The Best Job Search Sites For Freelance Graphic And Web Designers

#EspressoMonday Episode Nr.13

What are the best job search sites for freelance graphic and web designers?

One of the most common issues often faced by freelancers is the best place to find clients or new projects. While this is not a big problem since there are a lot to choose from on the Internet, the big question is which among these job sites are the best in terms of financial returns.

Let’s have a great time tackling an interesting issue once again on this thirteenth episode of #EspressoMonday. And yes, we are taking a real espresso shot this time.

Most people think that when you become a freelancer, you are now free to do anything with your time. While this is true, they didn’t really know the challenges you face in finding new projects or new clients. Of course, this is not difficult since there’s a lot of job sites or marketplaces on the World Wide Web that connect you with clients from all over the world.

If you have been freelancing for many years, chances are you already know which sites deliver the best in terms of projects, clients, and monetary rewards. If you are a new freelancer, however, you might not know where to look for. In fact, there are still cases where even those who’ve been around the business for quite some time don’t know where to look for.

The Search is On

In answer to our question today regarding what job site is the best for freelance web and graphic designers, the answer can greatly vary because there are certain factors involved in it. These factors include your experience, the workload you want to take on, and the type of relationship you want to build with a client – are you looking for short-term or long-term relationships?

To give you a much better idea and a bigger perspective, we will compare 8 of the most popular marketplaces for freelancers. We will use three kinds of metrics to evaluate each of them based on the questions we receive here on 1stWebDesigner.

  • Income Fees – How much percentage will be taken away from you once you accumulated a certain amount of earnings? Under this, we will have two earning brackets – $1k and $4k.
  • Competition – How many designers are already in that site looking for a job?

1. Freelancer

  • $1k Income Fees: $121
  • $4k Income Fees: $483
  • Competition: approximately 14.1 million freelance web designers

2. Elance

  • $1k Income Fees: $98
  • $4k Income Fees: $360
  • Competition: 4 million freelance web designers

3. oDesk

  • $1k Income Fees: $114
  • $4k Income Fees: $454
  • Competition: 4 million freelance web designers

4. People Per Hour

  • $1k Income Fees: $85
  • $4k Income Fees: $245
  • Competition: 500,000 freelance web designers

5. 99 Designs

  • $1k Income Fees: $300
  • $4k Income Fees: $1,200
  • Competition: 900,000 freelance web designers

6. Envato

  • $1k Income Fees: $300
  • $4k Income Fees: $1200
  • Competition: 2,000 freelance web designers

7. Codeable

  • $1k Income Fees: $150
  • $4k Income Fees: $600
  • Competition: 100 freelance web designers

Codeable is a marketplace designed especially for WordPress experts. They don’t readily accept anyone in this marketplace unless proven that you really are an expert.

8. AwesomeWeb

  • $1k Income Fees: $17
  • $4k Income Fees: $17
  • Competition: 350 freelance web designers

AwesomeWeb is 1stWebDesigner’s own marketplace and what makes it different from all the rest is that it doesn’t take any percentage from your earnings – You only pay a flat rate of $17. Although we also screen all the web designers before we accept them in the marketplace, the screening process we use is not as tough as that of Codeable.

All you need is show us a portfolio of at least 3 websites that you have already built to prove that you are indeed a designer.

You can also find this information, along with a complete comparison table, in an article we have written about these different freelancing websites. Just out our very extensive article we did very recently.

And that concludes our #EspressoMonday episode for today. Best wishes to your job hunt.



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Mobile SEO – Can You Optimize For User Experience And Google At The Same Time?

Unlike many years ago, you can’t just be satisfied to only meet your needs in today’s web environment. Instead, you need to please two factors equally: the user and the Google robots ranking you.

The question, however, is which one should you try to please first?


Google vs User? Which one to please first?

User Experience vs Google Search Optimization?

There is no need to prioritize because you have to please both Google and your users,  a practice that comes highly recommended. In doing the process, you don’t need to invest in an insane amount of resources into the process where the return might make or break you and your online solution.

By adopting these two requirements, you will be able to rank higher in Google and people will be able to find you much easier than before. With the great web user experience you give your visitors, they will want to recommend you to others.


Start with the user.

Part 1. Start With The User

There is no need to prioritize, as mentioned earlier, but you need to start somewhere. Focusing on the experience you give your users is a good starting point for your web solution whether it is a simple website, a web application, or a complex back-end software.

At the base of each of your projects, you have to consider the user. Without the user, you won’t move forward regardless of how much you try to. You’ve heard of the term User Experience (or UX) before, but what does it mean for your product? As much as I hate to tell you this, it depends. Users will not put a price on the same elements in two different web solutions. On top of this, your audience will also react differently to what your competitor has although your product does basically the same.

Finding out what your audience reacts positively to is such a complex matter to discuss that it should have its own article; therefore, we won’t dive too much into what’s in the mind of your users. However, whatever your business is, the lack of investing into user experience will always backfire. Always! Luckily for you, wherever your users come from and whatever their pursuit is, they will always appreciate these following elements that will give them a great product experience.


Nowadays you must have a responsive website.

Be Responsive Already – Have A Responsive Website!

You’ve probably heard this thousands of times. Unfortunately, I still see so many examples out there of websites that are not responsive yet. It has been more than three years since media queries have become W3C standards but why hasn’t everybody adopted them yet? If it’s something that gets me out of my mind, that is ignorance for the widely accepted standards. Don’t be ignorant with your web solution because you’re playing with the chances of your own project.

I have a difficult time believing that you don’t know much about responsive web design yet. But if you really don’t (dude, seriously?), get this book. Read it from cover to cover, then read it again. It’s been written relatively recently and it’s considered as “responsive web design 101″ for 2015.


Do you know how readable your website is on mobile or tablet?

Responsive Design Typography

Yes, I’m still holding on to this responsive madness topic. Typography is such an important part of a website that ignoring it will score you some negative points with your readers. It is often easy to read text on desktop but God I’ve squinted my eyes a lot in the past years trying to decode simple text on mobile. I hate that, don’t make me do it – ever again! I will leave your site quicker than a Ferrari in pole-position without any chance of returning ever again.

Improving typography for portable devices is not that big of a deal. If you don’t have basic typography training, it is always a safe bet to increase the font size and the line height. Never use a font that is smaller than 14px on mobile (get used to the idea of having at least 16px, no more than 8-9 words per line) and line height that is at least 18px. This will make the text easier to read. Keep headlines short and make it clear. They are headlines so you need to use big font size and bold with a maximum of four words per line.

Web fonts are quite the big deal in typography lately and I advise you do make use of them. They will save you money and time plus, they are SEO-friendly. Just to make sure there is a check on everything, always have a fall-back typeface in case a browser doesn’t download custom web fonts.

When you write copy, make sure to break paragraphs into smaller chunks of text. Take a look at the image below and think of which would you rather read should you end up with only one choice.

Text comparison

The text is the same, the only difference being good formatting and better typography on the right.

The Art Of Negative Space

This article is not supposed to be a crash course in graphic design but there are so many things a good graphic designer can do to improve the user experience of a website. One of them is using negative space, as this allows the human eye to rest. Your webpage will not feel as heavy if you employ this very well and I advise you to get a good graphic designer to take a look at your website if you feel that it currently is “too heavy” at a quick scan.


Create live validation of the input fields.

Have Contact and Checkout Forms That Work

Web forms can range from sign-up forms and contact forms to input fields in a check-out process or even a search box. Make sure they work. You’ve probably already checked the code behind ten times and tested it. The forms work as they should. But do they really work?

I’ve got no doubts your code does just what it is supposed to do but this is not just about the back-end. The user doesn’t care about your code. The user wants the forms to work, to give him feedback when feedback is needed and to fill them out as quickly as possible.

By the number of websites doing it poorly, error handling in user forms must be one of the most challenging problems there is – up there with landing on Mars and figuring out teleportation. Let me tell you a secret: it’s actually not that hard.

One thing you can do to ensure less confusion is create live validation of the input fields. That means if you need a phone number from me, make sure I can’t submit the form if there is any kind of text in the field that are not digits. Additionally, if you need a number in a specific format, don’t ask me to write it that way. I don’t care if you need the number in US format but let me write a ten-character number and format it yourself with a snippet of code. How hard can it be?

If I submit the form and there is an error, you need to let me know of the exact error and what I can do to fix it. Don’t – I repeat, don’t! – ask me to fill in all the fields again. That’s where you lost a potential client.

Error handling in forms

Example of error handling in mobile app.

Avoid confusion in the forms by using clear language, clear placement and clear colors. The example above is an almost perfect one. There is no doubt about what you need to correct and the error message can’t be missed.

It would be perfect if the error message would also point out the error: Please enter a valid email address. Unfortunately “.xom” is not a valid domain. It would require more code, but users will have no doubt understand why the error appeared in the first place.

If you want to get better at handling error messages in input fields, Christian Holst wrote a great article three years ago about this which is still relevant today.

It’s well known that drop-off rates for long web forms are huge, but they are avoidable. If a user starts to fill in a form, it’s because he wants to. If he stops before he is done, you’re at fault. Most of the time it is because you ask for a big investment from them – bigger than their return.

Would you subscribe to a newsletter if the form requires you to fill in the name, email, address and credit card information? No way in hell. But you would gladly give all these information away if you buy something online. It’s all about keeping a balance between what you ask for and what you give in return.

Shorter forms are always more successful.

In fact, studies show that shorter forms can even convert over 150% better than their longer counterparts. Think about it for a while before adding a new field to your form.

Use SVG Image Format

Use SVG In Your Websites.

