30 GIF Examples Of UI Mobile App Animations

When presenting an app concept, storyboards and screenshots alone just lack life and cannot fully drive the message across. If you want to catch your potential clients’ attention, showcasing your mobile app concept in GIF animation will make it more realistic, dynamic, and engaging.


These GIF examples of mobile app concepts will surely inspire you


Below is our list of 30 GIF examples of UI mobile app animations that will surely inspire you to do the same next time you present your app concept to your client.


This speedcam app in GIF is simply impressive

1.Speedcam App Animation by Jakub Antalík for Sygic.com

Undeniably, Jakub Antalik has successfully presented his speedcam app in action in this GIF. Its nice colors and smooth animation simply make it impressive. Jakub Antalik created it in After Effect, imported it in Photoshop, and exported it as a GIF.

designer screen

This GIF image is simply awesome

2.Designer Screen GIF-Animation by Sergey Valiukh for Tubik Studio

This mobile app design by Sergey Valiukh is simply awesome! You can’t help being in awe with his concept and approach.


This GIF app is another work of Sergey Valiukh

3. Gif Animation of Template Gallery by Sergey Valiukh for Tubik Studio

This is another bang-up work of Sergey Valiukh. This animation for a user profile gallery slider simply rocks!


How you view weather will never be the same with this app

4.Weather Rebound by Chris Slowik

What an impressive weather app, without question. Kudos to Chris Slowik for this awesome work! Chris Slowik removed its current weather icon from the ‘window’, hence, you can’t see an icon when you look at it.

curl (1)

If this app won’t get you to exercise, what would?

5. Curl by Nicolas Girard

Health buffs out there may say that the model in the app’s GIF displays a wrong form for bicep curls. But, hey, there is no questioning that this app concept is simply awesome! Nicolas used 3DSMax for the armband module and did everything else using After Effects.


Welcome to content that moves!

6. GIF – Workflow Payment by Barthelemy Chalvet for AgenceMe

If you are not a fan of content that moves when the screen is rolled, then you may think that this app is not cool at all. However, if you have no problem with such, you’ll surely agree that this work of Barthelemy Chalvet is awesome. Its animations are really nice, appearing undeniably fluid and fast. The GIF focuses on a payment procedure that does not only look neat but handy, too.


Get the latest information about your favorite celebrity just by scanning their photo

7.FaceScan App by George Frigo

This animation only lasts for 12 seconds. Nonetheless, it is already pretty obvious what it is all about. This concept formed from George Frigo’s desire to establish a similar application that makes it possible for Internet users to obtain information by using a photo of a person, whether he’s a celebrity or just an ordinary citizen.


Discover music in an interactive way with WIP Discover

8.WIP Discover Music app by Alexander van Ravestyn

As its name suggests, it is pretty obvious what Alexander van Ravestyn wants to direct users’ attention towards the process of navigating: a slickly designed screen with a music player. This IOS app focuses on discovering music in a rather interactive way. There is no denying that it is simply awesome.

walkthrough animation

Walkthrough has a series of dynamic slides and buttons

9.Walkthrough Animation by Devin Ruppert

The GIF of Walkthrough by Devin Ruppert highlights a welcome screen featuring a slider with numerous dynamic slides and a panel featuring login buttons. Everything about this app is brought to life so that what you can expect from this app can be effectively showcased. Great work!

interaction overview

An app that is designed to make life simple

10. Interaction Overview by Mihnea Zamfir

Despite being concise, there is no denying that this animation is effective in showing a client a simple procedure of adding and deleting entries from a card directory. Now, talk about simplicity, beauty, and efficacy all rolled into one!

Delete task and assign task to your teammate in action

Never miss a task with this app

11. Delete Task and Assign Task to Your Teammate in Action by Tobs

The GIF is targeted at demonstrating swipe technique in action that is not only common but effective, too. The whole thing simply looks alive, conventional, and engaging! What a great way, indeed, to delete and assign a task to a teammate in action. The animation was done in After Effect as well.

menu interaction

A stylish app with a stylish design

12. Menu Interaction GIF by Ben Dunn

This work by Ben Dunn, without question, is an impressive tool for showcasing the appeal of a standard menu in action, sliding out from the left side elegantly as it presents the important links. Don’t you just love the way how icons pop up from the left side?


The animation might seem complicated but you can’t deny the awesome design of this app

13. Abracadabra App by Sergey Valiukh for Tubik Studio

Although there are some who have criticized this particular work for having an animation that seems complicated, it just can’t be denied that this another work of Sergey Valiukh is just as awesome as the other apps he has created. The menu idea is simply great, especially how it folds.

showtime app

Want to know where the hottest place in town is? Showtime will lead you

14. Showtime App by Luft

This app by Luft is the most ideal for the weekend nocturnal creatures who are constantly in the lookout for a nice place to paint the town red. The only problem about this app is its right button color which makes it less readable. With this app, it’s show time, indeed!

ios7 animation

A fun and fancy app for iOS 7

15. iOS 7 Animation by Fabio Basile

This app is, obviously, a result of the freedom of Fabio Basile to have fun with animations and fancy interactions. Without question, this is way better than those horrid settings trays that people use.

life minimal app

Hard work resulted in an impressive app

16. Life Minimal App by Budi Tanrim

This app by Budi Tanrim is one great example of an app with impressive transitions and visualization. With the help of PSD, After Effect, and 12 grueling hours of hard work, this animation came into existence.

weather by beardchicken

Weather lives up to its name and the animation makes it even more interesting

17. Weather by BeardChicken

Is the weather outside frightful? Well, just imagine how fun and easy and checking the weather will be with this weather app by BeardChicken. This work is simply elegant!


Awesome transitions – that is how you describe this app

18. Account by Barthelemy Chalvet for AgenceMe

You can’t help but admire the transitions of this app, although some people think that it gives them motion sickness. Others observed, though, that the text is too small. Whatever your take on this is, there is no denying that it simply looks awesome!


A neat app with impressive animation

19. Work Page by Barthelemy Chalvet for AgenceMe

Another app with great animation. Its colors and font are simply spot on. It may look minimal, but it’s definitely looking neat! This is another animation made possible with the use of After Effect.


This app puts Photoshop CS6 to good use

20. Covert Inbox by Creativedash

This app clearly demonstrates what happens when you are tapping on something and you get a new message. Its animations and details are simply incredible.The GIF was created with the use of Photoshop CS6.

soccer analytics

Keeping up with the latest news in soccer is much more fun with this app

21. Soccer Analytics by Monterosa

This app by Monterosa is a must-have for every soccer aficionado. The graphics are awesome and the animation is simply amazing.

onboarding-tour by mark geyer

Discover your pace without an y pressure with this app

22. Tour by Mark Geyer for Salesforce UX D

This is an onboarding tour concept for Salesforce1. The users would be able to swipe through the tour at the pace of their choice before diving into the app. The animations are just as impressive with the other apps listed on this list.

loading animation

This is an Iron Man-ispired app

23. Loading Animation by Nicolas Girard

Mind blowing animations that simply awe. Nicolas created it for Commongood.TV. Iron man-inspired? Hmmm…


Save, retrieve, and access images easily with this app

24. Photo Navigation Concept by Chapps

This app is based on the concept that, in just a few clicks, the user can already get the necessary images that have been added and tagged earlier. With just one touch, you can choose the category that you want or need. The whole process is reminiscent of an image search on a desktop, only it is done in a mobile device.


A great concept fo a payment card

25. Fiche Workflow Payment by Barthelemy Chalvet for AgenceMe

This is definitely a gorgeous app. A great concept for a payment card, indeed!


A map app with a refreshing design and concept

26. Map Pin Bubble by Ben Cline for RALLY

Oh, the secondary bubble simply look slick. Commenters refer to it as ‘design with life’, thanks to its riveting animation. This app makes use of Map Box API. Without question, it is a refreshingly unique approach to iOS map callouts.


Neat and simple – that is what this app is all about

27. Menu (Animation) by Nest

You’ll surely love the neatness and simplicity of this app. Its transitions are simply awesome. Everything about this app is done in AE.

first shot

The design and color palette used in this app shout simplicity and fun

28. First Shot by Plady

Another app that oozes not only with an impressive concept but great animation, too. Now, can you imagine how exciting Dribbble can even become if it adapted this concept? Plady used Photoshop for this great work.

exercise screen

Workout tracking becomes easy with this app concept

29. Exercise Screen by Vitaly Rubtsov for Yalantis

Are you a health buff? Then, this app concept will surely be in your good graces. This GIF showcases a little of its set interaction. Hopefully, this concept can be fully actualized as it can surely make workout tracking a piece of cake. Just be careful, though: you might end up spending more time playing with it than exercising!

animated sliding bar

There’s no denying that the 3D fold effect of this app is simply awesome

30. Animated Sliding Tab Bar by Virgil Pana

This concept is simply smart as it can be of help on devices that have small screen size. Its drag handler is close to the edge of the screen for the bounding box because the action is limited. Nonetheless, the 3D fold effect is just cool, isn’t it?


Both UI and UX developers have recognized the importance of animated pictures in presenting their ideas that are a result of their painstaking work and inherent artistry. With GIF animations, the usually irritating and time-consuming procedure of explaining to clients can be averted. No matter how wonderful the screenshots of app concepts are, only short and fully animated GIFs can convey and demonstrate the interaction between all of the vital components in a more alive manner.

