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Shake up Your Dying Website Using These Free eCommerce WordPress Themes

WordPress is a kingdom of sorts.

For a long time (but not like a century long), WordPress has been known as the “King” of the websites. It is the kingdom where personal blogs, business sites, portfolio sites and the likes are built. You can find all sorts of themes there, including free eCommerce WordPress themes.

However, you can’t stay long in the King’s dominion unless you become fruitful. To survive and earn the trophy of success, you must know how to deal with competition.

Fight for It

Now, you decided to take a step forward to fight and started developing a site for business purposes.

You see, people in the world nowadays are more comfortable in shopping online. That’s your leverage. You can sell them goods, clothing, gadgets, jewelry and some other things.

You become an entrepreneur to survive.  You have your ally now. You are prepared for combat to stay productive in the kingdom. But, how can you attract your target market without a proper theme for your site?

You look for the perfect free eCommerce WordPress theme for your page. You will probably find hundreds of them scattered all over the magical land of the Internet. How will you know the best one to choose?

You might confuse yourself as there are two kinds of themes. There are free themes and premium themes available around Internet land.

Which One to Choose?

The functionality of free themes is not too complicated compared to the premium ones. The designs may be simplistic yet these are powerful enough to lure people to buy.

The advantage of free themes is that, you don’t need to spend any amount of gold because they are absolutely free (especially when you are just starting your business battle) unlike the premium ones. And in this case, you don’t need to pay for a designer to do the theme for your website.

Are you ready to enter the WordPress kingdom?

Open Up the Gates…

1. Albeco


It is a reliable kind of theme with professional and stunning looks for your site. It has a WordPress short code support, which makes it truly remarkable. It also has professional options that give you no effort in configuring items.

What’s the secret?

It is in the WordPress eCommerce template plugin. What does it have?

  1. A customizable store header
  2. Social network integration and with easy-to-use and setup product categories.

Its CSV product import extension will help you quickly transfer your product lists and descriptions from your previous store to your new WordPress site.

Common Issues Encountered by Users

  1. The list option doesn’t work.
  2. Sub-categories are overlapping.
  3. Installation failures.

Here’s where you can see the demo of this theme. If you want to download it, you can do it here.

How do you  fix a bug that hides the created products and categories?

Check WP admin area, go to admin, point permalink and click the save button.

In the loop: Did you know Albeco uses Google Fonts on the headings?

2. Arcade (Basic)


A theme with full functionality on its end, really great for your site. A lightweight and responsive theme that goes with any device. It is simple, attractive and awesome, which makes it different from other theme.

What’s the secret?

It has a full-screen header image, followed by a large call-to-action, widgetized homepage area with a block of posts at the bottom.

You can choose from the eight post formats for every post you write. Formats are included in the gallery, image, video, audio, quote, link and status.

The Master Mind

This theme is created by WordPress theme designer C.Bavota, who favors Bootstrap as a front-end framework for his products. He started working on layouts and designs a long time ago but still dreams of becoming a rockstar.

Unfortunately, he is no longer part of the band. On the bright side, he only layouts and designs the band’s tapes and the likes. He fell in love with designing and programming and he took off leading to that path.

What they say about this theme?

It’s beautiful and easy to use and customize. The headers look fantastic, the fonts are perfect, the posts are well displayed, it really is awesome. Embedded videos and photos are seamless and smooth, and that’s critical when that’s the whole point of my website. Playing around with it is easy and intuitive, and there are tons of ways to make it your own.” – amandabuckiewicz.

Common Issues Encountered by Users

  1. The support forum isn’t super active.
  2. It can’t add social media links/icons on the homepage.
  3. The font can’t be changed from the header.

Here’s where you can see the demo of this theme. If you want to download it, you can do it here.

3. Artificer


A great responsive theme especially for starters. It is really terrific as a commercial theme and that makes it unique.

What’s the secret?

This theme has a responsive layout design that can easily adapt to any desktop, laptop, iPhone and iPad.  It has a sticky note and sale banner to highlight and notify users when you have special offers and ‘mini-features’.

However, support is not included. If you need it, you will purchase a product from WooThemes to gain access to all the support resources.

How to Install?

If you want to know how to install your Artificer theme, you can go here.

Update your themes at all times to avoid all kinds of issues or problems on your site.

Here’s where you can see the demo of this theme. If you want to download it, you can do it here.

In the loop: Artificer is designed for sole traders and small start-up business owners that seek to sell handmade products?

4. Balita


This is a reliable theme that will totally suit your site, especially when you are selling products for children. It is free and can be used to all your projects without any prior constraint in design. It is really an exceptional theme that you must have.

