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Talk It Out: Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins for Easy Customer Access

The focus of this article is to provide you the best WordPress live chat plugins that you can use in your websites without any difficulties. There are many reasons to why using a live chat plugin will benefit your WordPress site or blog.

For example,

If you have a theme developing website, you are going to be asking the people to invest their dollars for your product. It’s only fair that you make yourself available to visitors to answer any questions that they may have. A research showed that having a chat feature on your site can increase the conversions by 44 percent!

Here are some benefits that you can have by adding a chat plugin to your site:

  • Live chat is convenient for the customers and provides an immediate access to help.
  • Live chat cuts down your expenses by lowering average interaction costs. It increases the efficiency by allowing live chat representatives to handle multiple chats simultaneously.
  • Live chat increases sales by immediately taking the customers through your product and sorting out any confusion they have that can make or break a sale.
  • Live chat gives you an edge on your competitor. According to a study, the cost savings and convenience for customers and staff make live chat a viable option for your business today as a freelancer.

So without delaying any further, here are some of the best free and premium WordPress live chat plugins that freelancers can use in their business.

Free WordPress Live Chat Plugins

Free live chat plugins bring a two-way communication with your visitors on site. You can easily host your own live chat sessions, interact with visitors and boost sales without needing any of third party Javascript.

However, a few free live chat plugins have some limitations such as you can’t log-in the chat room automatically, no full screen chat, and no Youtube video. But, as far as the chat goes, these free plugins are excellent to try!

1. Bankcle Chat

Bankcle Chat

Bankcle Chat is a WordPress plugin that provides a reliable, highly customizable, and economical platform for live chat. Besides giving live support to customers, it also keeps you updated regarding your site visitor activity and tracking.

You can also view the demographic and technical information of visitors. Bankcle can be easily integrated and configured, and automatically activates the free plan for your own account.

2. ClickDesk Live Support

ClickDesk Live Support

This WordPress plugin is one of the fastest live chat services available. ClickDesk allows the web visitors to click to call and voice chat with you (website owner) directly from the browser. Visitors can also dial the local access numbers available in 40+ countries.

You can manage your emails and offline chats with new integrated help desk. Agents can answer live chats and calls from online agent panel through Google Talk and Skype.

3. WP ChatBlazer

WP ChatBlazer

This plugin allows you to embed the Chatblazer application to chat on a WordPress page. You can post with an easy to use shortcode. You can host your own chatroom on your blog for interacting with your audience.

It has an easy-to-use interface that allows users to video chat, chat by sending instant messages, and share all types of media.

4. Video Chat Plugin

Video Chat Plugin

This plugin is highly flexible and supports and rooms, moderators, private messages, and public and private video chat, etc. It is BuddyPress-compatible, and automatically adds the avatars to user profiles in the video chat. It is simple to install and compatible with all search engines.

5. Flexy Talk

Flexy Talk

Flexy talk plugin allows you to get started with chatting to the Facebook fans and site visitors. You can easily do it from any device, including the mobile and tablets, etc. You can create a free account and enjoy unlimited chats with your visitors.

6. Acobot Live Chat

Acobot Live Chat

Acobot plugin displays chat widget on your website, behind which is an intelligent virtual robot that can automatically say hello to every visitor on your site. This plugin can capture their email addresses or phone numbers for you.

Also, it can answer their questions and address their concerns. This 24/7 customer help can turn your visitors into paying customers.

7. Vivocha Activation Tool

Vivocha Activation Tool

This is a multi-channel communication platform for the websites. This plugin can be used to assist customers during their visit, provide support, and answer questions. There is no coding skill required for it.

This plugin will enable Callback, VoIP, and Video on your website. Also, it includes fully customizable graphics and real time analytics.

8. Formilla Live Chat

Formilla Live Chat

This plugin allows you to chat with your visitors with a clean and easy to use interface. You can respond to chats from your iPhone, or Android device. You can also enable the proactive chat to trigger live chat automatically with visitor after some defined seconds.

9. Live Chat by OggFlow

Live Chat by OggFlow

This plugin lets you easily add beautiful live chat to your site or blog. You can handle all the live chats, emails, tickets, Facebook and Twitter feeds. You can easily modify the look and feel of this plugin with custom CSS, logos, and messages.