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Mockplus Review: A Step Toward Simple yet Powerful Prototyping

When designing an app, whether it be mobile or desktop, one of the most important processes is prototyping your app.  Prototyping allows you to see early on if your app works properly or not as well as examine possible weaknesses in its design and functionality.

Mockplus combines power and simplicity to give you one of the best prototyping tools in the market

Mockplus combines power and simplicity to give you one of the best prototyping tools in the market

As a web developer, you want to make sure that the app will provide a smooth and unforgettable UX experience to your users. And the best way to do that, of course, is to use a prototyping tool to complete the process. The market is not lacking with these kinds of tools. From the most expensive and the most complex to the cheapest and the simplest, you have a wide range of choice for your needs.

However, isn’t it amazing if you can find a prototyping tool that is simple yet powerful and, at the same time, comes with a reasonable price tag? That would be a real dream. What would you do if this wish can really become a reality with Mockplus?


Prototyping has become a much easier process

Mockplus is a new prototyping tool which is as powerful and cleaner than any other prototyping tools which have been around first in the market.  As a newcomer, it has a number of outstanding features that would make any web developers’ job a breeze. But before we delve further into each specific features of this tool, we want to focus first on its two core characteristics – simple and powerful.


Who would want a complex tool? An easy and simple tool saves you time getting acquainted with it. Such is the simplicity of Mockplus – it is code-free with a drag and drop option. Even as a designer or developer who knows how to code, such features will save you from worrying about codes getting messed up somewhere and going through each line one by one just to find where that errant code is.


The drag and drop feature makes all things a whole lot easier

With its drag and drop option, it is easy to see where each component goes. Moreover, this option allows you to link pages and build interactive ones effortlessly. These also mean that even a novice can create a prototype with little or no training at all.


It is almost improbable to think how anything simple can be as powerful. However, Mockplus developers are able to accomplish to put these two features together. In terms of power, Mockplus is an all-in-one tool which allows you to create not only mobile apps, but web and desktop apps as well.  This also lets you save money since you don’t have to use other tools to accomplish each purpose.

Mockplus Specific Features

After looking at the general features, let’s look at each feature closely to see what Mockplus can and cannot offer:

图标素材4  手绘 草图

With hundreds of icons and prebuilt components, you can create almost anything

200 Predesigned Components

The 200 prebuilt components allow you to create your prototype more efficiently and quickly. It also has more than 400 icons, which are more than enough to create a dynamic and agile prototype. With all these abundant components, the team behind Mockplus is planning to add more.

Hand-Drawn Features

If you are more comfortable creating your prototype by hand, Mockplus has a Sketch Style feature which allows you to create hand-drawn components. It controls and keeps all lines as you draw them preserving the sketch quality of each component.


You can now build apps quickly and easily

Easy App Page Creation Features

How difficult is it to create an app page? Mockplus makes it easy for you to create an app page through its TopBar+List+BottomBar feature and the New-component adjustable settings. The TopBar+List+BottomBar feature also allows you to set any component as a markup or add a markup to your prototype.

Collaboration and Productivity Features

Mockplus makes team collaboration much easier as well. One outstanding feature in this area is the Group Feature which allows you to share your prototype even without a USB cable or remote publishing. All you need to do is save and send it from your mobile phone to your client’s or team members’ mobile phone. Voila! They will be able to view it instantly. Another feature that encourages easy shareability and collaboration is the Simplified Mockplus export option which lets you send your design easily to HTML or images.


Collaboration and productivity is made easier and quicker

The Group Feature allows you to put together several components and place them in one unified and customized component. If you want to separate each component again, the feature allows you to edit and un-group them. Moreover, the easy access page and component libraries increase your productivity.

Comprehensive Tutorials

If you still have questions or encounter difficulties with Mockplus, it has a very helpful and comprehensive tutorial section which give you a walkthrough how to further utilize Mockplus features. The tutorials are either in video or text formats.

Some of the topics discussed in the tutorials include using shortcuts to add components, creating interactive pages by setting links, creating a longer page for a mobile app, and many more.

Mobile App Support

For mobile app development, Mockplus supports preview on mobile phones by scanning the QR code. This feature allows you to check the real user experience of your app design.

Other Features

Aside from the mentioned features, Mockplus also has an automatic project backup feature. As the name suggests, it enables you to automatically save your project eliminating the hassle of saving each phase or step of your project. Mockplus also allows you to copy data between projects. This saves you time and removes the worry of having to wait until everything is done.

Why Choose Mockplus?

For a newcomer, Mockplus gives other prototyping tools a run for their money with its features that encourage productivity, speed, ad efficiency without all the complexities. However, the real juice can be found in the dynamism of the tool. Aside from a large number of components already included in the tool, the library is still expanding and growing. Soon, a new 2.1 version will be released with twice the power as the original. With this new version, expect an increase in the functionalities of interactions, such as the window pops, slider images, context switching, rolling interface, and more.


Expect an increase in the functionalities of interactions

Mockplus provides all these dynamic features at a reasonable cost. In fact, compared to other prototyping tools in the market, Mockplus is considered cheaper in terms of features and functionality. Such characteristics are very important to small and medium enterprises who have a limited budget but want a dynamic mock-up design tool for agile development.

The team, Jongde Software LLC., which develops Mockplus is really a sunrise startup company that deserves all your attention and interest. They have made a huge success in mainland China and get widely praise from all of its Chinese users. However, that is not enough. Now in the international community, they have the confidence to gain the acceptance from international users. We deeply believe they will definitely get their place here sooner or later.

Try Mockplus Now

Download the Trial Version of Mockplus now and experience the simple yet powerful features of the tool. The Trial Version allows you to use the All-in-One tool and start creating mobile, web, and desktop app prototypes.

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Top 20 Every Day Tools For UX Designers

Whether you are a seasoned designer or a newbie, it is important not just to learn but master many tools online. Moreover, you should have the initiative to look for online tools and solutions that can help you work faster, easier, and better!


These UX tools can help increase your productivity and creativity

Here is a list of the 20 most important tools for UX designers. You might have used some of them, nonetheless spend a few minutes reading the list to find out whether we’ve covered something that is not in your design arsenal yet.

Research / Testing / User Feedback

As you may already know, user research is something that you need to do before you start sketching your prototype. If you can correctly identify what your target users want and need, you can easily come up with web and mobile solution that will surely impact your users.

UsabilityTools allows you to get the pulse of your users by directly asking their opinions

UsabilityTools allows you to get the pulse of your users by directly asking their opinions

1. UsabilityTools

This tool makes it possible for you to see the website as a user, and not just as a designer. Using its various testing and research methods, it can also help you feel the pulse of the users by asking them directly regarding how the service of your website can be improved. You can easily know the differences between the most and the least converting behaviors of your target users.

With UsabilityTools, you can save time because you can instantly see the most helpful visual user experience with the capture of mouse movement click and scroll of a website visitor. You can easily see and discover what users click during their visit to a web site and what their usability issues are.

DHL, Procter and Gamble, and Ferrero are some of the known companies that use UsabilityTools.

A pro plan of UsabilityTools will only cost you $19.


MouseStats enables you to track every movement of your user

2. MouseStats

Measuring a user’s activity is a breeze with MouseStats. It enables you to track every movement, scroll, or keystrokes of a user. You can record the whole visit of real users with a camera on your website and review them afterward. You can watch it as if you were watching a movie! It won’t take a lot of brains to understand what your users want as you browse thousands of interactions from the real users of your website.

MouseStats has Heatmaps, a great comprehensive solution for the collection, processing, visualizing, and understanding the combined behavior of your website users, whether they did so in a laptop, desktop, or a mobile device.

Micro Surveys is another feature of MouseStats that allows you to ask your visitors what they think about your website. And, doing so makes tracking your viewers preferences a great deal easier, thanks to the combined statistics and real reviews. Furthermore, you can get helpful insights from your real users.

Another MouseStats feature that you will surely find beneficial is the Form Analytics, which help you gather and analyze the behavior of your website visitors resulting in an improved comprehensive form report.
Kingston Technology and Stack Overflow are just some of the companies that make use of MouseStats.

A bronze plan of MouseStats only costs $19/month.

Attensee helps you measure the efficacy of your design

Attensee helps you measure the effictiveness of your design

3. Attensee

Attensee is a tool that helps you measure visual attention distribution. With Attensee, you can measure the effectiveness of your design and find new ways to improve it. This tool enables you to gather more information from your user respondents as you combine tests and surveys.

Attensee also provides data what your users actually observe or pay attention to the conversion-oriented elements, such as CTA and banner ads. You can, likewise, check whether the current version of your layout meets the needs of your users. With Attensee, you can split-design your different layouts and decide on which one to use based on different factors, such as arrangements, sizes, and colors.

Shopify is one of the many users of Attensee. For only $49/ month, you can already experience the wonders of this tool.

Appsee helps you to analyze the conversion funnel and enhance the performance of an app

Appsee helps you to analyze the conversion funnel and enhance the performance of an app

4. Appsee

Another favorite tool of many UX designers is Appsee, which is an analytic software for mobile apps. This tool makes it easy for designers to analyze the conversion funnel and enhance the performance of an app.
It has User Recordings that makes it possible for you to watch every action that users do, give you an insight on how the app that you have developed is used, and identify the problems that the users are experiencing, so that you can come up with a solution to these problems. In short, it enables you to see the app that you have created from the viewpoint of a user.