Use SVG Image Format Whenever You Can

Some of you might not know what an SVG image is, so I will explain it to you very briefly. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics and, as the name says, it represents a vector image that can be scaled up an down according to the screen it is viewed on.

SVG works very well with CSS and is perfect for responsive web design. Together with responsive typography and responsive layouts it creates a great viewing experience for the user regardless of what device they are on. SVG images are better than normal, rasterized images and even better than font icons simply because they can quickly adapt to the environment while still looking great. Moreover, with font icons you are limited to a single color, while SVG files are much more adaptable when it comes to the colors.

You can use SVG graphics in pretty much everything: logos, UI elements, graphs, icons and many others. SVG is really the future and deserves an article of its own. Luckily, there’s a great one written by the team of Design Your Way.

Check On Design.. Now What Else?

Let me put it down for you: UX is not only design. Remember this. Design is just a part of this big spectrum of elements. There are many things you can do to improve the UX that do not necessarily have something to do with design. It is easy to confuse the two, because most things you create express themselves through visual queues. A good example is the navigation.


Put special attention to navigation. Make sure it works.

Design Effective Navigation Menu

The navigation menu has to be, without any doubt, the first thing visitors see. The navigation and the logo. Users need to know where they are and where they can go.

A website with poor navigation is like a complex freeway structure without signs. It might be cool to drive your Tesla on it with 175 km/h, but not knowing which exit to take quickly turns into a bit of a problem.

As the starting point of a website, the navigation has to be simple and clean. Don’t cram a lot of unnecessary information into it and at the same time, don’t be vague about it. You can’t afford to confuse your users.

Sometimes it is not that easy to keep your navigation simple; look at Amazon. However, most web designers never get the chance to work on such a complex system, therefore keep in mind: simple navigation is the best navigation there is. Some very simple tips are:

  • to keep the main navigation at the top right (logo on the left)
  • limiting the number of options to no more than 6
  • using short and descriptive words (“Contact” instead of “Hit us up”)
  • having the navigation in the footer if the pages are long and having a navigation that is easy to find and clickable if you are on a portable device.

Other things you can do are quite straightforward. I advise you not to make use of any kind of sneaky tactics or redirects in order to get something you want from the user. He will find out and leave and this will only make him not want to recommend your website.

Badly implemented pop-overs are also something that annoys me as much as anything else. A few days ago I was reading this article on my iPhone from a worldwide-known online magazine. A pop-up came up telling me about cookie usage. That’s fair enough. But there was no button to accept or to cancel. There was no way to exit that pop-up. I’ve clicked on it, I swiped, I pinched, I did everything there is to do.

Actually, I did more than I should have, because the website redirected me to another page (it was probably me clicking on something else without realizing because of the frustration). Now that was a really bad experience. A few seconds after… surprise: the overlay slowly disappeared on its own.

How hard would it have been for them to let me know from the start that this overlay will fade out in 10 seconds? Not much harder than a single line of code, but they still left it out and frustrate me instead.

Depending on who your audience is, there are probably some other tips I could write about but it would take a while. An in-depth analysis is on the table for an article a bit further down the road but you should be set for now. If you master these first tips, you are halfway through to a successful web solution.

Now, for the second part, what do those darn Google robots want from you?


Do you know what Google wants from you?

Part 2. Make Google Happy

It is not only important to make the user happy, it is also important to make sure Google ranks your website well, otherwise, nobody will find you. You will notice, however, how following some of the tips in the first part of the article will also help with the second part.

Make Your Website Responsive (again)

According to many sources online, including Social Media Today and Google itself, it is highly recommended to have a responsive web design for your website. Starting April 21st 2015, Google is going to make some small changes to its search algorithm making it easier for users to find mobile content. Mobile friendliness is something Google looks very seriously into and although nobody actually said that Google will rank mobile better than desktop results, many experts believe this is the way the search engine is heading to. With more people browsing from mobile than desktop, it goes without saying that this is the right way to go.

Google’s Zineb Ait Bahajji was quoted saying in a Google Webmaster Help thread that they do not rank mobile better, but they prefer it because it is:

“easier to maintain, it’s future-friendly and we see less configuration errors with RWD (faulty redirects or bad user-agent detection for instance)”

By creating a website that is responsive, you make both your users happy but also Google, and this is rule number 1 to keep in mind.

Is there an SEO disadvantage to using responsive design instead of separate mobile URLs?

Don’t worry about your PageRank. A website that is responsive is better than a website which redirects the users to a m dot version (something like – a practice that was very popular in the beginning of the 2000s). Although the video is one year and a half old, Matt Cutts from Google explains below why.


How fast is your website?

Make Your Website Load Faster

Google loves quick websites, it is as simple as that. Google itself loads incredibly quick and has the same expectations from you. It has been four already years since the search engine started to rank quick websites better and today there is even more emphasis on it than ever before, with more and more people browsing from mobile. I believe this will continue to be an important factor.

Start by testing your website and see how fast it loads. Minimize the number of images and clunky code, don’t use lots of plugins and only embed necessary video. You can quickly minimize the weight of your website by following these tips, but if you want even more help, hire a professional and make use of Google Webmaster Tools.

CDN Network

This is how a simple CDN network looks like, with the origin server in South America.

Not only does your page speed improves the user experience because it minimizes loading times and leads to higher engagement, retention, conversions and lower bounce rates, but it is so important that Google actually developed a tool for it.

PageSpeed Insights is a set of tools that can help you identify performance best practices for your website and can help you automate the optimization process.

One of the easiest things to do for page speed improvement is paying for a better hosting plan. Poor hosting is often the main reason behind websites loading slowly. However, it is also the lack of Content Delivery Network (CDN). CDN is easy to explain. Instead of having a server in the US which everybody in the world has to access, this network makes sure the content of a website is delivered quicker to people who are located in other parts of the world via edge servers, so their requests don’t have to “travel” such a long distance.


Create a good content for your visitors.

Content Is (still) King

It is already a cliché, I know, but good content is still the best way to rank high in Google. You want to write really good content with the readers in mind and not for the sake of keywords. There is nothing wrong with having keywords every once in a while, but don’t overdo it and, again, think of the reader. Does the article offer value? Is it long enough? Does it get shared a lot on social media? All these are important if you want to rank better in Google.

“How long should an article be?”

– is a question that I get a lot. It depends but articles that are shorter than 1.000 words don’t have much value to Google unless they are a hit on social media or you are The New York Times. Moreover, if you are The New York Times, you probably don’t care about ranking anymore. However, if you still need to work on that, keep in mind: Google likes long, informational and useful articles.

I also think it is a good idea to keep a balance. I can write an article or 4k+ words at any time, but how many people will read the whole piece? Not many. The consequence will be that not many people will share it on social media. For informational articles on blogs I personally believe between 1.500 and 2.500 words is the sweet spot, so a bit shorter than this article. If you can stay in between these two, you are where you should be and are doing well.

The bottom line of this is that you need to write content that is worth sharing. Offer value, not articles filled with keywords. The guidelines I wrote for you above are good to keep in mind, but quality is still the most important of them. You can write a hit article that is 800 words long and still do better than a 3.000 words article that is written just for the sake of Google. Write for your audience; and do it well!

Learn To Love FeedTheBot: Optimize Your Website For Google

If you want to get a quick overview of your website in Google’s eyes, FeedTheBot is one of the best tools out there. You only have to fill in your website and let the software check it up. After a few seconds it will return with a string of errors that your website needs to straighten up. Start with the most critical ones, but don’t overlook the other ones. The better you do here, the more Google will appreciate your website.

It is important to remember that Google is not a person, but a robot. Google doesn’t get a feel of the user experience you offer to your visitors, so the best it can do is to rank your website after a complex set of parametres. It can be anything from the number of broken links, usage of robots.txt, JavaScript and CSS usage, sneaky redirects, keyowrd stuffing and so on. If you have dynamic content on your website, it is always a good idea to pay FeedTheBot a visit every once in a while and make sure things are still in check.

Mobile SEO Action Cheatsheet

Reading an article like this one and learning what you have to do is the easy part of improving the UX of a web solution – implementing it is the tough part. Now that you know the reasoning behind every and each action to take, we have a cheatsheet for you below, so you can start working on this right away. So, what do you have to do?

  1. Get down and design a great website. Make use of negative space, beautiful colors and good design practices.
  2. Make sure the navigation is clear, easy to use and doesn’t confuse the user.
  3. Make sure your website is responsive. This helps both the user experience and Google to rank you higher.
  4. Wherever you make use of images or UI elements, try to make use of SVG instead of JPG or PNG
  5. Check how your typography responds to a screen change and ensure your type looks great on all devices.
  6. If you have any forms, check them a couple of times (both the code, but also the experience they give in form of errors and validation).
  7. Find a good hosting plan. If you can find a CDN server, go for it, although it is a bt more expensive.
  8. After creating the website, use Google Webmaster Tools and PageSpeed Insights to make the website even quicker. Aim for a loading time of under 1 second.
  9. Start creating good content that is useful to your users. Keep doing this all the time.
  10. Use FeedTheBot to check on other errors and solve the most critical ones first, but don’t forget about the other ones.


There are two factors you have to please today if you want to have an online presence: the user and Google. I feel we’ve already established that. The good part is that by only following a limited set of tips, you can please both in a short amount of time. If you are about to create a new online presence or think of how to improve you current one, this article should be the starting point for you.

We would love to hear from you down below in the comments section. From now on we’re going to publish a couple of times per month on topics closely related to UX, because we want you to become the best web designer that you can be. So let us know what you want to learn more about.