What’s the secret?

It is specially catered to showcase products for children. The theme is released under GPL. It has a Facebook Page Integration to market your products potentially on Facebook.

In addition to this, the products are listed in a grid-view, from which customers can easily compare the general overview and price of the products.

The Master Mind

This theme is designed by Tokokoo and released exclusively for Smashing Magazine and its readers. He has over forty thousand customers who use his creations on their online stores.

Common Issues Encountered by Users

  1. The CSS stylesheet is missing.
  2. It’s not installing properly.

Here’s where you can see the demo of this theme. If you want to download it, you can do it here.

In the loop: Did you know Balita means toddler in Indonesian.

5. Boot Store


This is a theme with excellent functionality and trustworthiness. It has a full support that is rarely given on free themes. Imagine, with a theme like this attached on your site, it will look extremely delightful.

What’s the secret?

This theme, which is based on Bootstrap, is attached with a grid extended system that allows your website to to be displayed at any viewing environment. It has a full website support such as:

  • Corporative pages
  • Blog (post formats)
  • Store with eCommerce support (TheCartPress eCommerce + Marketplace plugins)
  • Community (Buddypress support)

It also has a versatile and scalable carousel for posts, products and custom types. It’s independent navigation structures consists 20 widget areas.

Basically the theme is:

  • Multilingual-ready (WPML. qTranslate)
  • RTL-Language supported
  • Search engine friendly
  • W3C markup validated
  • Cross-browser configurated

What they say about this theme?

The best, and free of charge, way to make a professional Ecommerce.” – Inigoini.

Common Issues Encountered by Users

  1. Frontpage sidebar does not work.
  2. Not compatible with WooCommerce
  3. It’s very complicated to change the navigation background.

How many tried it?

This theme has over sixty three thousand downloads in the past days. Last week, 567 freelancers downloaded it. This is the high-end free theme for you.

Here’s where you can see the demo of this theme. If you want to download it, you can do it here.

6. Bearded eCommerce WordPress Theme


This is a simple but great theme for your site. This theme is filled with amazing touches like supports animate slider plugin support, among others. It just simply differs from other themes. See for yourself.

What’s the secret?

Bearded has an eCommerce solution for the WooCommerce plugin that comes very handy in setting up your web shop. It is hassle-free with its four column responsive layout.

The CSS3 and HTML5 of the Bearded theme is built with blogging and portfolio features. It is also built on Hybrid Core and supports the custom content portfolio plugin.

What they say about this theme?

This theme is awesome. Bar none, the coolest one I could find after hours of searching online. It’s slick, responsive, intuitive from a user standpoint; development, after playing around for awhile, is fairly self-explanatory and easy. There’s also a handful of good plugins that fit perfectly, similar to how Apple products work together. On top of all that, it’s FREE! Bearded has a great user interface and can handle whatever I throw at it, with the added benefit of being 100% cost-free. This is the first time I have downloaded a theme for creating WordPress websites and it might be the last; I can’t be more satisfied.” – TheChuchNorris.

The Master Mind

Designed and created by Justin Tadlock together with Hybrid Core Framework. They are really stunning designers who captively enchant their customers, clients and others.

They formed a collaboration to create a beautiful work of art such as this theme.

Common Issues Encountered by Users

  1. Incomplete CSS functions
  2. Too many files, need to organize stuff

Here’s where you can see the demo of this theme. If you want to download it, you can do it here.

7. Boemia


This is an amazing theme that would performs greatly in your site. It is one of best themes on the market. The simplicity and responsiveness of its features makes it unique from others.

What’s the secret?

It has a Mega-menu feature with which you can select shopping according to price, category and brand function. It has a “Catalogue Mode” where you can turn off the cart bar and add the button to the cart without using the cart option.

It also has 2 customer checkout pages and an SEO panel to optimize the SEO of your pages and products.

Can you change the language of this theme?

This theme is localized using GNU’s ‘gettext’ functionality that allows users to translate any kind of language on their themes in whatever way they please.

What’s the technical support like?

The developers let you have an unlimited access on the support forum in all their themes.

What they say about this theme?

Excellent entry! It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained!” –  Aquademica.

Here’s where you can see the demo of this theme. If you want to download it, you can do it here.

In the loop: The developers started the word Boemia because the theme is made to be clean and clear just like a Bohemian crystal.

8. Cartsy


This is a really beautiful, organize and classic kind of theme.What makes it particular is that it is designed to have an exceptional typography.

What’s the secret?

Cartsy is optimized to work with WooCommerce to sell your own products. It has a built-in secure payment system and customizable product pages.