It also comes with Touch Heatmaps that enables you to monitor what actions are done with your app in every screen. This will let you know what elements of your app are more used.

Appsee also comes with Realtime In-App Analytics that makes it possible for you to get insightful analytics on how a user behaves. You can determine user behavior in each screen using simple yet powerful visual reports.
Marketo and British Gas are some of the satisfied clients of Appsee.

Contact Apsee to find out the best price for you and your team.

UserVoice enables you to be in the know of what your web users and clients think of your website or product

UserVoice enables you to be in the know of what your web users and clients think of your website or product

5. UserVoice

As its name suggests, it is already pretty obvious what the tool is. UserVoice enables you to be in the know of what your web users and clients think of your website or product. There is no questioning that this tool is a great help in gathering quick feedback from the clients and in managing the entire support system.

Piccolage, Bing Ads, and, yes, even Google use UserVoice.

A basic product management plan of UserVoice costs $499/month.

Ethn.io is a great research tool

Ethn.io is a very helpful tool for your UX research

6. Ethn.io

This is another tool that can help you with your research; however, there’s more to it. Ethn.io helps you easily recruit the respondents that you need as you make a questionnaire that can be filled out by qualified participants. Furthermore, you can even call up these respondents so that you can interview them directly.

So, how is it possible with Ethn.io? All you have to do is to make a screener and place Ethn.io’s JavaScript on your site, or you can also use the mobile-friendly direct link in your Facebook ad, LinkedIn ad, or its Twitter Find feature. Then if users fill it out, you get real-time notifications, after which, you can already contact them through email to do remote usability or schedule them for an interview.

Adobe and Levis are some of the many companies that use Ethn.io.

You can avail of Ethn.io for as low as $49/month.

Polldaddy customize how your surveys look as you change the font, size, color, and add HTML, images, and videos

Polldaddy customizes how your surveys look as you change the font, size, color, and add HTML, images, and videos

7. Polldaddy

There is no denying that Polldaddy is one of the most popular survey editors. With Polldaddy’s advanced editor, creating surveys is a breeze. All you have to do is to choose from its 14 question types. By using your CSS wizardry, you can customize how your surveys look as you change the font, size, color, and add HTML, images, and videos.

Polldaddy makes it possible for you to email the survey link to your target respondents, or you can also use it as a banner on your website. It also boasts of a powerful filtering and reporting, hence, you get the results that are most useful to you. The raw data that you gather can be easily exported to Excel PDF, CSV, Google Docs, and XML format.

Polldaddy comes for free. However, if you sign up for a Pro account, you will be charged $299/year.

Prototyping / Wireframing Tools

Even before the process of coding kicks off, a prototype of your projects already has the capacity to break everything. Hence, you need to check out these prototyping and wireframing tools that can be of great use to whatever you’re designing, may it be a fancy animated app or a complex website.

Solidify is a hybrid of a testing and prototyping tool that enables you to create clickable mockups

Solidify is a hybrid of a testing and prototyping tool that enables you to create clickable mockups

8. Solidify

This tool is from ZURB, a product design company in Campbell, California. Solidify is a hybrid of a testing and prototyping tool that enables you to create clickable mockups through a free-form or heuristic tests without devoting time into development at all. Then, they will be tried by different users on various devices.

With the easy to understand reports it provides, validating your designs is quick and easy. You can see if the users are able to complete a specific task and get their opinion about your idea. With the help of a network of user testers, you can get quality results from a diverse set of users.

A basic Solidify account will cost you $19/month.

POP transforms sketches into prototypes that really work

POP transforms sketches into prototypes that really work

9. POP

This easy to use app can be counted upon in transforming sketches into prototypes that really work. There is no questioning that this is the best weapon of choice for designers who are accustomed to paper prototyping. It is not only useful, it saves you time, too. With POP, you can come up with as many mockups that you want without having to worry about importing and cropping them, as POP imports and crops images at once.

POP also takes pride in its rapid duplication, hence, your mockups, projects, and links can be easily edited and compared to fully functional ideas. With its tagging feature, you can effortlessly categorize and find your files.

POP comes free of charge. However, if you want to have unlimited use and access, you only need to pay $25/month for a pro account.


UXPin allows you to create interactive wireframes and prototypes

10. UXPin

Surely, many designers consider this tool as highly useful in terms of wireframing and prototyping. If you haven’t used UXPin yet, where have you been?

UXPin allows you to create interactive wireframes and prototypes. Many of those who use UXPin agree that the best thing about this tool is that it enables designers and website owners to easily see how their projects look on mobiles devices. All they need to do is just adjust the browser to any given size. Furthermore, UXPin has made it easy for them to collaborate on a project with other teams. Indeed, it saves them time whenever they create a wireframe that their clients want at the onset.

A few clicks is all you need to convert any mockup or wireframe into a prototype that is fully interactive. You also don’t need to worry whether you are importing from Sketch or Photoshop as all layers are preserved for prototyping.

UXPin is used by Microsoft, NBC, Sony, and many other big companies.

A basic UXPin account is ideal for freelancers and small companies and costs $19/month.

Proto.io helps designers communicate complex interaction patterns in an iterative and fast design process

Proto.io helps designers communicate complex interaction patterns in an iterative and fast design process

11. Proto.io

This tool is beneficial for UX designers who are fond of making apps that include animations. Proto.io allows you to animate any element on the design and pick the user interaction that causes the change of state.

Proto.io helps designers communicate complex interaction patterns in an iterative and fast design process. The gestures and logic depth enables UX designers to be more creative and deliver prototypes that are simply amazing.

Amplify and Big Fish Games are some of the satisfied customers of Proto.io

You can avail of Proto.io for as low as $24/month.

PowerMockUp allows you to directly prototype in PowerPoint

Power Mockup allows you to directly prototype in PowerPoint

12. Power Mockup

This tool makes it possible for you to directly prototype in PowerPoint. Power Mockup is a great way to involve non-technical members of the team in the design process. Since it comes with a library of stencils, Proto.io is, indeed, a versatile tool that every UX designer needs.

For a small team account, Power Mockup costs $269.95.

Balsamiq allows you to effortlessly create prototypes

Balsamiq allows you to effortlessly create prototypes

13. Balsamiq

This is sold as a Desktop application, web application, and as a plugin for different bug trackers and wikis. With all its many features, the best of them all is the rapid prototyping, which enables you to effortlessly create prototypes. Furthermore, the creative process becomes easily understandable and attainable, thanks to its drag-and-drop editor.

Balsamiq comes at an affordable price of $89. 95.

Pidoco has a drag and drop interface which allows you to create prototypes easily

Pidoco has a drag and drop interface which allows you to create prototypes easily

14. Pidoco

With its drag and drop function, there is no questioning the ease of using Pidoco for designing prototypes. You don’t need to program in order for you to come up with interactive prototypes, where you can actualize your ideas and engage your clients.

These interactive prototypes make it possible for you to involve your end users early on the process and learn from their feedback to enhance your work before spending money into development. Without question, Pidoco enables you to do the ideal way of coming up with a great user experience!

For only $ 12/month, which is billed annually, you can already experience the many benefits of Pidoco.

Collaboration Tools

With the concept of working together, despite being separated geographically and in different time zones, becoming more popular, it goes without saying that easy collaboration is important. The following collaboration tools can certainly help you manage your tasks effectively and beat your deadlines.

With Memosort, you can collaborate with the rest of the design team in real time

With Memosort, you can collaborate with the rest of the design team in real time

15. Memosort

This tool can help you do away with the chaos that you and your team experience when you are brainstorming online or having real-time collaboration. You can collaborate with the rest of the design team in real time, regardless of where you are allowing you to save a great deal of time and money.

This virtual Post-Its makes it possible for you to do affinity brainstorming and diagramming without much trouble. Creating a report quickly from e-meetings and transferring data is a breeze with Memosort. With this tool, you no longer need to use the colorful Post-Its that can leave your workplace really messy as everything can be in an apple-pie-order.

A Basic Memosort account is priced at $5/month. If you want to use it for your team, you’ll only need to pay $10/month.

Simplify your feedback gathering process with In Vision

Simplify your feedback gathering process with InVision

16. InVision

With InVision, you can simplify the feedback gathering process as your clients and stakeholders can directly give their opinion about your designs. You just need to mark comments and screens to keep everyone updated automatically. Many companies have already expressed how satisfied they are with this app as it has helped them actualize their designs much quicker.

Your clients and other members of the design team can readily see the progress of the project. With InVision’s capability to automatically track version history, you can check out previous designs whenever you want, complete with comments. You can even easily revert back with a mere click.

While it is true that you can use InVision for prototyping, it is more known for its advanced collaboration features. Evernote, Soundcloud, AT&T, Sony, LinkedIn, Dell, ESPN, and Adobe are some of the big companies that use InVision.

With all its impressive features, InVision totally comes for free! So you can collaborate and prototype without spending a single centavo!