10. Chat


With this chat plugin, you can bring two-way chat to your website. You can host your own live sessions, interact with your visitors and boost your sales without taking help from third party JavaScript or other codes.

Chat plugin allows you to add a site wide-chat window in the bottom corner of your site. You can also add chat to any blog post or page, and answer support questions.

Premium WordPress Live Chat Plugins

Premium Live Chat plugins have no limitation at all; you can do whatever you like with your chatroom. These plugins make your site look more official. Top plugins help you in building your brand reputation for your products. By getting the reputation as a people-pleaser and as a business that value its customers can go a long way in making a good impression. All these premium plugins are a must for you!

1. Live Chat

Live Chat

Live chat uses Ajax technique instead of Web Sockets because it is simple and works on all major browsers. No more server modifications with this live chat plugin. It works perfectly with PHP 5 servers and WordPress.

Some of the features are:

  • More than one operator can reply the same user’s question
  • Visitors can fill out contact form when all operators are offline
  • Email notifications when visitor logs in a chat.

The plugin is available in US$17.

2. Visitor Chat

Visitor Chat

This plugin is fully featured real-time chat for your WordPress website. This plugin has a window-based client out of the box. Without having to visit the admin interface, you will be notified from your Windows tray from where you can start chatting straight away.

Some of the features are:

  • Adaptable templates and translations
  • Easy integration and use
  • Clear administrator chat interface

This plugin will cost you US$33.

3. WordPress Live Chat

WordPress Live Chat

This plugin provides real time chat for the customer support. The plugin has a 3-way widget embedding including auto, shortcode, and a WP widget. It also provides high quality emoticons and avatars.

Some of the features are:

  • Multiple operators and guests chatting
  • Initial ‘welcome’ messages after guest logs in
  • Message views auto-updating their relative delivery time

This plugin is available in US$28.

4. Chat X

Chat X

Chat X answers the support questions, and solves the technical problems and product defects on your website easily. You can easily customize your chat skin, and change the colors to fit your website look and feel. The plugin runs on Firebase technology to make your chat faster and reliable.

Features are:

  • 50 users can chat at one time
  • SSL support
  • More than one operator can reply the same user’s question

The plugin will cost you US$24.

5. Rhino Live Support

Rhino Live Support

This plugin provides premium customer service for your visitors. It allows you to have unlimited operators and departments, invite website visitors, transfer customers, track IP location, and advanced statistics, etc. It also includes customer feedback form, star rating and extended statistic.

Features are:

  • Unlimited Standard Responses
  • End Conversation as an operator
  • Send any conversation to any email address

This plugin is available in US$24.


There you have it: plenty of WordPress Live Chat plugins to choose from. All these plugins have something little different to share with you. Start making interactions and start converting your visitors into buying customers.

What’s your favorite chat plugin? If you think I missed any important plugin that should be on the list, please do share it with us in the below comment section.

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What is WordPress Jetpack Advantage on Your Site (and Why You Should Care About it)

How would you like some useful premium features for your WordPress site for free? Features include email subscriptions for new posts, commenting with Twitter and Facebook log-ins, and automatically sharing new posts to your social media network. WordPress Jetpack will let you perform these cool features on your website, for free.

Jetpack is a complete toolbox full of mini-plugins. If you are in need of installing 30 separate plugins, you would have to find and install each one of them.

But Jetpack gives you all needed features in a single plugin. Today, you will learn what the Jetpack plugin is all about and how can you get it on your site. Also, this article will help you decide which modules you need for your WordPress site.

Why you should care about using the Jetpack plugin

Website Stats

Site Stats

Website stats measure the behavior of visitors and track the details of your website. Jetpack has extremely concise stats with no additional load on your server. It provides information such as Referrers, Top Posts and Pages, Search Engine terms, Subscriptions, and Clicks.



WordPress users often search for a plugin to improve the comments and make it easy for people to subscribe posts or blog. With Jetpack, your visitors can write comments and even have several ways to identify themselves. Your visitors can leave a comment as guests, or they can choose to use their accounts.

Sharing Made Simple


JetPack allows you to easily incorporate social media sharing buttons. Just drag and drop from the given list of most relevant social networking sites available. You can also use different options to customize such as using a Facebook share button rather than using the Facebook Like button and so on.