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How Do You Convince Clients to Pay Higher Prices

#EspressoMonday Episode Nr.12

How do you convince your web design clients to pay you higher prices?

Welcome to another #EspressoMonday episode. This time, a new James Richman drinking espresso in a real espresso cup will answer your question.

This episode is short and sweet but, nonetheless, meaty. It answers the dilemma of a lot of web designers as well as other freelancers who struggle with pricing. To give you a much needed boost this Monday, James has invited Brent Weaver of Ugurus to answer the question. So take a few minutes of your time to learn from Brent but don’t forget your espresso.

Here’s a very common scenario – You’ve been putting a lot of time and effort in building your clients’ websites that you feel that it’s time to increase your fees or rates. However, you are afraid that if you do, you will lose a client or worse, you can’t get any more clients. So how do you do it?

How do you convince your clients that you are more valuable than what they pay?

Swimming Against the Current

Swimming against the current can be exhausting and challenging. It takes extra effort and there’s also a price to pay.

Then why swim against the current? Because even dead fish go with current.

So if you don’t want to be counted as one of the dead fish or even just another fish in the ocean, you need to do something and that is to swim against the current.

You have to be aware of the fact, that the web design marketplace is a competitive and crowded one. Thus, you can’t simply be as good as the other designer around the corner. One of the first thing you need to do if you really want to put value in what you do is to stop thinking of yourself as a commodity. A commodity is something that you can easily find – very common, nothing special.When clients see that, they will not think of you as anyone different from the rest. They will think that you are like the rest who is easy to find on the Web and in other marketplaces, such as Elance.

Thinking of your service as a commodity is also the worst disservice you can do to yourself. Why? Because when you think of youself as this, you are sending out a message that your service can easily be exchanged for another provider of the same service who offers a lower price.

However, you are not a commodity. You just haven’t defined your value add-on yet. In order to put value on yourself and what you do, you need to be very strategic because this is where it all starts. In terms of being strategic, the first thing you need to do is to quantify the benefits you’re bringing to your clients’ businesses. In order to do this, you need to communicate what the ROI or Return of Investment is.

How do you do that?

First you need to clearly define what the “Return” is as well as what the “Investment” is. In order to define what “Return” is, you need to understand where your client is getting value from. What gives them the money? What increases your influence or your power to them?

You need to clearly define what kind of return do they need to do and how do they get it? Does it mean selling more stuff? Or do they have to find more customers to buy their stuff?

In web design, what is it that they are looking for – SEO, Analytics, design, CMS? You need to figure them out so that you will be able to get the high investment you want from your clients.

Another important thing to remember is that you Don’t need to Convince your clients about the value they’re getting in order for them to invest. Instead, you show them what the value is because when they see the positive return they will get, you don’t need to say anything but they will have the initiative to invest more.


There’s nothing wrong in being a commodity. If you are satisfied in just paying your bills and getting paid on time, then go for it. However, if you are looking for more value and for higher income, you should not be afraid of discussing ROIs. Instead, you should start positioning yourself where you can communicate what your ROI is to your clients.

Moreover, you have to know where your value comes from and the real value of what you’re providing. That is where the real value equation comes from. That’e where your real value lies.

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What Is And How To Do Web Design After Sales Service – #EspressoMonday Nr. 11

#EspressoMonday Episode Nr.11

How can a web design after sales service potentially let you increase your monthly revenue?

Welcome to another #EspressoMonday episode and this time, we will do something different – espresso shot in a wineglass. Veering away from the traditional shot glass, it proves that good coffee always tastes good in any way.

The same goes true with web design – a great website will prove itself in any way. The problem, however, is how do you tell this to your client. So with your espresso in any type of container you want, let’s talk all about after sales service that will help boost your income.

Artists and creatives have long since held to the romantic notion that it’s okay to be hungry as long as you are able to express your passion for your art. Since web designers are also artists, there are still a lot who hold on to this notion. However, this belief is as outdated as the latest trend during the Middle Ages because now, artists, web design professionals in particular, can earn a monthly revenue while doing their passion with the right tools and knowledge.

Everything Begins in the Mind

Rene Descartes was never more right when he declared his famous philosophical thought, “I believe; therefore, I am.” The short statement is a simple yet powerful confirmation of the power of the mind and how it can shape your future, much more your career as a web design professional. That is because everything that manifests physically begins with a single thought in your mind.

But what does it have to do with after sales service?

A lot!

Because if you want to boost your after sales service or utilize it to its fullest potential, you need to pick your clients’ minds first. This is how marketers and advertisers condition us to rush and buy the latest product or use the newest service in the market.

Everything is calculated – from the fonts to the colors to the words. All of these elements are used to condition the mind to act in favor of the product or service. It sounds like a plot to a scary science fiction film where we are brought into submission without a hint. There’s some truth to it because how many times have you bought something because you were greatly affected or influenced by the ad. The good news, however, is you can utilize the same method when you do your after sales service.

All you have to do is focus on these four psychological elements:

  • Buyer’s Instinct
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Sense of Danger, and
  • Survival Instinct

How Does It Play in Your After Sales Service Pitch?

One of the best and most lucrative areas to focus on is security.

Let’s say you are building a website for your client and trying to upsell on a monthly service. So you offer your client to look after the website’s security and make sure that it is not hacked – that it is always safe and secure. While the threat of security is true, none of this will mean to your client if you just go out to him and give him a quote of your monthly fee for such service.

You have to always remember that clients think differently unless they have background knowledge about what you are talking about. What your client basically wants is for you to get the job done and do it well – end of story. If you want to convince them, you need to present to them a social proof from a credible source showing the dangers of breached security.

WordPress is a good example to start with since it it both popular and credible. WordPress has experienced how hackers wanted to penetrate the site’s security but WordPress is fighting back defending its security by releasing different kinds of patches.

Or you can also use an article about a famous website which has been hacked. Take the article and present it to your client. You can point out to them what happened and the same thing can also happen to them. You can paint them a picture about what happens to a website and how it will cost them more if they overlook such things. Tug their emotions by painting a clear picture of what could happen.

Once you are able to clearly present it to them, they will have a sense of danger as well as a sense of urgency. It is a given that when a person feels threatened, it will do everything in its power to build up is defenses in order to fortify himself. That’s where your sales pitch come in. You present them with a solution that would make them feel safe. Yes, the threat is real but there are also counter measures against it and that you are ready to help them build it. 

After you’ve done a good job and you have satisfied your client, you have already tapped into their buyer’s instinct. So next time they need a similar service, you become their go-to person. Chances are, they will even recommend you to their colleagues.

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Thyme for Design – An Accidental Web Design Success

The Podcast Episode with Thyme for Design

Success Story from Thyme for Design

When you look at awesome scientific discoveries, you will observe that most of them were made by accident – from Newton’s gravity to Spencer Silver’s Post-It notes. Gretchen Cawthon and Trina Fisher of Thyme for Design also consider their entry to the web design industry an accident – a successful accident at that.

Calling themselves the left side and the right side of the brain, Gretchen and Trina didn’t foresee a career in the web design industry. Gretchen was a music major preparing to become a percussionist while Trina worked as a high school relations officer educating kids which college major and career path to pursue. Although both of them dabbled in computers and design, they never thought that it will lead them to web design and development.

The most remarkable thing, however, is how they were able to discover their niche and make it successful despite their obvious differences in personality. How can two smart and creative women manage to work harmoniously and successfully without getting into each other’s throat?

That is what this success story is all about and much more than that.

Embracing Differences

There’s a pervading belief that women are competitive and can’t get along. Women are competitive, period. The idea, however, of women not getting along might have a degree of truth in them, but it is not true in these women’s lives.

It is also a fact that differences between two people, most especially creatives, can become a scourge when it comes to collaboration. However, Gretchen and Trina have used these differences to create something positive and income-generating.

By being different, they are able to bring different and exciting perspectives to a certain project. According to their own words, the clients are getting double the brain power with Gretchen, the left side of the brain, taking on most of the technical side of work while Trina, the right side of the brain, takes care of the more creative aspects of the business.

It also helps that they are able to forge a friendship outside the workplace first because it allows them to understand other areas of each other’s life. By understanding each other, they are able to embrace their differences and balance their partnership.

Finding Their Niche

One of the dilemmas a web designer faces is the niche they would focus on. Some choose the niche where they would focus on while others discover it along the way. Gretchen and Trina belong to the second group. In fact, the story of finding their niche is as consistent as how they become involved in this industry – by accident.

A client who was not in any way not part of the niche they are in right now introduced them to someone from the health and fitness industry who wants a website. The collaboration and rapport was amazing and soon they discovered that they are comfortable doing business with people from the health and fitness niche.

From this experience, the pair advise their fellow designers who are trying to find or still do not know which niche they would focus on to look for people they are comfortable working and doing business with. Once you are comfortable, you will be able to effectively communicate with each other. And effective communication yields better results.

Teaming Up for Success

Teamwork is a big thing between Gretchen and Trina. It is what balances their partnership. It is the product of embracing their differences. This culture of working as a team reflects on how they deal with their clients as well. It is one of the factors that make their web design business thrive and succeed. It is what made them sit down to re-write and refine the process they present to their clients.

How did they get there?

Being graduates of the 10K Boot Camp, the pair experienced a mindset shift in viewing web design as a business and not just a job. Part of that mindset shift involved conveying the value of what they do to their clients. However, before they can convey that value, their clients need to see the process involved so they can understand what the value is and where it is coming from.