Mural.ly allows you and your team to keep track of comments and conversations regardless of one another’s location

Mural.ly allows you and your team to keep track of comments and conversations regardless of one another’s location

17. Mural.ly

With Mural.ly, you can gather your thoughts and insights fast in one place. All you need to do is dump all of your ideas on Mural.ly’s flexible canvas and supplement them with multimedia of your choice, whether they are from the Internet or your computer. You can work seamlessly within the same space as if you and the rest of your team were just seated alongside each other in the same room.

Mural.ly allows you and the rest of your collaborators to be in the loop with the comments and conversations regardless of one another’s location. Without question, Mural.ly is one tool that can help you organize your ideas and maintain the clarity of your thoughts as you extract your creative juices. Disney, IBM, and Paypal are some of the big names that have chosen Mural.ly.

It offers a one-month free trial. Should you and your team decide to go for this tool, you can avail of its lowest package, which is good for a team of 5, for only $29/month.

Prevue makes every part of your projects become even more impressive

Prevue makes every part of your projects become even more impressive

18. Prevue

Every part of Prevue can contribute to making your project become even more impressive. Whether you’re sharing work with clients or with the rest of your team, you can invite the people that matter in the project to add their own work to the account of the team.

Whether your clients still use IE7 or retina screens, your project can be tested to look impressive in any type of screen.

You can avail of Prevue for a plan of $5/month. That’s already good for an account with 5 users.

CAGE allows you and others to collaborate directly on the visuals

CAGE allows you and others to collaborate directly on the visuals

19. Cage

This app allows you and others to collaborate directly on the visuals. It is useful for gathering feedback on the succeeding iterations. You can give sensible feedbacks whenever and wherever you are. With Cage, you can easily keep track of the revisions that you’ve made and show them to your clients so that they can be aware of the progress of the project. Hence, you don’t need to waste your time waiting for your work to be approved.

A personal account of Cage, which is ideal for freelancers, only costs $24/month.

communicate and brainstorm your ideas for coming up with storyboards online with StoryboardThat

Communicate and brainstorm your ideas for coming up with storyboards online with StoryboardThat

20. StoryboardThat

You can communicate and brainstorm your ideas for coming up with storyboards online with StoryboardThat. This app boasts of a vast library of characters, images, and scenes. You can choose from a wide array of poseable characters that range from Ancient Greece to the Space Age. Each storyboard can have as many as 100 cells.

StoryboardThat comes with flexible layouts, offering 6 layout choices, such as Spider Maps, Timelines, Classic, T-Charts, Grids, and Frayer Models. It is, without question, intuitive and simple, thanks to its drag-and-drop interface.

StoryboardThat comes for free. However, if you opt for a corporate account, you only need to pay $ 19.95/month.


There are many other online tools that are just as helpful to many UX designers but are not listed on this article. Nonetheless, always remember that combining different tools can always give you the upper hand in achieving your design goals and impressing not only your clients but, most of all, the users.

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25 Best UX Design Tutorials You Have to Watch

UX or user experience is something which is wholly necessary for the creation of a top caliber website. However, it is also something which very few users understand. From a design perspective, UX is undeniably as essential as the aesthetic components of a website.

Learn from actionable tutorials and improve your UX skills!

Learn from actionable tutorials and improve your UX skills!

A designer may come up with the best looking online platform or app, but if users cannot easily learn how to utilize it, they are likely to abandon it. This is the reason why, as a web designer, you need to sharpen your skills in ensuring a great user experience for your websites.

With determination, diligence, and hard work, you can further improve your UX design skills. If you spend a few minutes of your day viewing, at least, one of these 25 best UX design tutorials, you will certainly understand UX better and become even more committed in making it an integral part of your design process.

what is ux

There is no bad car, and there is no bad UX.

1.What is UX by Géraud de Laval

This is one presentation that you should not miss, especially if you are still uncertain of what career path you should take. Here, Geraud de Laval clearly defines what UX is. What makes it more interesting is that, in this presentation, he discusses the UX concept by comparing it to a car.

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, there is no bad car because everything is dependent on who uses it.

Of course, there is a whole lot of difference between UX and UI

Of course, there is a whole lot of difference between UX and UI

2. UX is not UI by Nicolas Demange

Still confused as to what the difference between UX and UI is?

Well, Nicolas Demange presents a highly simple, yet comprehensible and truthful tutorial that sheds light on what sets UX apart from UI. This will surely help you assess your skills, much more if you are applying for a job.

Think about your mom when you think about UX

Think about your mom when you think about UX

3. UXNight: Designing For your Mom with Andi Galpern

Andi Galpern encourages web designers to come up with a design that would be easy to use as if they were designing for their moms who are not tech-savvy. This video tutorial points out that a great user experience should be for everybody and is easy to navigate, whether one is tech-savvy or not.

It also covers an introduction to the basics of a good UX but focuses more on proximity, continuity, similarity, figure/ground, otherwise known as the Gestalt principles.

Encourage more designers with these tutorial

Encourage more designers with these tutorial

4. How to Teach UX Design by Christina Wodtke

Coming up with an effective UX design may be a tedious task, but teaching how to create one can be even more complicated. However, this SlideShare by Christina Wodtke will show you that sharing your knowledge on UX design is not that complicated at all!

Christina makes teaching UX not only interesting but convenient, too, as she provides a complete workshop model for each day. Apart from the way the day is supposed to be designed, it also has students’ inclination and exercise design.

If you are the type of UX designer who is not afraid of sharing what you know to the new ones, then you should seriously look into this in order to help create more effective web designers.

how ux changed the world

This tutorial will help you create a website that delivers

5. How UX Design has Changed the World by BuiltByHQ

Are you planning to have your own business website, or already have a current website that doesn’t deliver the results that you want? This tutorial will enlighten you on the importance of UX design on whatever type of business you engaged in.

After all, a poorly designed UX can push some clients away, which, obviously, results in the drop of profit. Inversely, a well-designed UX can increase conversion rate and boost an entrepreneur’s profit.

FireShot Screen Capture #172 - 'The Future of UX_ Designing Data Experiences'

This tutorial tells you that digital technology is constantly evolving

6.The Future of UX: Designing Data Experiences by Dan Willis

Digital technology is constantly evolving. Many website owners and their web designers are thrown off their balance, not knowing how to come up with a design that will suit their audience best, much more than that there are already a lot of devices in the market.

However, a design’s fate is in the hands of the consumers/audience as they are the ones to decide what they should go for. Therefore, a website should offer a user-friendly UX design so that a website can be easily viewed, regardless of the device and the platform used.

Bad typography can make your UX into a nightmare

Bad typography can make your UX into a nightmare

7.Typography and User Experience by Sara Cannon

There are still some designers who don’t know the link between a typography and user experience. If you are one of these designers, you should check out Sara Cannon as she explains how bad typography can lead to a nightmarish user experience.

You will certainly be enlightened on the various roles typography has on the overall user experience. For one thing, a good typography can set the tone and guide a user if it is properly used in a website. At times, it just doesn’t contribute; it is a takeaway, too!


A good UX design can make a website a very influential force in the market

8. Content-first UX Design: What Video Games Teach Us about UX from Steph Hay

In this tutorial, content strategist Stephen Hay explains how a good UX design can enable a website into a force to be reckoned with in the market. This is especially helpful to business-related websites.

Stephen Hay points out that, without a UX, a website may be at the tail-end of a game. He educates web designers and business owners on the importance of a content-first UX design and contextual learning.

ux design myths

Web designers should do their best to provide the best user experience to their audience

9. UX Design Myths from Evan Samek

A serious web designer is committed to delivering the best user experience to its audience and users in every way possible. However, there are several myths that professional UX designers should be familiar with so that they can avoid them and work efficiently. And this tutorial will set the facts straight.

foundation of ux prototyping

The design process involves 5 steps according to James Williamson

10. Foundations of UX: Prototyping by James Williamson

It is a given that not all web designers share the same design process. However, there are many common elements that web designers should bear in mind. This video tutorial by James Williamson, an author from Lynda.com, breaks down the design process into 5 steps:

  • brainstorming
  • project planning
  • prototyping
  • testing
  • ..and refining.

This tutorial also clearly explains the importance of each step in the whole process.

user experience shawn barry

Delivering what you have promised is very important

11. Graphic Design Tutorial: User Experience by Shawn Barry

Shawn Barry enlightens designers on the importance of UX when a website user visits a website. This will surely make you aware why it is important for you to deliver what your website has promised and its subject matter. This way, your audience can experience your site the way they expected it to be.

In addition to all that, this tutorial will surely enable you to be more committed to providing your audience a great user experience.

photoshop ux

Paul Trani continues to praise the many advantages of Photoshop over Sketch

12. What’s New in Photoshop for Web, UI/UX, and App Design by Adobe Photoshop

If you are still undecided whether you should go for Sketch or remain loyal to Photoshop, this tutorial will surely help you arrive at a decision. The 2015 release of Photoshop CC has many impressive features for web, UI/UX, and app design.

One of its new features, Artboards, allows you to come up with numerous layouts in a single Photoshop document. On the other hand, Device Preview enables you to preview your design in real time on any iOS device. Adobe Evangelist Paul Trani will surely leave you in the know of the latest from this version of Photoshop.