It’s extensive tax and shipping options with one page checkout for improving conversions works great.

In addition to these, it has advanced reporting and order management and includes a coupon module for running marketing campaigns. Also, it has an extensive documentation for both beginners and developers.

The Master Mind

This was constructed and designed by developers from Templatic. This is the company that has created various WordPress themes for 5 years.

This team is composed with different designers and programmers around the globe who make easy to manage themes for freelancers.

Do this theme work with the plugins?

The theme mostly work with the plugins. However, it’s not really guaranteed that it would work in all plugins.

Do the theme work with the latest version of WordPress?

The theme is updated regularly so, it will work with the latest version of WP.

Here’s where you can see the demo of this theme. If you want to download it, you can do it here.

In the loop: Cartsy theme was graded at ThemeGrade and it aced 94% of it’s functionality which means it’s one of the best eCommerce themes out there.

9. Entire

Entire space

It’s an amazing and responsive eCommerce theme. It’s very powerful that you can get all options in this one theme. It’s a really great theme for your site.

What’s the secret?

This theme optimizes your WordPress-driven website from traditional online shopping to a business with eCommerce integration.

It has an outstanding minimalistic interface design that guides your consumers from getting confused on the your product lists. You can arrange sales pages easy and fast.

If you want to change the slideshow speed, you can edit entirespace/function/foundation/js/ You can go under the defaults, “animation” controls the type of transition. Options will be shown there. To change the time between the slides, you can tap the “advance speed” option.Motsbro.

Common Issues Encountered by Users

  1. Users can’t seem to locate and edit their sliders.
  2. Link color override problem.

Here’s where you can see the demo of this theme. If you want to download it, you can do it here.

10. eSell


This is a powerful theme with full functionality for your site. This is purely designed for WooCommerce and bbPress plugins. It has full features that can easily adapt into mobile, desktop or any other devices.

What’s the secret?

The theme support includes features and some plugin such as:

  • Breadcrumb
  • Page navigation
  • Post navigation
  • Edit Footer Copyright Text

This support and some others can be controlled via Theme Option Panel. It also has a powerful option panel that controls theme functions like:

  • Upload website logo
  • Favicon support
  • Custom widget control
  • Custom CSS styling
  • Advertisement management

eSell has a responsive style which increases user experience and allows you to control and customize backgrounds. It supports Google+ publisher URL in meta and website verification for Google and Bing.

The Master Mind

The brain who created this amazing theme was Sandy. He started to be an Internet surfer guy then, he started blogging and studying HTML codes. Now, he’s the founder and developer of an online web store called Baztro.

His store sells digital products like WordPress themes and more.

What they say about this theme?

Really helpful support for fixing an issue and help with customising. Perfect theme for use with WooCommerce plugin. Highly recommend.”- EgJS.

How many tried it?

Around 20,809 downloads were rated at WordPress stats. This might be the theme you need.

Here’s where you can see the demo of this theme. If you want to download it, you can do it here.

11. Exquisite Style


This is a well-polished design with full integration of options for your site. It has a unique interactive style that is rarely available for your site.

What’s the secret?

Exquisite style uses the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin. It has 100+ handy options integrated into the framework. The options has a preview function that helps you view all changes.

It won’t generate until you save them. It is an SEO-ready theme. It can also translate the theme into 4 languages: German, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

The Master Mind

Designed and enhanced by Crocoblock, it is the known as the fastest growing WordPress theme club on the Web. They are a team of developers who create fully responsive WordPress themes.

They build their fresh creations using the Cherry Framework foundation. A free software where anyone can fully develop their theme websites. Today, they have over 75 themes on their page, both free and premium.

Here’s where you can see the demo of this theme. If you want to download it, you can do it here.

In the loop: Promise first that you won’t freak out. The exquisite style demo has Latin language. Don’t worry, you can change the theme language once you uploaded the theme in your site.

12. Gold


It is a sleek theme that will truly look great on your site. It compatible with WooCommerce and has a responsive shop template that makes it particular from others.

What’s the secret?

Gold is best for multi-purpose website because of its three-post area columns. It has well planned multiple templates, which makes it very flexible.

It is based on latest version of Responsive Framework of Twitter Bootstrap. It also has different template layouts with widgetized sidebar, footer.

What they say about this theme?

When I found your theme. Very customizable and sensible use of WordPress and responsive framework. I have customized the theme for using on my blog and found it very good.”- Clarkebrian.

Common Issue Encountered by Users

  • There are a few bugs in the theme.

Surely, support guys can fix that immediately.