That is what the dynamic duo did – rewrite and refine the process they have so they are able to go with their clients every step of the way. After communicating the process, they meet with their clients on a weekly basis so that they (the clients) are always aware where they are at in the process.

This is what they want their clients to feel – that they are part of the team. That they are willing to go with their clients beyond the launch of the website. They want to help their clients grow their business.

On Boosting Sales and Rejecting Clients

Like most other web designers, Gretchen and Tina started in the industry accepting work that is below the real value of their work. They didn’t know how much their value really is. That means accepting a $500-rate for maybe a thousand-dollar worth of effort.

That was their story. Now, they have a client who is willing to invest $12,000 without any second thoughts.

How were they able to do it?

The greatest question, however, is – Are you able to do it?

One of the things Gretchen and Trina learned from their experience and also from the classes they had during the 10K Boot Camp is value. In fact, you will hear and read about value in all of our podcast episodes.

Everything starts with value. How you value yourself, your work, and your client. If you realize this, you are able to focus on your goals which eventually lead to success. That is because value will help you think outside the box.

For Gretchen and Trina value means being means reflecting the voice of their clients and presenting it to an average person in the most relatable way. This area is much easier for them because they can give a different view of the niche to their clients – they understand the language but they are outsiders of the health and fitness industry.

Value also means being honest with a client if they are the best fit for the job or not. Gretchen said that their goal is not to really land a big project or celebrity client but to help their clients get where they want to go. If they feel they are not the best fit after talking with their clients, they honestly reject the client and refer them to another who can do the job best.

With this attitude, they are letting their clients feel that they are an investment rather than an expense.

Another way of showing value to their clients is to delve into their client’s pain points. Why does a certain client want to build a website? Based on their experience, a lot of their clients are clueless why they want a website in the first place. ‘Just because others have, I want one’ is the usual reason. For the pair, this is not enough because it defeats their purpose – to help their clients grow their business.

This step is the most important because once they understood their client’s pain points, they are able to create a customized solution to help each of their clients reach their goals. The best thing, however, is their clients become much more willing to invest once they understood the value.

Lastly, avoiding technical jargon when talking to their clients is also one way of showing value to their clients. Every web designer/developer should keep in mind that most, if not all, of their clients do not speak the same language as they do. Which means that they don’t care about the technical tools or strategies you will use to build their website. What they care most about is the end result – will the website serve the purpose they want it to have in the first place?

Parting Words

Getting back to the question – Are you able to do it?


For Gretchen, giving your clients hope that they can do it and be able to stick with it is the key. However, she added, you must have the capability to back up your claim. In short, you need to walk your talk.

For Trina, it’s about taking chances and not being afraid of taking chances. Every success undergoes trial and error. It also about being a better communicator. How? By asking questions. Your clients talk, you listen and identify their pain points.

Finally, becoming a life-long learner is the key to success. Change is constant, especially in the web design industry where new tools, techniques, and strategies are dynamic. Aside from keeping abreast with the latest, becoming a life-long learner also makes you humble, smart, and relatable – very important elements when it comes to value.

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Learn Web Design, Development And Business: The Only Course You Need

In this section we have put all the best of 1stWebDesigner’s content in the one place. As the title says, here you will be able to catch up if you are starting out as a web designer and polish your skills as an amateur. Keep coming to this page often, pick your interesting section and go through each article one by one until you come out as a web design professional, ready to take control over your life and work.


I admit it this is a massive section, we have covered a lot during 7 years of our existence, but we truly believe this is the best of the best training content to make a massive growth in 2015. We have videos, written content, podcasts just waiting for you to get started and take in the wealth of knowledge.

This page is dropped down in sections (jump to interesting one)

  • Getting Started – What It Takes To Be A Freelancer?
  • Graphic Design Theory, Basics, Color, Balance
  • Graphical Design Tutorials – Learn Photoshop
  • Usability, UI, UX
  • Coding Basics – Start Your Programming Career
  • HTML Tutorials
  • CSS Tutorials
  • JavaScript Tutorials
  • WordPress Tutorials
  • Freelance Business Training

Congratulations on coming to this page and showing your commitment to become a designer or become a better designer. With this profession the first thing to remember is that your learning is never done. You must be committed to never-ending education and self-growth if you want to be a brilliant web designer. This will be easy if you love what you do! If you don’t you shouldn’t become a designer anyway.

If you think earning online by building websites is an easy way to make lots of money and work from home, you are wrong. You need lots of self-discipline and invest serious time for at least a few years to become a truly good professional.

As mentioned earlier, this guide is considered to replace your classical way you learn – by spending several years in the school and paying thousands of dollars for these studies. I learned the basics of design in the web design school and basics of coding in the programming school. Looking back, I cannot believe how much time I wasted there learning outdated languages and things I never wanted to do like – interior design, 3D modeling, drawing. I knew I wanted to be a web designer, but in coding school I got to learn HTML/CSS, MySql only in the last year. In web design school I was learning web design from teachers, who didnt know much about modern web design standards and they were teaching us outdated things, which were true about 5-10 years ago.

What I did find valuable in these studies was basics. I am grateful I learned basics of coding, colors, balance, composition in school. But did I really need to spend 8 years to learn the basics? No! You’ll have quick crash course right here.

My biggest learning source in graphic and web design have always been Internet. And that’s what I am offering to you here – you will learn the basics here, and as you choose your specific path as a graphic designer, web designer or programmer you will learn only the skills you need the most to start working with clients.

The best way of learning is with practice when you go out in the world, start working with clients, promise them things you don’t even know yet how to do and figure how to do them along the way.

And since you will need to work a lot with clients, we won’t focus as much on design side, but we will teach you the business side of things. Why? Because you naturally learn design skills, but most people neglect the business side. If you are working for yourself, you have a business and you need to treat it as one. You need to learn the basics about how you can stand out, how you can sell your services correctly to be able to get jobs you really enjoy and that pay well.

Do I Need To Go To School To Become a Web Designer?

Absolutely not. If you absolutely love personal connections and learning in classes, you can do it, but you should know there is alternative way of learning online everything you need. And really it’s not really important anymore to have a diploma, we have examples, where designer with no formal education is working with clients like NASA, LA Magazine and Supreme Cort Of Texas.

Read about 8 young designers doing great without college education and read a few more reasons why going to school might be a bad consequences to your future.


We don’t want to show online education as the only right option, but explain more that there is an alternative way of learning. Read objective pros and cons of standard and online education here.

How can you make living online as a designer?

Even as a creative you need to be aware and take charge of the financial side, because starving artist no longer exists in the modern world. The most classical way of making living online is by offering services – graphic, web design, coding services to clients. This is the path we will be encouraging for you to start with as well. There are alternative ways, you can make passive income and stop trading your hours for money, but you first need to be able to pay your bills and then on the side you can slowly build up passive income streams. For example, I started as a freelance designer, started writing 1stWebDesigner on the side and right now we are an educational company.

Do you have what it takes to be a freelance designer?

First of all before you start the journey and invest serious time in becoming a freelance designer, read this article to see if you are doing it for the right reasons.

Ask yourself:

“What is it I want to achieve during my career?”.

Write the answer down and really think about it. You MUST be passionate and love what you are doing, only then you will be making the right choice! Designing shouldn’t feel like work – if you are truly enjoying it, you will love learning new things, you will love the countless hours you will spend working!

We’ve got a lot of people asking us, if they are not too old to start learning about design, so let me debunk this myth. If you are a fast learner and you know how to use computer, you can learn anything. Industry changes very fast, everybody needs to keep up with the change. The good thing to newcomers is that they can easily catch up with professionals because of these constant change.

If you want to become a freelance designer you must know what you are signing up for. It is nice to work from home, but it also requires a lot of self discipline. Read these articles to know what to expect:

In the world where only successful ends of journey are being celebrated, I wanted to share some failure to success stories. Don’t be discouraged by setbacks, learn from them and become stronger in the process! Here are three stories shared by 1stWebDesigner team.

“Why Do I Succeed?

I succeed because I am willing to do the things you are not. I will fight against the odds. I will sacrifice. I am not shackled by fear, insecurity, or doubt. I feel those emotions, drink them in and then swallow them away to the blackness of hell. I am motivated by accomplishment, not pride. Pride consumes the weak-kills their heart from within. If I fall, I will get up. If I am beaten, I will return. I will never stop getting better. I will never give up, ever.

That is why I succeed.” – Anonymous

Inspiring Stories From Successful Web Designers and Business Owners

Now when you know about potential setbacks, think about what kind of lifestyle you would like to have. If you don’t know where you are going, how can you possibly achieve the results you are looking for? Time will pass anyway, isnt it better to work towards your dream lifestyle?

Do you want to travel the world, while working online? Do you want to work 3-4 hours a day and spend more time with your family? This is an excellent time to take a piece of paper and start writing where you want to be in one year, three years, ten years.


To get your creative juices flowing, I will share several case studies and interviews with successful web designers and business owners:

I hope you did notice in the stories how these people took charge of their life, understood what makes them happy and passionate and did it! Passion is the key and if you are going to go this path – you must love what you do. Also notice how each of these designers have found ways to stand out from the crowd and differentiate themselves from the crowd.

I keep reminding to myself these wise words from Steve Jobs:

“You’ve got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.

And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don’t settle…Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.

And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs

Why Becoming a Freelance Web Designer is Great Right Now

Getting Started

Now when you are prepared to do what it takes, let’s get to actual learning part. In this first part you will learn the basics you absolutely need to know as a graphic designer. We will start with graphic design, then we will go into web design and eventually we will graduate to programming part. Once you have the necessary skills to do the work, we will talk about business side and how you will go about getting and working with clients.