Don Norman shares what kind of design becomes successful

Don Norman shares what kind of design becomes successful

13. The Three Ways that Good Design Makes You Happy by Don Norman

This is not really a tutorial but Don Norman, the author of The Design of Everyday Things, has a lot of wisdom about design. He talks about visual, behavioral, and reflective design and their effect to  our emotions. He said that design that touches people’s emotions is most definitely to succeed. So if you want deeper insight into this topic, this video is a good place to start.

forty ux examples

Find inspiration for your next project in this tutorial

14. Forty UI/UX Design Examples by Forty Agency

Are you having a hard time coming up with an idea for your next design? Forty UI/UX Design Examples might just give you the best inspirations for your next project. The video starts with the basics of UI/UX designs and goes on with some tips on how to do it properly.

It also reiterates that a good user experience should be anchored on the people who will use the website and not on the specs, encouraging web designers to rethink a design from people’s point of view.

ux and ui injecying brand ersonality

This tutorial shows the impact of UX and UI to your brand persona

15. UX Design + UI Design: Injecting a Brand Persona by Jayan Narayanan

This SlideShare is meant for a group of entrepreneurs with inadequate knowledge and insight of the web design process. This can help entrepreneurs come up with an idea that they will demand from their would-be web designers.

If you are planning to put up a website for your own business, checking this will surely help you in more ways than one, as Jayan Narayanan explains in details not only the concepts of UI and UX but their overall impact on a brand experience, too.

lean ux for startups

John Whalen shares his insight how to have a balanced design

16. Lean UX for Startups and Enterprise: Ten Secrets to Success by MoDev

This video showcases a consultancy using LeanUX, Agile and Design thinking methodologies that provide UX insights, strategies, and ideation discussed by John Whalen. It is based on the collective opinion and suggestions of startups and large enterprises seeking to produce the right product faster.

You can certainly come up with a balanced design as John is esteemed for his understanding of audience perspective and finding the ideal balance between user experience, business needs, and technological possibilities.

Derek Featherstone clearly discusses what accessibility is

Derek Featherstone clearly discusses what accessibility is

17. Foundations of UX: Accessibility by Derek Featherstone

Derek Featherstone gives you a clearer idea on what accessibility is and its impacts on people with disabilities using the web. This will also help you familiarize with many accessibility concepts and their importance to web designers.

If you want to learn how to develop assistive technology apps for people with disabilities, this can help you in many ways. You will certainly learn many accessibility concepts and their relevance to you as a web designer.

FireShot Screen Capture #202 - 'UX Design Techniques_ Creating Personas I Lynda_com' - www_lynda_com_Web-User-Experience-tutorials_UX-Design-Techniques-Creating-Personas_144082-2_html

Learn to use data you gather from customer interaction with this tutorial

18. UX Design Techniques: Creating Personas by Chris Nodder

This is the third installment of the UX design techniques series discussed by Chris Nodder. Here, you will learn how to use the data that you have gathered from customer interactions and previous site visits. These will help you create a picture of the users that your design is aimed at.

Furthermore, the interface of your design will become more coherent and focused as the common understanding will ensure that everybody in the design team is creating a design for the same people.


This tutorial is a real gem regarding Android UX

19. Android Design in Action: Common UX Issues by Nick Butcher, Adam Koch, and Roman Nurik

This video features Nick Butcher, Adam Koch, and Roman Nurik discussing the many elements of Android design. In this particular video, they give a run-through of the top ten most common user experience issues.

FireShot Screen Capture #204 - 'Photoshop_Illustrator Tutorial - Flat Design One Page Website - YouTube' - www_youtube_com_watch_v=I2kNf7jnQxU

Get more ideas about Material Design with this video tutorial

20. Photoshop/Illustrator Tutorial: Google Material Design by Ferdi Armagan

Ferdi Armagan will surely enhance your knowledge on Material Design, the latest design trend set by Google. You will be guided on how to use the documentation and how to design the assets that are needed so that you can successfully use Material Design in line with the guidelines set by Google.

Ferdi also discusses how to create icons within the Photoshop and Illustrator environments, add the characteristic shadows from material design, interface design, typography, and many more.

sketch 3 tutorials

These video series will give you a lot of insight about Sketch 3

21. Sketch 3 Tutorials by LevelUpTuts

Are you entertaining the idea of switching to Sketch and abandon Photoshop for good? Well, you surely need to see the 33 video tutorials by LevelUpTuts. Without question, this is the most complete and comprehensive tutorial for designers who want to take a new path in web designing.

These series of video tutorials will get you to know Sketch, understand Artboards, pages, styling shapes, grids and layouts, alignment and distribution, shapes in Sketch 3, creating and using symbols, iOS and design UI tools, foundation 5 UI kit, bootstrap 3 UI kit, installing and using plugins, dynamic buttons, shortcuts, creating GIFs, and many more.

bridging the gap

Andrew Mottaz discusses if Agile is compatible with modern UX

22. UXPA Lean UX Bridging the Gap between UX and Developers by Andrew Mottaz

Is Agile compatible with Modern UX? Andrew Mottaz, CTO and Founder at Site9, Inc. answers this question and discusses lean UX, shared understanding, shared understanding stories of user experiences, how to create shared understanding, example of user testing, and many more in this SlideShare.

love ina na elevator

UX impacts business strategy as well

23. Love In an Elevator – UX as Business Strategy by Stephen Collins

The focus of this topic is the need for UX practitioners to consider and deliver UX messages in terms of user strategy and business. This tutorial also discusses some social media topics, such as community building, collaboration, and many more.

Design UX that touches the emotions to win their loyalty

Design UX that touches the emotions to win their loyalty

24. Win User Loyalty by Targeting Logic and  Emotions by Mike Donahue

This came from Mike Donahue’s talk at the UXPA2014 Conference held in London, which was attended by some of the most brilliant minds in the industry. Mike emphasizes the importance of making a connection with the audience or users on a deep emotional level. He strongly believes that in order for you to come up with a great and effective user experience, you need to target the emotions.

making ux matter

UX is a strategy says Wendy Johansson

25. Making UX Matter to Your Company by Wendy Johansson

Make UX a strategy, not a deliverable. This is the core of the message of Design and Brand at Wizeline Director of User Experience, Wendy Johansson. She discussed this topic at the Silicon Valley UX Meetup held on April 14, 2013. There is no denying that this will be a great help to designers who are in a quandary on how to integrate UX in their designs.


Needless to say, user experience is different for every user, and everything is dependent on how each one experiences a website. As a UX designer, you should develop or promote certain experiences that can elicit a positive reaction and experience from the user. Whether you’re a newbie in web designing or already a seasoned one, you can surely find one tutorial above that will help you become a better UX designer in more ways than one.

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Semona WordPress Theme Review: A Multi-Concept Theme by Theme Paradise

Semona is  a  new creative multi-concept WordPress theme created by Theme Paradise. It has been one of the best – selling themes on Theme Forest with already 300+ sales and recently, Theme Paradise has updated it to version 1.4 – thanks to it as being a multi-concept theme.

Semona is one of the best-rated themes on Theme Forest

Semona is one of the best-rated themes on Theme Forest

Semona has a lot of attractive features, but some of its crowd drawers include the 100 plus pages, customizability, and the 24/7 support for its users. Another greatest come-on of this  theme is its  ease of use with the native WordPress customizer which allows users to preview the changes without having to refresh the browser.

Aside from its ease of use,  Semona also boasts of a top quality  unique and user-friendly design, highly customizable features, and a dedicated 24/7 customer support.  The features don’t stop there because Semona  has a lot more to offer.

Semona Core Features

With advanced yet easy-to-use features, you have unlimited possibilities with  Semona. Whether you  want to build an awesome-looking personal portfolio to showcase your work or create a highly professional corporate website, Semona allows you to do that. Here are some of its core features:


The Demo Importer allows you to import elements in just one click

One-Click Demo Import

Semona has 16 home demos to choose from including business, fashion, restaurant, construction, app, personal portfolios, and even one-page demos all available for import with just one click. After which, everything is automatic.

Premium Plugins

There are premium plugins and there are Semona premium plugins. What’s the difference? You don’t have to purchase Semona’s premium plugins, but they are included when you buy the package. These plugins include the Visual Composer, Layer Slider, and Revolution Slider.
The Visual Composer lets you drag and drop the elements into the page you’re building; the Layer Slider allows you to easily create stunning slideshows, image galleries, and content sliders using the Parallax effect and other optional 3D transitions; and the Revolution Slider allows you to display your content in an awesome way without any coding required. Having all these makes your building your website much easier and you save money as well.

The Customizer does not need any additional frameworks

The Customizer does not need any additional frameworks

Live Admin Panel

This feature fully utilizes the WordPress Customizer which allows you to preview any changes you make live, even without saving them. This feature does not need any additional frameworks because it is already Semona’s theme options panel.

CSS3 Animations

This feature brings your website to life by making it much more fun and trendier with the use of animations. Choose from the different types of animation effects and events. Aside from these, you also have the option to delay the effects to create beautiful consecutive animations to your site.

Shortcode Generator

The Semona theme has more than 40 shortcodes which you can insert to any page you want using the Semona extension plugin without having to manually enter each parameter. The Semona extension plugin allows you to build your own pages by providing you with powerful shortcodes which you can customize using the Visual Composer.

Child Theme Ready

Semona has a highly modular design which consists of many template parts, functions, and hooks, which allow you to easily customize any part of the theme you want.