Spelling and Grammar

Proof Reading

This can be a huge benefit to your site. Jetpack helps you avoid grammar errors and spelling mistakes that can be sometimes embarrassing. Once you have finished writing your post, you only have to hit the ‘ABC’ button for a full review of your post.

If you host your WordPress-powered site and want to take advantage of these awesome features that JetPack provides, here is how you can install and activate this plugin.

How to get the Jetpack Plugin?

Majority of hosting companies install Jetpack with the 1-click WordPress Install. If your WordPress site didn’t come with an already installed Jetpack, you can get the plugin from here. After downloading the plugin on your computer, go to Plugins > Add New.

Click the button ‘Add New’ and upload the file that you downloaded on your computer. Once you click the ‘Activate’ button, it will set up with WordPress yet will not be fully activated. This is because you need to connect Jetpack with to get authorized.


Activating Jetpack Plugin

For activating the Jetpack plugin, you will need to connect it to your account. If you are using the for your site, you will still need an account with But don’t worry because it’s possible to get an account without using the blog service.

When you go to for creating your account, remember to specify that you only need a username and not a blog. Once you have created the account, just click on the Jetpack plugin on your WordPress dashboard. Your Jetpack plugin is now fully activated on your site.

Authorize Jetpack

Configuring the Modules

Once you activate the Jetpack plugin, most of the modules will be automatically turned on. However, you can have the option to only turn on the most useful ones. This will help your site to keep up with the speed and loading time. For configuring the modules, click the Jetpack on your dashboard.

Next, click the settings and uncheck the ones that you want to deactivate on your site. Once done, you can simply hit the ‘Apply’ button.

But, which module should you consider? And why should you consider it? Find out:

Which modules and why do you need them?

There are more than 30 features or modules to choose from. By clicking on title of each one, you will get a brief description of what that feature does. These are the recommended ones:



This module will turn your WordPress image gallery into an easy scroll in a carousel mode when users will click on your photos. If you don’t have a carousel turned on, all images that user click on will open in a new page, which can be annoying.

Contact Form

Contact Form

This module enables a simple and easy to use contact form that you can also edit. Click on the button ‘Add Contact Form’ and you can edit the fields, and then insert the form in your post or page.

Extra Sidebar Widget

This module will allow you to add widgets to your sidebar without changing any code. If you want to add an image to your sidebar, you only need to drag and drop. It allows you to display galleries, top posts, Twitter timelines and more.



This option provides a simple way to enable email notifications of new posts and comments to the readers of your site. Your readers can manage the frequency for receiving new posts through email, and also follow any discussion.

Sidebar Visibility

This is one of my favorite features! If you have a crowded sidebar, this module will write rules for each widget. This way, you can have specific posts appear on specific pages and will not appear on others.



This module allows you to write some simple codes for embedding other media on your site or blog. If you want to embed YouTube, rather than writing the code, you can simply use the following code:


Mobile Theme

With this module, you can enhance user experience by customizing your mobile website and making your site load fast.


This module is great for speeding up your blog. All your images are uploaded to content delivery network (CDN) hosted by WordPress. This means that the browser can download more images at a single time, which results in a faster page load.



This feature makes it easy to share your site’s posts on different social media networks automatically when you publish a new post. If you don’t want to include any of the social networking sites for your post, you can uncheck from the Publicize edit link.

Infinite Scroll

Instead of having to click a link to get on next set of posts, Infinite Scroll pulls the next posts automatically when the reader reaches the bottom of page.

How much does it cost?

The cost to using all these features is absolutely free! However, according to the website, some of the individual Jetpack features may require payment in the coming future. But, you will be notified in advance about anything.

The Good

  • JetPack gives you quick and easy access to excess of features at one place.
  • Transitioning from to self-hosted WordPress is very smooth and improves your new site’s look and feel.
  • It has excellent anti-spam protection.
  • Perfect for personal bloggers whose needs are lightweight and not specialized.

The Bad

  • Some of the features require a manual activation while some of the widgets are auto activated, which can be little annoying.
  • Jetpack is a single plugin which has multiple plugins within, therefore, the more plugins you use, the slower your site becomes.

Why Do I recommend the Jetpack plugin?

There are plenty of WordPress plugins available on the Internet that it can sometimes become hard to choose. Jetpack has a collection of exciting features, that are all part of the same plugin, so you can be assured that they will work together.