I would recommend to go through this guide step by step and don’t skip anything, but if you seriously dont want to do anything with graphical part, you can skip to web design and programming section.

What means to be a graphic designer? What kind of jobs graphic designers can do and what kind of skills are required? I wouldn’t recommend you to just stop with being a graphic designer, because it is much easier to do well as a web designer. Pure art just don’t pay as well as a full web site service or even marketing service together with it. But you must follow your passion and find your ways, we can just show you the way – you need to walk it.

The main job of a graphic designer is to design visual elements for the web and print, such as layouts for websites (which are the most of the time “translated” into real websites by the web designers), posters, brochures, flyers or advertising campaigns (both in web and offline).

Graphic Design Theory And Basics You Must Know

In this section you will learn the most important basic design principles you absolutely must know and master.

There are in total six elements of a design which you need to be aware of: the line, the shape, the color, the texture, the value and the space. Read about each of them and see real-life examples.

Now it’s time to learn about design principles like balance, dominance and priority, proportion, contrast, rhythm, harmony and unity. It’s very important to learn these principles, because they’re what separate the good designers from the amazing designers. Some of the principles we’ll cover today are applied unconsciously, but they definitely exist and we will show you examples from the web to illustrate the concepts.

When you have learned about overall principles, it’s time to learn about composition and it’s basic elements – single visual, the golden ratio, focal point, grid design, Gestalt laws and  The “Z” and “F” layout. Learn here how you can use negative space as a design element too. In the school we had a really good exercise where you needed to hand draw the flyer following these principles.

Once you have learned these basics, start observing the art around you – in the websites you visit, on cars, posters, advertisements. Notice what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong and how it feels to you. When you will become more prolific in design, you will be able to experiment and develop your own unique style.

Another great exercise is described in this article. Nowadays every phone has good camera built in them and taking photos is a great way to learn about composition, symmetry (learn about symmetry and asymmetry), background and rule of thirds.

Do you know what is the good step by step way to start and finish a design project? If you don’t, you must read 7 step formula of design thinking process. Too many times designers spend too much time than necessary on design project just because they are all over the place and are not applying systematic step by step approach. By saying that, it’s good to have design thinking process, but don’t go overboard, make sure you still stay creative and actually embrace imperfection.

*Note: If you have kids at home, why not learn design together with them? Did you know by teaching what you are learning to others deepens and amplifies your growth rate?

Learn About Typography

Using beautiful graphics and fonts other talented designers have created is the fastest way to produce quality outcome yourself. As for typography, it is important that you don’t mix ugly fonts together and don’t go too crazy as a beginner. That’s why we have created this article on combining multiple fonts and how to do it the good way. Be careful though, don’t use too many fonts, it’s best to stick to one main font and use one another different font for accents. For example on the blog, you would have all the textual content in one main font and then only main article headings in different font. You would do this to bring extra attention to headlines, since in the blog one of the main goals is to get visitors to read your content.


Here is a very helpful tutorial with examples and explanation, how you can work with types to create really unique and beautiful posters. And this typography tutorial style was even used on popular rapper disc cover.

If you like to work with type, you should learn about Swiss Style typography as well. With recent minimalism style, Swiss typography really looks great.

Typography is like a soul to design, you shouldn’t underrate it. Make sure you don’t make any of these typography mistakes.

It might be too early for web typography, but this seemed the most appropriate place to pitch in these three articles:

If you enjoy typography, you should keep learning more about it online, here is the list of further learning and reading materials.

Learn About Colors And How To Utilize Them Correctly

I have seen so many bad designs created just because of the color choices designer made. Even if you create balanced design with good focus points and typography, if you choose bad colors or use too many of them your design will not look good.

I stick to the same rule as proposed for typography. Go with one main color and use another contrasting for all the calls to action like links, buttons. 1stWebDesigner uses white color, dark background on header and our action color is orange, which we took from our logo. In the result site looks clean and professional.

Back to you now, first you should have a fun and educational read about optical illusion and notice how great power you have in your hands as a designer. For graphic designers, unfortunately we do not have articles about colors for them, but we do have a lot of educational materials about how to apply color in web design. Don’t worry though, because basically the same principles apply on graphic design.


How to use colors effectively in the web:

  1. How Colors Help Make Websites Successful – read how colors stimulate senses, how to mix colors and see us analyzing different websites and giving you ideas for colors you could use when building your website
  2. Colors in Web Design: Choosing The Right Combination for Your Website – this article goes more in depth by showing color spectrum and what colors mean in different cultures
  3. Empathizing Color Psychology in Web Design – similarly to previous article, this one talks about different color meanings and analyze good website examples
  4.  5 Web Design Colors that Encourage Visitors to Click that Subscribe Button – I saved the best article for the last. Learn about the five most popular color schemes used in web design. With the help of color palettes created by talented designers you will make a great impression with colors
  5. A Guide To Improve Your Website’s Readability Through Colors – many designers sacrifice usability and readability to create a sexy design. Don’t do that. Rule of thumb – your grandma should be able to read text in your design easily and the most important element should grab the attention first

We are big advocates of keeping your designs simple, clean and minimal. We recommend to make use of white space and white color. This article goes in deeper explaining what makes white color beautiful and how to create websites, that look professional and elegant.

To wrap this color section up, read this article to get more ideas how to pick the right color combinations when building websites or creating designs for your clients. Usually your clients will have logos already created, which makes an excellent starting point. As I mentioned earlier, colors for 1stWebDesigner website are directly derived from our branding logo.

Creating A Logo Design And Branding

It’s hard to teach logo design and we won’t pretend that 1WD is the best place to learn it. I can give you a few pointers though – keep it simple. The best logos created are simple, elegant and with hidden meaning by utilizing negative space. For beginners the best way to create a new branding is by playing with typography and modifying text. 1stWebDesigner logo is a typographic one and has achieved unique looks just by playing with type.

If you are a creative type, you definitely should think about becoming a logo designer. If you like creativity within the set of rules like I do, you should become a web designer, the path we embrace here.

Good and Bad Logo Design Case Studies:

  1. 15 Famous And Successful Logo Redesigns – What Has Been Improved? – in this article we analyze the changes done to famous company logos and how these changes improved company branding
  2. The Difference Between Timeless And Classic Logo Design – learn what are the four basic logo types, you can always start with when creating logos
  3. Successful and Failed Logo Redesigns – oftentimes when companies update their logo, they loose the association they had with their clients and that’s when logo redesign has been failed. Don’t make this mistake yourself
  4. Razzie’s Of Logo Design: The Worst Logos Ever Designed – title may be a bit bold, but this is a more fun read where designers unconsciously create controversial logos, which convey the wrong message

When trying to create a new branding, it’s important to experiment, just sketch, play with type and have loads of inspiration with successful branding examples. We can help you with some inspiration:

Graphic and Web Designers – Be Inspired!

Since we are on the groove to become inspired, let’s not stop with logo design. This section will definitely get you excited to tinker around Photoshop, start drawing and get pumped up to start delving deeper in graphic and web design.

It is very important to learn from others, be part of community to exchange ideas and share knowledge. You can find inspiration everywhere – online or offline, you just need to look for it.

You should never underrate the past and you should learn from history. Many great artists have lived before you, and if you neglect their work, you are simply arrogant. In the design school we spent quite a bit of time learning about great art movements that inspired our day designers and I regret to say I neglected these studies at first.

Our world is full with different countries and it is always interesting to explore how their cultural differences reflect in their artworks:

Notice how your culture affects how you design and develop your own unique style!

Now let’s mix up inspiration a bit more and here are lists of beautiful magazine covers, business cards, brochures, packaging designs and more:

  1. Useful Tips on How to Design a Great Magazine Cover – this is more useful learning than inspiration you should read if you are creating cover for magazine
  2. 23 Creative Book Cover Designs and Their Story – after reading magazine article, check these creative book cover designs
  3. 50 Fresh and Creative Business Card Designs – every business needs a business card, in my early days I created quite a bit of cards. The most important thing to remember is that you are designing for print. Don’t put important elements on the edges of business card and make sure you consult with printing companies if they can print what you have created
  4. 40 Awesome Examples of Typography in Advertising – typography in advertising can be very creative process. Not many companies will want to associate with such craziness, but you can always choose to find ones, that will
  5. Showcase of Creative and Effective Booklet and Brochure Designs – how about booklets and brochures? Graphic designers will love this
  6. Creative and Environment-Friendly Packaging Designs – packaging design is best for creative type of designers
  7. 50 Awesome Examples of Minimal Typography – typography can be applied everywhere, just be creative about it

Become A Part of Designer Community

We didn’t want to leave you hanging with limited inspiration selection, so go ahead and check this article, where we review the best designer communities, that will be endless source of inspiration, whenever you need some.


Participate in these communities, gain new friends, follow designers, who you admire and read blogs about topics that interest you. Being part of design industry means that you need to be committed to never-ending learning and growth.

  • 30 Must-Follow Designers on Twitter – if you are on Twitter and your friends tweet about what they ate in dinner, you need to mix it up with inspiring tweets of people sharing their latest design lessons and inspiring thoughts
  • 30 High Quality and Most Influential Web Design Blogs of All Time – if somebody would have shared this article when I started I would have been so grateful. This article reviews in detail the best websites to read and what they write about. Read 1stWebDesigner and then read some more

You have learned the basics now and you know what you are signing up for when becoming a freelance designer. I wanted to congratulate you getting this far. You have taken the most important step and decided to take charge of your life and follow your passion!

Graphical Design Tutorials – Learn Photoshop

Note: If you are a developer, read why you should learn how to to design and join this learning!