Blog styles can either be chosen from the archive or built using shortcodes

Blog and Page Options

Semona has six blog styles – grid, masonry and simple grid, classic, list, and modern – which you can preview on the demo. Aside from this, you also have the freedom to choose your own style from a list of pre-made styles on the blog archive pages or, if your creative juices are flowing, use the blog shortcode to create your own page or blog list page.
Semona also has five portfolio styles, all of which has their own hover and content styles allowing you to create multiple pages with a distinct look and feel.
Furthermore, the theme supports five format options, namely Standard, Gallery, Quote, Video, Audio, and Image. Each of these post formats has also their own design which is concurrent to the nature of a specific post format.

Built-in Mega Menu

The Mega Menu allows you to create different kinds of menus. This allows you to set up columns and rows as well as use images for backgrounds quite easily. But what makes this feature stand out is that Semona theme uses its own Mega Menu module allowing you to utilize the Mega Menu without any additional plugins.

Icon Fonts Integration

Semona has more than 1400 icons which are grouped in 6 icon categories, such as FontAwesome, Elegant Themes Line-Style Icons, and Linecons. These icons are fully responsive and adjust to any screen size automatically so that no matter what type of screen size you have, the pixels look perfect.

Semona fonts are fully responsive and customizable

Semona fonts are fully responsive and customizable

Customizable Fonts

Semona has more than 600 Google fonts which allow you to change the typography of various elements on each page. All you need to do is choose the font from the list and the theme will automatically do the rest.

Contact Form 7

Aside from its own plugins, Semona also supports Contact 7 form plugins complete with custom stylings. You can use Contact 7 forms in any page you are building using the Page Builder or the shortcode generator.

SEO Optimization

Semona is also SEO optimized and built with best HTML5 practices so that your website follows SEO best practices which lead to better and higher site rankings. Aside from this, the theme is also compatible with other SEO plugins, such as Yoast.

Translation Ready

If you are planning to build your website in language versions, Semona is also equipped to translate your .mo and .po files. All you need to do is edit the language files so that all the text will be translated into the theme.

Retina Ready

Worried that your high-resolution images will not display on iOS platforms and devices? Semona is Retina-ready equipped with CSS3 and refined vector graphics so that all your high-res images do not lose their quality. In addition, you can add retina image for your logos and other image elements.

Parallax effect makes your web page more interesting and awesome

Parallax effect makes your web page more interesting and awesome

Parallax and Video Effect Backgrounds

Make your web pages look even more awesome by using parallax effects and video backgrounds. This feature allows you to upload videos, put images, buttons, text, and other graphical elements to make each section of your web page great looking.

WooCommerce Integration

For those who want to build an online store, Semona also provides a clean and unique design for WooCommerce pages which include Shop, Checkout, Cart, and Product pages.

Custom CSS/JS Option

Another feature that makes Semona theme a user-friendly theme is its custom CSS/JS option which you can use when customizing your site. For example, if you have the option to enter the Google Analytics code using the Custom JS option.

Unlimited Color Customization

As a multi-purpose theme, Semona also a wide range of color options for different elements as well as headers, footer, blogs, and other sections. Select your favorite colors, mix and match them to create an awesome website.

Hover Effect

Semona theme also added different hover effects on links and buttons around the pages of the theme to make it look more attractive and interesting. However, the hover effect does not just enhance the aesthetic of your website but, most of all, it improves the usability of these links and buttons.

Semona Theme Design

Aside from the awesome and user-friendly features that make it easy to build your website using the Semona theme, its design complements the features of the theme to help you build a stunning website within a few days. Here are other additional benefits you get from Semona in terms of design:

Swipe functionality makes Semona more user friendly

Swipe functionality makes Semona more user friendly

Swipe Functionality

When it comes to user-friendliness and accessibility in terms of mobile design, the swipe functionality comes on top because it emulates the natural interaction for moving items around. Unlike buttons, the swipe functionality does not clutter the interface. Instead, it frees up space and makes the interface readable and clean leaving you to focus on the visitor’s attention.

Boxed and Wide Layout

Want to put a color, pattern, or image background for your site? then you can choose the boxed layout. If you want your page to fully occupy the site, then choose the full-width layout option. Check how these options work by testing and previewing them using the visual composer.

Light and Dark Skins

Semona also lets you choose between a light or dark layout. Light skin is ideal if you are building a business or informational website because it makes visitors cheerful. On the other hand, black design is good if you want to showcase your personal portfolio or you want to build a fashion website because it highlights the images you have.

Fully Responsive

Semona has been tested for all devices whether it be mobile or desktop, retina or standard displays, the theme is fully responsive and consistent. So no matter what device your visitor will use, they will enjoy the same beautiful design and usability.

Other Take Home Features of Semona

Features and design are not just the only things this theme boast of. Here are other things to love about this theme:

There are many reasons why Semona is one of the best themes

There are many reasons why Semona is one of the best themes

Clean and Well-Organized Code

Theme-Paradise has used the best WordPress coding practices and code quality to the Semona theme so that it will be easier for you to modify anytime you want it as well as maintain it.

Full Documentation

Installing the theme is made easier not only by its importable demo, but also with its detailed and well-written documentation. Thus, if you encounter any problems along the way, you can always refer to this comprehensive documentation or contact support.

Outstanding 24/7 Support

There is customer support and there is Semona customer support. The theme has a dedicated and helpful customer support staff who are ready to answer any questions or address any issues and troubles you have regarding the theme 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Dynamic Theme

The theme is evolving with more demos and features added in the future. The theme has already undergone various updates since its release adding to its refining functionalities and improving performance.


Being a multi-concept theme, Semona has a lot to offer starting from the features and design to the dedicated support it gives to its customers. Being one of the best-rated and most popular WordPress themes on Theme Forest, Semona is also priced reasonably. In addition, Theme Paradise is regularly updating and adding features to the theme. So if you are looking for a theme that grows with you and your business, Semona is the best choice you have.

Get Your Semona Theme Now!

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Everything (Almost) You Need to Know about Material Design

While it is true that Material Design is a reference for a new design language initiated by Google, it is more than just an idea.

Without question, it has caused designers to overhaul their concepts for web and app design procedures. In fact, many websites have already applied material design documentation scheme by Google.

Material Design

The ultimate material design guide.

Material Design Defined

Material design is a visual language formulated by the design team of Google. It draws a bead on helping designers come up with apps and websites that are not only practical and usable but are accessible, too. A living document that is available to the public is what inspired this idea. The documentation is regularly updated so that the changes in its scope and technology can be reflected.

“Material design loves and lives the details. Not everybody will like it, but it stands out in its own way and should be respected. Yet whenever we talk about aesthetics and interaction, we ought to have a conversation about performance, too. Even performant animations can prove an enormous bottleneck when every DOM element is supposed to move, animate and transition from one state to another.
Performance matters more than ever before and we have to find the delicate balance between smooth interactions and getting content to the user fast. More weight doesn’t mean more wait so we could treat animations as progressive enhancement, acknowledging that the experience isn’t going to match the material design culture for everybody.
That’s when responsive animations — the concept we haven’t been thinking about a lot yet — might become important as well (not to be mixed up with animations in responsive design, which can be delightful as well).”
– Sven Lennartz

What material design is supposed to achieve?

Material Design Goals and Principles

Truth be told, material design revolves around a set of goals and principles that are easier to formulate than to implement. However, this should not be a problem because the essence is more on thinking the design and improving it.

Material Design Goals:

  1. Come up with a visual language that blends classic principles of an impressive design with the improvement and chance of technology and science.
  2. Create one underlying system that enables a unified experience on different platforms and sizes, regardless of the device. Mobile guidelines are basic, but touch, voice, mouse, and keyboard are all first-class involvement procedures.

Material Design Principles:

1. Material is the metaphor

It is important for the visual cues to be anchored on reality. A material metaphor is the coalescing theory of a rationalized space and a system of motion. The material is anchored on tactile reality and influenced by the study of paper and ink. Despite this, it is technologically advanced and entertains magic or imagination.

The use of common tactile features helps users to fathom affordances fast. Nonetheless, the suppleness of the material gives rise to new affordances that displace those in the physical world, without defying the rules of physics. The essentials of light, surface and movement are vital to the transmission on how objects move, interact, and exist in space and in relation to one another. Truthful lighting shows layers, splits space, and suggests moving parts.

2. Bold, graphic, intentional

Visuals should be guided by the basic design theory, such as the use of color, images, scale, type, grids, and space. They give rise to hierarchy, meaning, and focus.

Measured color choices, edge-to-edge imagery, large-scale typography, and intentional white space make a bold and graphic interface that submerge the user in the experience. A highlight on user actions enables core functionality immediately clears and gives way-points for the user.

3. Motion gives meaning

While there is no denying that moving objects or actions are great, it has to be ensured that they don’t interrupt the user experience in any way. Additionally, there has to be coherence between these animations or moving images and the very essence of the website.

Motion respects and strengthens the user as the major mover. Prime user actions are modulation points that start motion, which results to the overall transformation of the overall design. All actions happen in a single setting. Objects are offered to the user without destroying the continuity of experience despite the transformation and the reorganization. Motion is evocative and fitting, functioning to focus attention and ensure continuity. Feedback is restrained but distinct. Despite being efficient, its transitions are coherent.