  • How many tried it?

Over fifteen thousand users have already downloaded this theme. It’s simple, clean and tweaked easily. It is really great for all eCommerce sites.

Here’s where you can see the demo of this theme. If you want to download it, you can do it here.

13. InterStellar


A clean and responsive theme perfect for your site. This theme has everything from it’s roots to make your site awesome. It’s design and style is uncommon in a very refined way.

What’s the secret?

InterStellar has multiple portfolio page layouts, homepage slider, widgetized homepage, theme options. The theme customizer and theme options has cross browser compatibility. Signing-up is required to enable download on the free theme.

The Master Mind

Created and designed by UFO Themes. They make beautiful and responsive WordPress themes for your websites.

What they say about this theme?

“Amazing theme! Not only is it gorgeous and easily customizable to fit my needs, it’s also very intuitive, which makes it so easy to use even for inexperienced user such as myself.”- Olga Saratova, a photographer.

Wanna know how it works?

If you want to discover more of this theme. You can check out this YouTube video. It will provide graphical information to you.

Here’s where you can see the demo of this theme. If you want to download it, you can do it here.

14. Intuition

Theme Preview   Previewing Another WordPress Blog

This is a fully responsive theme that will look great on any device. One of the best free themes because it can present your product well without any complicated coding or tweaking on the theme.

What’s the secret?

It has an animated slider and featured content that displays your posts and pages. It highlights the selection without the need of creating an additional content. It is specially made to integrate with plugins like WPML for translation, Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7 or even WooCommerce.

What they say about this theme?

Very easy to use and simple, plus great design too.”- Regradi.

Common Issues Encountered by Users

  • The slider is not working.
  • Header not displaying on homepage.

You can ask your question on the support platform to help you with your theme problem.

How many tried it?

Over forty four thousand have downloaded, tried or used the theme. It’s a precise theme and you should give it a try.

Here’s where you can see the demo of this theme. If you want to download it, you can do it here.

15. iShop


This free eCommerce WordPress theme has great features and easy to manage kind of theme for your site. This is a fabulous theme that will suite your online shop.

What’s the secret?

It requires few plugins like Options framework and Cart66 lite to activate and work. It fully supports WooCommerce and all WordPress features. It offers a custom template of the homepage to adjust it easily.

What they say about this theme?

This is really good theme. Suitable for my shop needs.”- Progam Kehamilan.

Here’s where you can see the demo of this theme. If you want to download it, you can do it here.

Can you add featured image to the article that appears on the slider?

Yes, you can create and save your logo image to the images directory of this theme. In this case, it will be named as logo.png.

In the loop: iShop has been rated with 40 votes and counting by their users because of it’s glorious theme design.

16. Jeans


A great responsive theme that will rock your site. It will surely make your customers happy with whatever you are selling because it’s almost perfect. Everything is great with this theme on your page.

What’s the secret?

The customization includes:

  • Height/width specifications
  • Header/footer
  • Menu type (static or dynamic)
  • Button location
  • Login box location
  • Styling content by using font options and other text elements

eSell has a responsive style which increases user experience and allows you to control and customize backgrounds. It supports Google+ publisher URL in meta and website verification for Google and Bing.

What they say about this theme?

Hi, I really enjoy this theme and I am thrilled with the design. It has been relatively easy to use for a newbie.” – Pollywogg.

Common Issues Encountered by Users

  • Difficult to insert a picture.
  • Removing the sidebar on one page.

These problems will be address by the support group.

Here’s where you can see the demo of this theme. If you want to download it, you can do it here.

17. Jewelry


This is a luxurious eCommerce theme that is ideal for your online jewelry shop. This is the best theme when you are trying to sell jewels on the Net. It has the perfect simplistic design that goes with the sparkle of diamonds.

What’s the secret?

This theme is WP 3.8.1 Compatible and WooCommerce 2.1.X Compatible. Also, IE8+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari compatible with WP 3.2+ Compatible. The translation ready with .po and .mo files are also available. It has widget-ready sidebars and has a valid XHTML / CSS.

What they say about this theme?

It’s really convenient to work. I was looking for something interesting, unique in design. It is very important, that I can customize it very easily. The theme saves my time – it’s priceless! Thank you for this opportunity, I will use other themes in the future!” – Yulia F

How many tried it?

It has 13,935 free downloads.This theme is elegant and it can make your site flashy to capture more customers.

Here’s where you can see the demo of this theme. If you want to download it, you can do it here.

In the loop: According to ThemeGrade, The Jewelry theme got 86% overall rating on it’s functionality.