It is time to go and learn your tools of trade. How will you design actual graphics? We will help you to get started with Adobe Photoshop, which is the most popular tool for designers. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign come next for graphic designers, but if you learn Photoshop, it will be quite easy to learn Illustrator and InDesign next because all of them are Adobe products and their interfaces are similar.


Since we are focusing on web design here, our tutorials reflect that. We are committed on helping you become a professional web designer with great business sense, not a starving artist.

We do recommend for you to learn Adobe Photoshop to get started with. It is the most popular designer tool, and everybody will recognize designs you provide in .psd format (Adobe Photoshop file type). As you grow, you will learn your own preferred tools, but now lets have a little history lesson and explore how Adobe Photoshop started its existence and grew throughout the years.

Adobe Photoshop has 30 day free trial and then it costs either 10$/mo or 30$/mo based on your needs.

To be able to work faster, download a Photoshop cheat sheet, print it out and keep it handy as you start learning Photoshop keyboard shortcuts.

It’s time for tutorials! Over years 1WD has created lots of tutorials you can follow.

Let’s start with easy ones for beginners:

  1. Design a Custom Twitter Header in 8 Simple Steps – start by making your own Twitter header professional!
  2. Create a Flat Countdown iOS 7 Inspired Timer – design a poster for yourself, textual and video tutorial combo for your convenience
  3. Learn How to Quickly Create Tasty Social Icons – learn to use shape tools, brushes and layer style options
  4. How to Create Flat Icons – learn how to create an icon embracing flat web design trend
  5. Create a Pricing Table using Photoshop in about 20 Minutes – work with colors, rectangles, type, line and create a good looking pricing table! Oh, if you are seriously creating a pricing table for client or yourself, make sure you learn the best practices!
  6. Create an All-Purpose Advertisement Banner – simple tutorial showing you how to create a banner
  7. Design an Elegant Calendar in 15 Minutes – do some quick magic to learn how to subtly work with colors to create elegant and minimal design
  8. How to Create a Music Player UI Using Adobe Illustrator – alright we will throw in one AI tutorial, just so you get some grasp about power of vectors. Enjoy!

Now it’s time for the next step, building your first website page! Are you ready?

Before we go in, I will share with you where you can find beautiful web design resources you can use when crafting your designs.

We have two great Adobe Photoshop tutorials for this, both focusing around creating the first page on your website, which is called a landing page. Second tutorial is a little bit outdated since web design trends change very fast, but look past that. It’s all about learning and you need to get a hang of Photoshop and understand how you can create website elements there:

  1. Create a Classic-Styled Portfolio Design – learn how to use a combination of textures and patterns to create a nice old-school look and how to use guides in a smart way
  2. Create Design Agency Landing Page – this tutorial focuses on slightly minimal style, it uses lots of simple shapes and styles to achieve clean looks

Are you still with me?

If you are and you are still thirsty for more Photoshop tutorials, here is a roundup of free and premium places where you can learn Adobe Photoshop even more. By the way we have our own video course where you can learn how to build a website in Photoshop, convert to HTML and then convert it into responsive flat WordPress Website. Check it out here.

Once you are ready to move on, I will introduce you to the basics on web design usability, user interface, user experience and latest web design trends. From now on, we will going deeper in web site design creation process.

Learn About User Interface (UI) And User Experience (UX)

First of all you should understand what UI and what UX actually means. Both of these terms will be intertwined as you design websites, but it is important for you as a designer to understand the difference.

UI and UX is all about the little details in web design, that matter. Little things matter.


In simple terms:

  • UI – in simple words, user interface is actually the system through which users will interact with the machine. There is hardware and software included in the user interface, hardware in the physical form and software in the logical form.
  • UX – also known as user experience or user usability is the way most basic users feel about using an application, a program, a website or anything. User Experience is based on the reactions and responses the user performs and provides. While it can seem related to gaining feedback, it is actually not the same. User Experience is meant to understand and make the user reach the “final goal” which is defined by the owner of the product.

Learn about UX most important factors, which influence a user’s experience with your system/product here. Once you have learned these factors transform this understanding into tangible and perceivable changes you can do in your website.

Since we are on the topic about what elements matter in a good website design, let’s keep going deeper:

That was a lot of learning, you now know most than many amateur designers! You deserve some inspiration with web designs across the globe! Enjoy!

Now, since you have learned the good way of creating websites, let’s look at the common mistakes beginner designers make. These two articles are great case studies showing terrible examples and then contrasting good solutions:

Embrace Flat Web Design Trend

Minimalism has been a very popular web design trend for recent years and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. And it makes sense, because you cannot go wrong with clean and minimal website. Even in interior design minimalism rules for years.

These are good news for you if you are starting out just now. It is easier to learn minimal and flat web design trend than it was before with Web 1.0, Web 2.0 years ago. You just need to remember old designer saying – “Less is more.” and get to work.

Flat design principles are really simple and you can get started now. Maybe regular users don’t really care if your website is flat or not, but by following this trend, you will simply make less mistakes. And since flat trend has been embraced so much, there are so many free and cheap UI kit elements you can use in your designs. I would even go as far as to recommend to simply purchase cheap flat premium WordPress theme, customize it and build great websites quickly. It is a bit early now though, since you still need to learn HTML,CSS, WordPress and basic business skills first.

If you dont know how flat web design looks like, check this showcase of 40 beautiful flat web designs.

Flat goes hand in hand right now with HD web design (sites optimized for retina displays), so educate yourself about it too, this knowledge soon will come handy.

Learn The Web Design Basics

We already had an introduction to web design with UI, UX and web design trends, let’s keep on learning how to make a better websites and become a professional web designer. While studying this guide make sure you make the most out of it and take action, don’t just read this guide as a book – but instead play around, take tutorials, research.

As you start studying about web development, learn the 10 things every beginner developer should know. You are good with the first point from article, because you are already taking the good way of learning by learning basics first and then earning your way up to the good stuff.

Since you are working on becoming a web designer here are ten more things you should expect in your upcoming career.

Depending where you are in your journey – either coming out of school, starting fresh or just freshening up your knowledge, pick your interesting topics here. We will talk about what are the role you could fill in web industry and a good way of preparing and executing a web design project.

What potential seat you could fill in the web industry? This article is generalization and also exploring some alternative online paths like SEO, content creation and customer service, but it is a good overview in the main roles you can fill online.

When preparing for a potential web design project execution, how do you do it a good way? You will learn absolutely the most recommended way to execute a project and I invite you to take in at least wireframing, prototyping and organizing lessons. So many times I lost so much times because I didnt organize my files, didnt think the design through and in the end wasted lots of my and my team’s time.

  1. Website Planning & Developing Your Website Blueprint – what are the things you need to think and research before designing your website?
  2. Beginner’s Guide to Wireframes and Tools to Create Them – your first introduction to wireframes, what they mean, why and how to start creating them
  3. How Well Do You Understand Wireframes and Prototypes? – one more article showing great examples of wireframes and prototypes
  4. 7-Step Process All Designers Should Follow To Complete Every Project – title says it all
  5. Preparing For a Web Design Project – remember I told you how important is to be organized with your files? This article explains exactly how to do it
  6. And here are some more new ninja tools you can use to plan better, do real user testing and recommended wireframing tools.

If you do even 20% of these recommended steps when taking a web design project, I guarantee you will spend at least 50% less time looking for files, changing designs and being stuck.

Coding Basics – Start Your Programming Career – Build A Website

Alright, finally you will be able to do some coding! This is the part where you will learn how to build websites. Let’s take a brief history lesson before we start. Did you know how web industry started in 1989? And just 20 years ago nobody was using Internet and now whole world cannot imagine how they can live with their little mobile device which gets them connected!

The path we embrace here at 1stWebDesigner is:

  1. HTML5
  2. CSS3
  3. JavaScript – jQuery
  4. PHP – WordPress

Alternative route would be this, but this is the path for hardcore programmers, who like the sound of hacking everything together jumping between C language, Ruby on Rails, Python and Java. This path won’t be for most people, but if you are enjoying solving hard coding problems. That might be the right path for you.


At 1WD we focus more on helping you to become a freelance Front-End designer with strong business sense and helping clients to drive results they want.

Before we start with HTML learning, let me give an introduction to you. If you are starting from scratch, there might be a lot of new terms to you, you won’t get at first. This article will walk you through about the ways you can learn web design, what are the most common terms web designers use and learn about web development process.

Little do’s and dont’s now.

People do appreciate:

  • good navigation allowing them to find what they want to find
  • familiar setting – you should experiment, but you should follow unwritten web design guidelines. For example, above the fold there should be the most important content, navigation, sidebar has less important, but useful information. Search bar is near the top, you can click on company logo to get to the home page and have additional navigation on footer for people who want to find out more about the company behind the website
  • flexible design – website that looks good on popular browsers, mobile devices, tablets
  • and more..

What are the dont’s in web design? They are mostly related with usability and there are terrible websites sacrificing it all just to earn a few bucks. Think twice before accepting animated banner, adding auto playing audio or video on your website, paginating articles in 10 parts just to get more pageviews and having too many social buttons in eagerness to get more shares.

Read these two articles to understand what you shouldnt do or if you do, then use with caution:

Check these tools to understand if you are doing things correctly. Pingdom for page speed check and Feed The Bot for Google are great tools showing the red flags as well as green lights. Speed is important part of making website usable.

HTML Tutorials

Alright, I think we are ready to get started with HTML. Right now the standard is HTML5 and you should use validator to check how well you are doing and how you can improve your website.