“Another amazing thing about Material Design is its dedication and inspiration taken from the real world. Legitimate materials influenced how Material Design was created and developed. (Hence the name.) This is huge because technology can start its track of no longer feeling like technology. Because our hardware is becoming more advanced, the digital world can now slowly start to blur the lines between the real and digital world.”

– Paula Borowska

Material Design vs Flat Design

There are a lot of guiding factors for material design. However, they can be simplified into a wide array of specific ideas and approach. Google has formulated a set of rules on how to make animations, patterns, styles, layouts, usability, and components. You have to take note, though, that the material should be connected with reality, meaning that the objects can be found in a 3D space…well, almost!

As far as the aesthetics are concerned, it borders between the skeuomorphism and the scale of flat design. In contrast to flat design, though, material design widely makes use of the so-called paper shadow. This shadow is meant to act like a sheet of paper lying on a bright surface. It imitates a 3-D presence for a digital object. Perhaps, the most well-known example is the Gmail icon that makes use of lighting effects to make you think of a tangible envelope.

Material Design Color and Typography

The color concepts of material design are pretty much inspired by the flat design trend, which means its color palettes are not only bold but bright, too. Color is inspired by bold color statements contrasted with muffled backgrounds, taking hints from modern architecture, pavement marking tape, road signs, and sports courts. It emphasizes bold shadows and highlights as it merges vibrant and unusual colors. What makes the color concepts of material design interesting is the use of sharp contrast.

The guidelines for typography are just as basic as well since it takes on the same flat theme and simple sans serif. It has a default font for all sorts of applications, Roboto, which comes with a download link and a ladder for the usage of fonts.

Material Design Layout and Design

The basic layout and design structure of material design projects are inspired by print design concepts. Creating and using a baseline grid and mathematical structures for the appropriate placement of elements are strongly encouraged. The layout further simplifies into areas that recommend how and where to put elements for the ultimate user interaction.

Additionally, every idea has a downloadable template for the creation of Android. However, there is a risk for a designer to end up with a design that might be too cookie-cutter, or worse, an app that is undeniably Android. Without question, this can be in the bad graces of people who adore iOS.


Let’s take a look of what design elements best describe material design.

Material Design Common Elements

All the elements in material design are detailed definition. Definitely, it is hard to imagine something that is not there.

Here are some of the 19 most common components of material design:

  1. Bottom sheets –  are sheets of material that slide from bottom up to reveal additional content.
  2. Buttons – either contain an image or text or both in accordance with the color of your app.
  3. Cards – serve as an introduction to more information
  4. Chips – contain complex entities, such as a short title string or photo
  5. Dialogs – its content ranges from text or UI control
  6. Dividers – this component separates content within page layouts and lists
  7. Grids –  separate similar data, such as images and optimize it for visual comprehension
  8. Lists – present similar data, like texts and images, and optimize them for reading comprehension
  9. List controls – these are icons found to the left or right side of the list
  10. Menus  – emerge from buttons and used to choose a discrete action or option
  11. Pickers – work well for display in a confirmation dialog
  12. Progress and activity -represent each action with a single activity indicator
  13. Sliders – let you choose a value from a series of values
  14. Snack bars and toasts – these are primarily used for system messaging.
  15. Subheaders – special tiles that describe distinct sections or indicate seams in the material
  16. Switches – are also called selection buttons and divided into three kinds – checkboxes, radio buttons, etc.
  17. Tabs – helps you explore between apps and sites much easier
  18. Text fields – determine the type of character that will be included in the field
  19. Tooltips – are the labels that appear on hover
This is how downloadable components look like.

This is how downloadable components look like.

If the look of the featured components falls in your good graces, you can even download an Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketch file that offers all of the elements and Android system icons. The sticker sheets come complete and include styles that conform to the recommended grid.

“Material design will bring visual and experiential uniformity to Google products across devices, thus strengthening the brand and ultimately the company as a whole while encouraging the continuity principle.Material design will bring Google something it’s lacked for so long—uniformity across products. There are clear contrasts in both user interfaces and user experiences across products like Android, Chrome, and Gmail.”
-Jordan Crone

Material Design Usability, Interaction, and Accessibility

There is no denying that the most successful products are readily available to a wide array of consumers. This can only be possible is a product becomes accessible to all people, regardless of their ability, for as long they can understand it and help them accomplish their goals. In the case of material design documentation, it opens the eyes of the web designers to patterns that can improve interaction, usability, and accessibility.

While it is true that several of the aesthetic properties of material design appear very basic and make the experienced designers raise their eyebrows, it can’t be denied that many of its interaction and usability ideas are never to be ignored. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the section of its interaction patterns is of great help to designers. It specifies a set of concepts in order to make some elements universal from one design to another. These are some of the simple tools that web users don’t only presume to work but work specifically, too. This is a clear advantage, without question.

One material design documentation that has been outlined and provided with helpful options is accessibility. It provides a great deal of consideration to users that might interact with the design in a way that does not affect the color or sound, among some other things, can appeal to many web users.

Usage of Cards

With material design, content is always offered in cards that use hierarchy, background images and content to offer context and an entry point to a stronger information and outlooks. Without question, cards work well as they are meant to put just the enough amount of information in a compressed overview, which are improved and supported by visual elements. There are many variations of cards, and they depend on the content you want to fill in. However, more often than not, you will need to display an action or give an information in a content block.


There are plenty of Material Design resources across the Web

10 Material Design Resources

The idea of material design is great, and its guidelines are neat and new. Even if the guidelines seem to be of no use to most experienced designers, as it is most likely that they don’t need this level of guidance, it can’t be denied that it is still awesome. Having said this, it is not really surprising why material design is making its presence felt more and more. You can download several things from Google, but there are many resources that can help you discover more ideas for material design:

Below is the list of some useful material design concept resources:

  1. Material design for Bootstrap
  2. Google layout templates for mobile, tablet and desktop frameworks
  3. Angular.js Material Project
  4. Polymer Designer
  5. Material Design Gallery
  6. Material Interaction
  7. Materialize Front-End Framework
  8. Material color palette
  9. Material design Sketch template
  10. Material design on Android checklist

Examples of Websites and Mobile Apps that Have Applied Material Design

The concepts outlined in material design have already been embraced by many websites and mobile apps.

Here are five examples that display the principles of material design, demonstrating how designers can employ and tinker with the idea:

Runtastic is a fitness app that uses Material Design

Runtastic is a fitness app that uses Material Design

Runtastic Running and Fitness

Runtastic Running and Fitness. With Runstastic, you can elevate your fitness to a higher level. There is no denying that it is the best free fitness and running app tracker that you can have in your Android device. This app boasts of its GPS to map and take track of your fitness and sports activities. It can, likewise, monitor the duration, elevation change, distance, amount of calories burned, and many more.

Google loves Material Design

Google loves Material Design

Google Settings

What else embodies Material Design but Google itself. Google settings shows the simplicity, neatness, and user-friendliness of the design as well as how to utilize it effectively.

WhatsApp is an example of a mobile app which adheres to Material Design

WhatsApp is an example of a mobile app which adheres to Material Design


WhatsApp. This messaging app allows you to exchange messages without paying a single centavo for SMS. It is available for Blackberry, Android, iPhone, and Windows phones.

evil rabbit

This designer utilizes Material Design

Evil Rabbit

Evil Rabbit is the brand of an Argentinian designer whose work has been featured in Behance and other design websites. One of the things that makes him stand out is how he uses Material Design effectively.

A beautiful weather app using Material Design

A beautiful weather app using Material Design

Weather Timeline

Despite the simplicity of this weather app, it can’t be discounted that it is a great help to its users. It shows the weather forecast in a timeline that helps you glance and understand the information.

Third Party Apps for Material Design

There is no arguing that material design makes Android further elegant as it makes use of flat and consistent shapes that give a sense of depth with shadows, larger white space that improves readability and touch targets, and create transition animations. These are the principles that Google has provided to Android designs, and there are third-party apps that are in congruence with these:

One of the most successful website using Material Design

One of the most successful website using Material Design


Feedly is one of the most interesting RSS readers. Without question, it is the best successor to the Google Reader, eventually earning the right to be the default for various reading services.

A very cool calculator app

Numix: A very cool calculator app

Numix Calculator Pro

While it is true that Google has its own calculator, Numix can take pride in the fact that it has more powerful capacities. Additionally, it can be customized in more ways than one. It allows you to slide down the screen and see previous tabulations. If you swipe the keys, you can have more advanced functions. Numix also comes with a well-designed widget that you can use on the home screen. This means that you can start your computation right away.

Numix Calculator Pro Price: $1.50


SwiftKey is one of the best Android keyboards and it uses Material Design


There is no denying that SwiftKey is one of the best Android keyboards. With its recent switch to a freemium model, it now offers a theme store that boasts a ton of keyboard choices. Furthermore, Swiftkey now offers two Material Design keyboards that look similar to the new choices that Google keyboard offers.

SwiftKey Price: $1/theme

Talon uses shadows, layers, and floating buttons

Talon for Twitter

While waiting for Twitter to update its app with Material Design, Talon for Twitter has already applied the principles of Material Design, using layers, shadows, and the floating button. Its slide-out menu is of great help for you to get to know your “@ mentions” and lists. Without question, it’s far more sophisticated than what Twitter is on an Android device at the moment.

