden of doing everything, even the simplest task, for her clients.

In short, she is able to have time for everything without jeopardizing her career and family. In her own words, the X theme is not as complicated to work around and build a website with but not easy enough to be boring to a web designer.

Dana has a lot to rave about the X, but what really got her was its exceptional customer service unexpected from a company of its size. Just like its features and settings bringing satisfaction to its customers, the customer service of the X makes you feel like they are part of your team, which is very crucial and important to business. They give you a feeling that they are always there for you permanently any time of the day.

Unlike other theme designers who leave you hanging to figure out how to solve a problem, the team behind the X answer properly and provide good answers. This is reflective of the company’s goal which is to understand all the custom projects being built using the x theme and in so doing they will be able to help you support the development.

Aside from the amazing customer service support, the X Theme also provides a number of video support which help you set up the theme from the beginning to using the customizer to modifying your site. Then, there’s also the support forum which provides relevant answers within a short period of time. Furthermore, members are given access to an extensive written documentation that carries the answers to any possible issues they might encounter. This is a very great alternative just in case the videos won’t suffice.

Making Things Happen

Dana’s clients are an interesting lot – from companies who have been in the business for decades to business owners who have just started out. While there is no problem building a website for someone who has an established experience and an extensive portfolio, the real challenge comes from those who have little or almost nonexistent portfolio desiring to establish a web presence. This predicament will rattle any web designer, but not Dana who understands the importance of Web presence.

But how does she do this? The answer is One Page Homepages These single page homepages are one of the latest updates on the X Theme allowing developers to build a website with a fixed horizontal navigation menu which takes the visitor down to the relevant sub-section of the page when they click it. The scrolling works efficiently in both directions and the full-width design looks amazing.

Since you are able to create a website with just a single page, clients with a limited portfolio can manage to create an online “home,” as Dana calls it, without really stressing what to put in it. The best thing to this, however, is that you can access it on a much later date and expand your website as your business grows.

The Uncanny X Theme

One problem any web designer will encounter if they are just using one specific theme is the lack of flexibility to make a website unique from the others which are also built on the same theme. Dana, however, points out that this is not a problem with the X theme because you can fully customize your own and make it unique from the rest. That’s because the theme is loaded with features and controls making it impossible for any two X theme websites to look the same.

To begin with, it has four designs, called Stacks, which you can choose from. These stacks provide the foundation for everything you build on around the theme. These stacks are different than child themes because they function as separate entities. However, you can create child themes within each stack allowing you to make any changes the way you would with another theme.

Then, there’s the customizer panel – a customization menu built on the original WordPress panel but has been extensively upgraded to give you more control over the function and appearance of your website. Some of the awesome things the customizer allows you to do that affects the way how your site looks include:

  • Changing the Stack
  • Menu and Header Placement
  • Position of the sidebar
  • Colors and Fonts
  • Buttons
  • Full or Boxed width
  • Backgrounds and Logos

As Dana has put it, all these modifications can be done at just a touch of a button and can be previewed live within the same window. You can do this without worrying whether the changes you make are visible to your visitors or not because they remain private until you click the ‘Confirm’ button. This feature cuts back the time because you don’t need to refresh and apply every time you make the changes.

Practicing What You Preach

Dana James is not the only web designer who uses the X theme, but she is surely one of the most vocal advocates of the X. To further prove her point and show her trust on the theme, her personal and business websites have been built on the X. However, if you visit them, and, you won’t suspect that they are using the same theme because they are extremely unique and different from each other.

Asked why she would readily recommend the X Theme to any web designer, she provides two reasons – one on a design perspective and the other on a business perspective. She said that the X is ideal for a business person because it is the only theme that grows with you. You can start from a one page to multiple pages and never worry about support. For a designer, the X theme is great because it allows you to bring your designs to life without any restrictions.


Each web designer has different preferences which allows them to express their talent. However, it is also wise to choose or prefer something that is dynamic – something that grows with you. That is what X Theme is all about –  already using HTML 5 and CSS3,  it gives the assurance that it will continue to develop and provide high-end functionality your site demands. X has done it with Dana and X can also do it with you and your business.


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