If you don’t know much about HTML5, this introduction article will be a big help. You will learn what are the new additions from HTML 4.0 to HTML 5, see some good website examples as well as get some book recommendations.

Here are some more do’s and dont’s focusing on helping you writing better code, check them out before and after you go into the coding phase.

Are you ready for tutorials? Let’s jump straight in it!

Note: I have separated HTML and CSS sections, but in reality these languages go hand in hand. HTML is for all content display on the web, CSS ir for making it look good.

Now, when you have some understanding about HTML, here are 20 useful HTML5 code snippets from boilerplate, you probably will be using frequently.

This will conclude our HTML section, but there will be much more of it in CSS tutorial section, as you cannot build a website without HTML or CSS. As you saw from last 15 minute tutorial with tools you can really build out functional website fast. Take a look a these premium HTML and CSS templates to see what is possible to do and get inspired. When working with clients, I would strongly recommend thinking of using any of these cheap premium templates, because you will save so much time and achieve such high quality quickly for such small investment.

CSS Tutorials

This will be a much longer section as we mix in HTML and CSS tutorials, talk about responsive website building, best practices, animation effects. You gonna love it!

Okay, first of all let’s talk about what’s hot and what’s not by analyzing sites from Sony, Starbucks, Disney, Coca Cola and more. And before we go into tutorial marathon, arm yourself with the best responsive design tools and have a proper introduction to responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design is the concept of a website which should adapt to fit any device that chooses to display it. Not only mobile devices, but also stationery computers and tablets.

Now off to the CSS learning – basically, CSS is for styling how your website looks – margins, paddings, borders, size, color etc. Since CSS3 is the new standard, you should learn what’s new in it compared to the previous versions.

Go ahead and download some of these CSS cheat sheets, they are great help when you are starting out. I had one printed besides me, when I was actively coding myself.

Let’s get into tutorials, before we start I will share the video tutorials we are the most proud of. These videos series alone will give you a solid foundation to building responsive HTML and CSS websites.

15 thorough training videos

As a followup, you will learn cool new tricks how to make specific website elements and learn the best features of HTML5 and CSS3:

  1.  How to Create a CSS3 Pop-Out Menu – this tutorial uses bits of JavaScript to add some style
  2. How to Create CSS3 Diamond Grids – create a nice CSS grid using shapes
  3. Adding a Countdown Timer on the Coming Soon Page – everybody has a time, when you need one! Learn how to do it
  4. Image Caption Animation with CSS3 Transform and Transitions – learn new CSS3 animation effects
  5. Make Different Shapes with CSS – learn how much you can do and be free to experiment
  6. Creating Shapes with SVG – use SVG format to create a retina scalable shapes, which look great an all size in addition with CSS shapes
  7. How to Use CSS3 and Photoshop to Animate Objects
  8. How to Create Smooth CSS3 Animation Styles and Effects with Ease – see what you can do easily with animation
  9. Bend and Set Text on a Circle Without Using Photoshop – example how to do this with CSS3 and JavaScript afterwards

Now if you are ready to consider taking CSS to a whole new level you should learn about CSS preprocessors.

As a followup we have two tutorials, one about learning SASS and another about learning LESS, two of the most popular CSS preprocessors.

What’s Next?

You learned from the tutorials, you got the basics – what now?

Now you are ready to learn the best practices, get useful CSS snippets and techniques you will use frequently when building your websites. And of course resources for further learning:

Alright, congratulations! You have completed 1WD CSS training section! You can now officially put 1WD CSS3 Certified badge on your chest! Now we are moving on to JavaScript. Did you know JavaScript has been steadiest growing programming language since 1999?

JavaScript Tutorials

Before we jump into learning JavaScript, you should learn why you should learn JavaScript in the first place.

Thanks to expertly crafted libraries such as jQuery and MooTools, JavaScript has become a foundation of Front-End Development. However, it’s extremely important that we note the higher level concepts utilized in these wonderful libraries.

Why is that?

As web developers, we must equally balance learning the current programming trends with attempts to push the boundaries of those trends. Without this balance, no innovation will occur in web development. So let’s take a moment to appreciate the fundamentals of JavaScript Object Oriented Programming, which include classes, inheritance, and scope.

See what can be done with JavaScript Parallax effect to get inspired to learn JavaScript and learn how to make Parallax effect yourself! Parallax effect is very trending these days on the websites.

Also we didn’t go into WebGL in these series, but just watch what’s possible with it,  you can build games with JavaScript too!

Let’s get into tutorials:

  1. We have created an easy introduction for jQuery, this is where you get the foundation with part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4 here. You will learn a lot about animation, accordion menu and gallery page creation
  2. Typography Designs Using CSS3 and Lettering.js – have fun with typography in this tutorial using animated mask and jQuery
  3. Visualize Data Beautifully With Chart.js Library – with JavaScript you can make any data and numbers look great
  4. Create a Jigsaw Puzzle Using jQuery and PHP – little introduction to PHP and JavaScript mix used creatively
  5. How to Create a Multi-Step Form Using RhinoSlider – almost every website has a form on it, learn how to create it
  6. How to Create a Flash-like Color and Pattern Morphing effect with jQuery – an advanced JavaScript tutorial to finish the series off

Of course we won’t leave you hanging with only these tutorials. There is so much more to learn and if you want to go deeper we collected a great learning resources online, where you can truly learn to become a professional jQuery expert 🙂

I think we are ready to finally move to WordPress, the content management system we will use to create websites for clients and start making money from it!

Let’s Learn WordPress

We have talked in detail about why you should be using WordPress, how you can be 10x more productive using WordPress premium tools and we have started reviewing tools like Genesis and X theme. For your business centered career, WordPress is all you need.

We have even discussed the idea of going to learn web development straight with WordPress learning HTML, CSS along the way.

The best WordPress learning way is with the videos, and we’ve got you sorted with 19 video learning course here (make sure you check Youtube description for supporting files and code):

Learn how to convert HTML website into WordPress

Alright let’s get into the rest of the textual tutorials:

Now since we are encouraging you to leverage of the community, where more than 20% of whole Internet is hosted on WordPress, we will include some plugins, themes and tools you can use to create a powerful functionality websites rapidly:

That concludes the WordPress section. As always I won’t let you hanging there, we were covering just basics, but if you want to dive deeper there are lots of excellent learning sources online and we gathered the best ones for your convenience:

I didn’t know where to put this so I am putting it here. Always the first step to creating a website and new company is to find available domain name and choose a web hosting service.

So to help you out we created an article with tips to think about before you go on search to find a good looking and sounding domain name. And for hosting services, we have 10 recommendations you can choose from. My personal recommendation is to go with Bluehost, if you are totally on budget and getting started. Go with WPEngine if you are looking for performance and stability, and are ready to pay a little bit premium for it.

This concludes our web design section and the next part will be all about internet marketing, freelancing and business, as well as SEO, productivity and health habits! Let’s jump in!

Freelance Business Training

As we have preached so much about an importance of business training, finally this is where the rubber meets the road. Once you become working on your own, you have a business. And it takes time and knowledge. In this section you’ll learn everything we know about freelancing and the business side of web design.

To start out, I will share what are my 3 biggest lessons of the life as a freelancer. If you choose this path, you must be confident you are making the right choice – you enjoy what you are doing. You must learn how to manage your own time and be productive to gain the lifestyle you desire.

There articles will give you a general outlook and more to think about before really committing yourself:

Financial Considerations And Tips For a Freelancer and Business Owner

In this section we will discuss financial considerations, how to price yourself and become financially secure as a freelance business owner.

First of all, many people have asked if PayPal is a good option for online payments. We have written article all about Paypal, talking about it pros and downsides you should take into consideration. Overall I use both Paypal and credit card payments, but I like the speed and ease of use of Paypal.

Now if you want to become a successful freelance designer, you will need to learn how to negotiate the prices and have a solid agreement before starting the work. If you fail to do this, you will end up doing lots of free extra work or working far more hours for the client than you anticipated.


Here are some more articles about money saving, negotiating and learning how to be able to charge more:

Potential client first and most important impression will come by looking at your portfolio, what have you done before. Make sure you stand out as a professional and expert in your craft. If you are only starting to build your portfolio, there are still ways to make money during the portfolio building process, but you should expect not to earn as much in the beginning.

Make sure your portfolio website looks good and avoid making these common portfolio mistakes. My best tip would be to focus down your niche. Focus on making great membership websites to yoga studios, making shopping carts to small business owners or building great restaurant websites. Don’t be just a freelancer, who sells HTML, CSS, WordPress knowledge. Stand out.

For more regular freelancer tips, watch our #EspressoMonday videos and check our podcast interviews with other successful business owners.

How To Start Finding Clients And Get More Clients

If you are only starting out the first thing you should know if you are only working on getting the first clients is spec work. Learn what it is and how far are you willing to go with it when starting out. Starting is hard, I am not gonna lie, in the beginning it will be hard to make big money, but as you prove yourself, gain good reputation and find long-term clients, you’ll do better and better. That I promise.

First of all, if you want to get hired, think of the qualities you would look for if you would be the client. Would you hire yourself?