18. Kakileema


This is a simply awesome responsive design theme that is great for your site. If you are selling clothes or any fashion apparel, this is the right theme that you need.

What’s the secret?

It perfectly suits your fashion shop business. It has WordPress eCommerce plugin integration. Kakileema is also widget-ready with 9 widgetized spots. The Tim Thumb on this theme support can resize images. It supports multiple languages and can change the inline text language on your own.

Can the theme be used on multiple sites?

It can be freely used on unlimited number of domains.

Do the theme widget is ready?

It is all ready but, better check out the demo first for more information.

Common Issues Encountered by Users

  • Difficulty in changing logos
  • Can’t posts images on front page

Here’s where you can see the demo of this theme. If you want to download it, you can do it here.

19. Kidshop


This theme is versatile and completely customizable, which will surely suit your likes. It all about children’s world in new fashion trends, toys and the likes. Shopping has never been easy with this theme around.

What’s the secret?

It has custom fonts, jQuery slider of recent products or based on category, shopping cart, beautiful color scheme, awesome layout design for products and a cool testimonial section. Kidshop has over 600+ Google fonts. You can choose from 3-portfolio layouts to show your projects.

The Master Mind

Theme design by yitheme is specifically developed for children powered by the  WooCommerce plugin. They collect a hodgepodge of themes that you can choose from. They have high quality themes and free ones.

Common Issues Encountered by Users

  • Custom fonts not working properly
  • Missing CSS sheet

You can always call the support team if you have problems on your theme.

Here’s where you can see the demo of this theme. If you want to download it, you can do it here.

In the loop: Over fourteen thousand customers tried the Kidshop theme. It must be reliable and convenient for them because this theme is simple, clean and user-friendly.

20. Simple Online Store Theme


It has simplistic design which is truly flawless for your eCommerce site. Simple, described from the word itself, that makes it unique to any WordPress theme.

What’s the secret?

This theme is officially supported by Shopify, and works best on mobile devices as it does on large monitors. It has sleek animation and easy-to-customize settings. The products with tags can be seen on sub-categories.

What they say about this theme?

We’ve got on really well with this theme. Having only basic coding knowledge, we’ve made quite a few changes, such as getting the social media icons showing on the mobile view, and stopping the jQuery Fancybox, as we didn’t need it. We are now really happy with the site. I would thoroughly recommend it as a ‘simple’, clean interface that is highly versatile and customisable.” – The Nature Photography Co.

Do I need to be a designer or developer to change my theme’s style?

Not at all. The theme’s settings is not that complicated to adjust. You can do it by yourself.

Common Issues Encountered by Users

  • Cannot add slideshow banner on startpage.
  • Cannot add more than one image on the homepage.

Shopify support is active in responding for the users issues on the theme.

Here’s where you can see the demo of this theme. If you want to download it, you can do it here.

Wait! There’s more…

If you are looking for more treasure themes to try on, you can search here. It has the premium and free themes you can have.

Want more? Here’s an interesting one. These are the best premium themes in the market that you might fall in love with.

Anyway, if you are new in creating your very own eCommerce emporium, this tutorial would be more helpful to teach you how to design and how to handle your site.

So, have you picked the the best treasure theme for your site yet?

What I’ve been trying to tell you is…

  • These themes are the newly placed treasures of 2014 in the market.
  • They are truly stunning and good-looking themes that you can used for your business battle.
  • You don’t need to waste time looking for the appropriate theme for your site; it’s already placed here.
  • These are easy-to-download themes that will bedeck your site.
  • These themes are designed to make your online selling fast and easy.
  • All theme gems are responsive.
  • These themes will help you showcase your products to all your target clients.

The Tale Ends Here…

WordPress has been an amazing kingdom for all freelancers in the world. It has been an excellent ground in building high quality eCommerce allies for their traders.

So, did you end up finding the right treasure theme for your shop? Are you now qualified to belong in the King’s castle? Is it your time to gain the victory of making your dream come true?

Do you believe that tales can be so much like the world today? It’s becoming vicious and competitive. However, happy endings is always achieved. Do you think you can have a happy ending? I believe so.

How?  With eCommerce theme as your ally, tied with the perfect theme on your side, no one can stop you from obtaining a happy ending.

Remember: These treasure themes can be use in any of your WordPress eCommerce sites. When you attain what you’re aiming for, you will gain a long time stay in the King’s place, making a profitable income on your end.

The themes here play a great role for you to prosper. It’s your time to have that outcome in your life.

So now that you have these themes in your sight, which one would you choose?

The End.

Do you want to have updates coming from us? You can certainly join our emailing list here and the process will only take a second.

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