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Web Designer? Land High Paying Clients!

The holidays are just around the corner! We’re hoping you’re using the tips and tools we’ve been sharing with you here at 1WD to make the most out of this gift-giving season.  That means having to buy gifts for your mom, dad, brother/sister or your boyfriend/girlfriend. Truly, we hope you’d be successful. 

What is this about?

You’re basically a pro at web designing now. (Or you think you are.) By now you’ve mastered some techniques from different sites, even from us! You now feel confident about what you can do. Then, what?

A while back, our team at 1stwebdesigner sent out a survey to our e-mail subscribers.

We basically wanted to know what our followers had been struggling in their careers as web designers.

We got responses such as:

How do I improve my web development skills?

I need help learning jQuery, CSS3, Javascript.

I’m struggling with getting traffic on my blog.

I am a web designer. How do I get the girl of my dreams?

But after going through the huge number of responses, we were hardly surprised. Majority of the response we received had a familiar tone.

*queue drum-roll

The burning question:


It was evident that the skills and talent are there. But how can you land clients?  How do you identify those opportunities that can close a sale? How do you get to ask value of $5000 or more for a project?

Traversing the client acquisition world is a whole new challenge in itself. It involves people, their current challenges, what their problem is and how YOU can solve it.  A bit of psychology, salesmanship and hustle are needed to land those high paying clients.


This is the struggle for every aspiring web designer and freelancer.  The challenge is real, and it’s relevant. Good thing is, we’ve been there. It’s not easy but it can be done.

We came up with this FREE video series that takes us through freakishly simple yet effective steps that can help regular awesome people like you land those clients!

The series features James Richman, CEO and Co-Founder of 1stwebdesigner, talking about his first-hand experience with landing high paying clients, tips on identifying opportunities where you can come in and make a pitch and more!  This video series was made absolutely so you can succeed. 

In the first video, James talks about creating perceived value. Why should you be the provider of the solution over the guy next door? Here’s a hint: Stand out in the client’s perspective.

Do you Perceive Yourself as High Value?

In the 2nd video, James talks about the winning competition. He gives solutions on what you can do to get ahead of competition and win over your potential client.

Winning over competition to get clients

In the 3rd video, James talks about getting more clients. He shares some simple tips that can create leads.

Get more high paying clients

What are you waiting for? Get started on the series, take down some notes and start identifying those opportunities.

Consider this our advanced Happy Holidays gift to all our 1WD followers!

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