Jetpack was developed by the Automatic, the same company behind, and they are also big contributors to the WordPress software. The coding is done with high quality and according to the needs of WordPress users.

Above all, the support provided is exceptional from the community support forum and through the official support channel. If you ask me to use Jetpack or not, my vote is YES!

Jetpack is useful for both experts and beginners because of its simplicity-based principle. It has a significant value when you consider how much it would cost to install all the features alone. With all these features, I would recommend that you try it on your site.

If you have tried it out, why not share your experience with us? Leave a comment below!

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Pop Up That Page: 10 Best Optin Plugins for Your WordPress Site

Whether you are using WordPress for your business or for blogging, you need to get people on your mailing list. But, if you also want to increase the number of readers who sign up to your list, then you need to use optin plugins. In this article, you can find out the 10 best optin plugins you can use for WordPress.

Why optin plugins are needed:

  • Allows you to add popup signup forms to your WordPress site
  • Allows you to test and monitor the effect it has on readers

1. OptinSkin

Optin Skin

OptinSkin allows you to add beautiful optin forms to your blog in multiple locations. You can also split test different variations of optin form to see which one is the best. Features include:

  • 18 built-in template designs
  • Performance tracking
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Works with Aweber, MailChimp, Feedburner.

The plugin for a single website is available in US$67.

2. OptinMonster


OptinMonster allows you to create professionally designed optin forms. It enables you to turn your website visitors into subscribers and customers. Features include:

  • Create unlimited forms for use
  • Built-in analytical and reporting
  • Page level targeting
  • Support and updates

The basic plugin type is available for US$49. Pro version for the plugin costs US$199.

3. Popup Domination

PopUp Domination

This plugin allows you to increase the number of people who optin to your email list. You can change everything from colors and headers, to image. Features include:

  • Analytics
  • Page Specific PopUp
  • Force Subscribers
  • Entry/Exit PopUps

The plugin is available for US$47.

4. Optin Revolution

Optin Revolution

This plugin allows you to bring visitors to actually join your email newsletter. There is no programming knowledge required for building popup forms. Features include:

  • Add videos to your popups
  • Add social follow links on your popups
  • Zero coding needed
  • PopUp split testing

The plugin is free to download in lite version. However, the Pro Version for a single site is available in US$47.

5. Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups

This plugin has beautiful popups to convert your website visitors into subscribers. You can offer a discount for leaving customers, or locking content until they share something.

Features include:

  • Social networking locker
  • Page level targeting
  • Sample presets included
  • Full APi integration with mailing services

The plugin is available for US$18.

6. PopupPress


This plugin is designed to insert any type of content in the popup. It also has a simple system statistics for counting the number of views for popups. Features include:

  • Slider and Lightbox included
  • Auto open, Auto close, Cookies
  • Multiple content, Multiple options
  • Compatible with Short Codes

The plugin is available for US$15.

7. Pippity

Pippity Popups

Pippity allows you a great level of customization. With ability to handle your popups, the plugin provides an effective way to build the list of email subscribers. Features include:

  • 18 pre-built templates
  • Targeting of post types
  • A/B split testing
  • Supports major email providers

The plugin for single site is available for US$49. Unlimited sites cost US$165.

8. WPSubscribers


This is an all-in-one plugin for your WordPress site. You can create unlimited number of subscribe forms including the popup forms, each one of having its own content.

Features include:

  • Create multiple exit popups
  • Subscription form of hidden content
  • Build a LightBox Subscription form
  • Have your subscription form in the footer bar

The single license for plugin is available in US$47.

9. Pop Up!

Pop Up

This plugin allows you to grab the attention of your visitor with special offers or ads popups. You can control who sees the popups, including logged-out users.

Features include:

  • Display popups to visitors from specific geographic locations
  • Compatible with all WordPress themes
  • Customize the style and layout easily
  • Set the amount of time for popup display

The plugin is available for US$19.

10. Multi Events

Multi Events Subscription Pop

This plugin allows you to add subscription popup box to your wordppress. Popup window is responsive so it also looks great on small screens. Features include:

  • Modern Optin form
  • 7 subscribe popup windows
  • Remember visitors
  • Show or hide close button

The plugin is available in US$14.


It can be difficult to decide which one is best because each one packs great features. So, what do you think of these optin plugins? Please share your opinion in the below comment section. I would love to hear it!

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