Talon for Twitter Price: $4

Resources for Beginners to Improve their Material Design Skills

As of this writing, it is obvious that material design is no longer new. Nonetheless, it can’t be denied that it is still as popular as how it was when it was first launched. While it is true that material design has a lot of resources, it doesn’t mean that working on a project that employs it will be a walk in the park. In fact, you may even wonder where and how to begin, especially if you are a newbie.

The following are some of the important resources that you can check out and help you develop or brush up on your material design skills.

1. Material Design Specification and Tutorial from Google

While learning the basics of material design is the most logical move that you need to do, sad to say, it is not the easiest. The material design specification from Google is a helpful introduction to the primary goals and principles of material design itself. It details the simple ideas, such as material, material properties, animation, layout, components, elevation, patterns, style, and many more.

2. Android Getting Started with Material Design

Sure, specifications are helpful. Nonetheless, nothing can be more helpful than learning from an extensive tutorial that teaches how to implement specifications. And, speaking of tutorials, it can’t be denied that the Android Getting Started with Material Design tutorial is one resource that you need to check out for in-depth yet comprehensible tutorial. In fact, even web designers who think that they already know material design too well will be surprised that there are still things that they can learn from this tutorial.

3. Android Development Tutorial: Lollipop Material Design

This is another highly recommended in-depth tutorial. This focuses on the many aspects of material design, like animations, elevations and shadows, SGV drawables, palette and color extraction, and many more. This tutorial focuses more on the clarification of the specification rather than a tutorial that produces a deliverable and does not contain a code.

4. Material Design Video Tutorials

This is definitely a must-see for designers who are fond of video tutorials. There are more than 58 video tutorials that you can choose from. Since these video tutorials are in HD, your eyes won’t really be blurred with hazy images. Furthermore, they only last for an average of 10 minutes.

What if They Adapted the Material Design?

“After Google announced Material Design for its Android Lollipop update last year, the world has gone material design mad. Material design not only looks amazing but is also a wonderful design philosophy which is helping developers and designers around the world to imagine designs like never before.”
– Rahul Chowdhury

Since the launch of material design, many popular apps have already adapted this new design philosophy. Furthermore, new apps for Android are coming out in the fashion of material design. However, it can’t be denied that many popular apps are still to embrace this design. Do you ever wonder how they would look like had they implemented material design? Take a look at the concepts of various designers.

Facebook for Android

Facebook for Android looks awesome

Source: MaterialUp

The most popular social networking site would be more fun and appealing if it goes for the material design.

An elegant calendar

An elegant calendar

Calendar for Desktop
Without question, this calendar app looks elegant whether it’s on a desktop, laptop, or even mobile devices.

A music app using Material Design

A music app using Material Design

Music Player
This music player looks simply trendy in this material design.

Look who's got a makeover? The new Windows Explorer

Look who’s got a makeover? The new Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer
Doesn’t this new design of Windows Explorer look much better than its old one?

Instagram and Material Design = success

In the event that Instagram decides to go for material design, it would be more interesting to share photos!

“Well, the visual components that comprise and characterize Material Design might fade into the annals of design trends. The bold coloring and distinctive FAB will certainly age. The difference is the underlying design philosophies and theories will live on. The thinking behind the delightful animations and material elements will evolve and shape the next generation of user interface design. Like Newton’s first understanding of gravity was challenged and overtaken by relativity, Material Design’s principles will be examined and improved upon. But the credit will still go to Material Design as being the first attempt to provide a design framework for Human/Device interaction.”
-Daniel Hollick


Designs, especially those related to technology and trends, are rapidly changing as you can just imagine. Toy with different ideas, but don’t be attached to them. Just like every single design trend, framework or idea, you need to assess if the concept you are entertaining is applicable to the project that you are working on. Hence, if you think that material design is good for your project, go for it and explore the possibilities.

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8 Fascinating UI Kits for Mobile App Designers

UI kits are a boon for mobile app designers and it is no rocket science to guess the reasons. As a designer using these kits, you get to experiment with styles, create customized interfaces and most importantly, save your time.


There are a number of ready-to-use UI kits available, which are immensely handy for designing mockups. Additionally, it is not just the expert designers who can use these kits to their advantage, but also rookie designers, who are looking forward to learning the ropes fast.

Here is a roundup of some of the most fascinating UI kits for mobile app designers, which will make app design a breeze and also give you a new perspective and inspire you to put your best foot forward.

free material kit

The Free Material UI kit has over 40 UI elements and templates to choose from

1. Free Material UI Kit

Free Material UI Kit is the best tool for exploring the basics of Material Design – the minimalistic design language by Google. Packed with many Material Design UI elements such as – profile, statistics, graphs, buttons, navigation menu etc., the app is a delight for UI designers who want to give their app a modern look and feel. Pick and choose from over 40 UI Elements and Templates, more than 30 icons and 7 application categories for the next big project that comes your way.

This UI kit has a fantastic winter theme

This UI kit has a fantastic winter theme

2. Winter UI Kit

Ardent Game of Thrones fans, this is your chance to step into Ned Stark’s shoes and say “Winter Is Coming”!! No, Winter UI Kit doesn’t have anything to do with the show; it just has a fantastic winter-themed design, which is quite evident from the color palette. With more than 50 UI elements and icons supplied as 100% scalable vectors, this kit is worth trying out at least once. The app comes with a commercial use license as well.


Do is one loaded UI mobile kit

3. Do

Just like its short and to-the-point name, clean design is one of the mainstays of Do UI Kit. The official website claims that Do is “THE MOST VERSATILE TO-DO APP UI KIT YOU’VE EVER SEEN” and I won’t counter that claim because it does have features that allow you to build different varieties of apps. Loaded with as many as 130 screens, 10 unique themes, and more than 250 UI elements, the kit helps you organize elements in UI in a structured way. Get the UI kit free for Photoshop and Sketch.

Woohoo is a UI kit for iOS

Woohoo is a UI kit for iOS

4. WOHOO: Free Mobile App UI Kit

Wohoo is a well-crafted UI kit for latest iOS – the iOS 8. The PSD files in this kit have 100% vector-based layers and are Retina HD ready. The kit is quite useful if you have app ideas in mind for three iPhone models – iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. It would be unfair on my part to skip the mention of fully editable components, which provides ample scope for you to experiment with the UI design.

FireShot Screen Capture #144 - 'Elven iPhone App UI Kit on Behance' - www_behance_net_gallery_8296849_Elven-iPhone-App-UI-Kit

Elven is optimized for Retina display

5. Elven iPhone App UI Kit

If you are specifically looking for a UI kit for iPhone, Elven iPhone App UI Kit is one of the best options that you can have. The app provides some basic elements using which you can design the UI of your app. Optimized specially for the smartphone’s Retina Display, it has elements that are built on layer styles as well as vector shapes, giving you the option to view them on 2x zoom without affecting its scalability. To use this kit, you need to have Photoshop version CS4 or above.


CafeGrapp is another UI kit for the iOS8

6. CafeGrapp

CafeGrapp – a UI kit for iOS 8 looks promising enough with its aesthetic, flat design. It offers an engaging interface with perfect placement of objects. The UI kit offers 7 PSDs – Splash, Login, My Profile, Flavors, Flavors Maps, Go and Side. Even with a limited number of PSDs, it doesn’t fail to deliver the best results and leave a great impression on you. Even the color palette is different and gives a fresh look and feel to your mockup. Give CafeGrapp a try and you will be stunned with the result for sure!

apple watch

This UI kit is made specifically for the Apple watch

7. Apple Watch GUI Kit

The next UI Kit on our list is specifically for the Apple Watch as you must have already guessed from the name. The kit has more than 270 templates across 6 categories, which indicates that it provides scope for designing numerous UI mockups. It also hints at the fact that you can use this resource to save your time for designing any kind of app for the 38 mm and 42 mm wearable from Apple.

The UI kit uses a version of San Francisco font, which is Apple’s new system. Alternatively, you can also settle for Roboto font, which is similar to San Francisco. The UI kit has unbelievable details to create UI for the wearable, which is like a dream come true for designers. The kit adheres to Apple guidelines, which makes it a must-have for each and every aspiring UI designer.

Otrion is based on Flat Design standards

Otrion is based on Flat Design standards

8. Otrion Mobile UI Kit

Otiron Mobile UI Kit is completely based on Flat Design standards. From the fonts to the layout and the color scheme, everything points towards a flat design. The kit has as many as 24 highly customizable PSD Files, Smart Objects and many elements such as free Google and icon fonts and has True-Retina Display is what makes the kit advanced and your mockups look a lot like the final deliverable. Even the color styles are changeable in this kit. A well-documented Help file is also included in the kit, which comes in handy for beginners trying their hand at it.


Creating UI mockups for a mobile app is an arduous and time-consuming task for designers, who already have a number of other tasks on their plate. This is where these fantastic UI kits come to their rescue. So, take your pick from these kits and design apps with beautiful UI using Retina-ready, Flat/Material Design templates and design mobile app UI in a short timeframe.

What other UI Kits do you think needs to be on this list? Share your opinions with us via comments.

About the Author:

Jaykishan Panchal is a content marketer at MoveoApps, an android app development company. He enjoys writing about Technology, marketing & industry trends. He is a tech enthusiast and love to explore new stuff. You can follow him on Twitter @jaypanchal8.

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