Here are some articles with tips about self-promotion and writing proposals:

  • Tips and Considerations for Self-Promotion – The best designers and developers are the ones we don’t know about, the only difference is that they don’t need, don’t know or don’t care about self-promotion, or promotion at all. But if you value your work, you should value the way you are presenting it to the world. So before you sell a product, you need to sell yourself. Tell them why you deserve to be chosen, why you
  • Freelance Proposals and How to Make Them Effective – This will help with your time management, your billing, your timeline, and of course, your sanity. We’ll also talk a bit about a proposal system I love and highly recommend
  • How to Write a Freelance Pitch That Gets Clients – In this article we’ll be going over the ins and outs of crafting a freelance pitch that I gained through my years in the industry to help let your voice stand out in a crowd
  • Four Effective Marketing Secrets That New Web Designers Should Use – some extra ideas you could try out to market yourself. There are many designers who have done this right. Take Codrops blog for example, they started out to create tutorials because they wanted to get more client work. Now their blog has grown so large, that they just focus on learning new things and creating new tutorials!
  • Why Make Effective Networking Part Of Your Freelance Job – Being a freelancer is no regular job to do. It takes a lot of hard work to become successful in this field. And as a freelancer, it is essential to build contacts for your business work. You need sufficient references – people who work out as your clients. You need people to help you deliver expected results. So what drastic steps should you do in establishing contacts for your business?
  • How Important Connections Are and Why You Should Start Networking – it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. This truth has proven itself countless times in my life

Actually since most of our visitors are freelancers and they kept asking about ways how to get clients, we created our own job search website for designers and developers called AwesomeWeb. This marketplace is a great place for web professionals. If you are still looking around however, here are detailed analysis of the best job search websites for designers and developers. We went to analyze each job search site in detail, allowing you to clearly see their pros and cons.

You should be very well set with client finding tools now, let’s talk about how to work with these clients and ensure good relationships with them.

Must Know Tips For Handling Relationships With Your Clients

By treating your client very well and having personal connection, you will ensure client doesn’t ever want to work with another freelancer ever again. Learn how to stand out from the crowd with the way you communicate with the client. Remember his birthdays, greet him in holidays with personal message, all of this will make client feel special and like you more.

However, there will be times, when you get absolutely terrible client. You should know how to deal with him, don’t try to keep every client, know that you have an option to fire your client if he’s causing more headache to you than benefit. Learn how to deal with non-paying clients and do your preparations to prevent that from happening in the first place.

Collaborate To Be Able To Do More and Focus On Doing What You Love

This is an important section as we don’t want you just work on your own alone. You will be far more happier and productive if you collaborate. It can be a full partnership where you are graphic designer and your partner is programmer and you split everything 50/50. You can have friends, who you hire on contract basis to be able to complete bigger projects and more complex tasks as they arise. Eventually you can take this all to whole new level, where you have your own design agency with several full-time people. We are teaching you business mindset and if you are serious about becoming a business owner and not just one-man team, you should learn at least the basics about collaboration. Don’t be afraid of it.

Here are some articles to help you understand more about collaboration, it’s pros and challenges:

  • Why Collaborating with Other Freelancers Can be a Great Idea – Being a freelancer is a great way to work for a lot of designers and creatives. To be able to give your clients the best possible package though, you may have to look at doing things a bit differently. By considering to collaborate with other freelancers, you’ll have an even better chance to offer something great, along with getting more social in a job that often is quite lonely. Here are some of the reasons why working with others can be a great idea!
  • Collaboration: An Important Factor To Have At Work – A successful project depends on how the working relationship of the workers involved are. In the process of working, collaboration is one factor that workers must have to reach their goals or be successful on the project they are working on. In this article, I will be focusing on how important collaboration is between entities
  • The Outsourcing Guide for Web Designers – There are times in the life of a freelance web designer when design projects come like rain falling from the sky. Those times are great and abundant to a point that the said freelancer’s bucket is too full that he can’t carry it. Of course, he has options- either he carries the whole bucket and take on all projects or he asks someone to carry the bucket for him.
  • 13 Business Lessons from Expanding 1stWebDesigner in 2014 – here we look back at our own business lessons we learned from trying to expand 1stwebdesigner. There are lessons about hiring people, lessons about partnership and much more
  • Collaboration Gone Wrong: Key Tips in Addressing and Preventing Conflicts – sometimes things will go wrong and you will need to address the issues. Learn how to tackle conflicts or even better how to prevent them from happening in the first place.

To wrap up this freelancing section, I wanted to include a bit more general article, which will help you to decide about the best place to work from as a freelancer. Now when you have the freedom, you can work from coffee shop, living room, bedroom or anywhere else. Get some tips about what are the pros and cons of each workplace and see some of our team’s workplaces as well.

This concludes our web design and business training section. What’s next? Keep reading 1stWebDesigner, keep learning new things, you could get our training course, if you want to take your skills to the next level!

Be committed to never-ending growth, because in our world there is a saying: “Evolve or Die”. Best of luck!

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55 Best Premium Responsive WordPress Themes From 2015 You Will Love

In recent years, WordPress responsive themes have gained a lot of fans and users. Thanks to the influx of tablets, smartphones, Kindle, and other devices. Because of their popularity, it comes as no surprise to see the number of responsive themes, both free and premium, explode. Although it sounds good news to a web designer, the vast number of options to choose from can be quite a headache since you don’t know which works best for you.

In order to choose something that will not give you any headaches in the future, we at 1stWebDesigner recommend you go for premium responsive themes.


Your one stop place to find the next design for your WordPress powered website.

 Make Your WordPress Website Beautiful and Functional

Why go premium when you can have a free responsive theme? That is a very valid question, but there are a great number of reasons why premium themes are much better that free ones. The most obvious reason for this is superior quality because premium themes are far more likely to be designed with current web standards. The second reason is support and community you get access to. If you want to learn why we we always recommend going for a premium WordPress theme and why going for a free WordPress theme to save some money isn’t saving money at all – read this article.

As a web designer who builds common solutions for clients, WordPress is really the top choice to go far to achieve good functionality and results fast. On that note, find out what programming languages we suggest to learn in 2015.

And speaking of premium themes, here are the list of the top responsive WordPress themes you can find in the marketplace today.


We believe X is the best multi-purpose theme out there right now.

1. X WordPress Responsive Theme ($63)

The X Theme is one of the most versatile responsive themes in the market. Although it is one of the most expensive themes, it makes up for its truckload of features that gives any seasoned designer a lot of tools and features to play upon and even an amateur designer create a unique website.

One of the users have said this about the X Theme:

It’s rare to find a theme that delivers on all its promises. X delivers everything. It’s so easy to use and customize that I now recommend it to my clients. I am also considering using it as a teaching tool.
– tigerrays

X Theme is a good choice for those who are not much about coding because its stacks provide an almost endless range of options for any type of website you would want to create. Themeco, developers of the X Theme, has also developed multiple extensions and plugins that work seamlessly with X. You can read in X detailed review more about what we found in our research when analyzing X theme.

X Theme Best Features:

  • Stacks – these are the different designs found in this theme
  • Customizer – allows live preview before you even hit the Publish button
  • Retina ready – includes the latest CSS for high resolution displays
  • Shortcodes
  • MegaMenu
  • Drag and Drop Page Builders
  • Simple Forms
  • Translations – WPML compatible
  • Custom Backgrounds

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here

AVADA is currently the best selling theme on ThemeForest with X theme quickly gaining on.

AVADA is currently the best selling theme on ThemeForest with X theme quickly gaining on.

2. Avada Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme ($58)

Avada is ThemeForest’s best-selling responsive theme which has more than a 100,000 purchases. It comes with various web design tools which does not require any coding knowledge. Compatible with most popular browsers, it has unlimited designs allowing you to create different websites uniquely.

This is what users have been saying about Avada:

I bought a copy of this theme to test and I am impressed. Not only the theme is well thought out with good amount options and excellent customization facilities but their support at their support forum is exemplary. I can thoroughly recommend the theme and the developer. I will be buying more licenses.
– Sarumbear, Avada Theme
Avada is Theme Fusion’s creation and their theme is best known for their support, responsiveness and powerful admin panel allowing you to customize theme easily without touching the code. This theme will be great for amateurs who don’t have much coding experience. If you are a business owner looking to create a professional and affordable website, AVADA will be a great choice.
Make sure you use their built-in retina support and premium sliders to showcase your high-quality products or service in style.

Avada WordPress Theme Best Features:

  • Auto Theme Updater
  • One Page Parallax using the menu anchor short code
  • 2D/3D Layer Slider
  • Form Plug-in Options
  • Boxed & Wide Layout
  • Translation Support
  • More than 60 PSDs
  • Optimized for speed with a 94% score in Live Demo speed tests

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Enfold is created by Kriesi, famous designer in ThemeForest community.

3. Enfold Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme ($58)

One of the Enfold Theme users expresses this when asked about the reason why he chose it:

Hi Kriesi, I am a 62-year old guy and my brain cells are not what they used to be, but I got my head around this theme in a few hours. The coding is a work of art and the menus are well thought of and functional.
– redmans

This is what Enfold Theme is all about – the most user-friendly theme, especially to non-developers, in WordPress universe with its unique Drag and Drop Template Builder. Built on the Avia framework, its modern and clean design is perfect for those who want to present their work in a simple yet neat portfolio site.

Enfold contains a lot of features and options so you have the flexibility to modify your layout, fonts, and colors straight from the back end. You also have the option to build a clean skin or use one from the 18 pre-defined skins directly from the Admin Panel.

Enfold Theme Best Features:

  • Drag an Drop Template Builder
  • WooCommerce ready
  • Translation Ready
  • 2D and 3D LayerSlider Slideshow
  • Video Support
  • Retina Ready
  • Visual Shortcode Editor
  • SEO Optimized
  • Wide and Boxed Layout Options
  • Translation Ready with mo/po files

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Great multipurpose theme for creative professionals.

4. Bridge – Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme ($58)

QODE is the genius behind Bridge Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme, a powerful and flexible multi-purpose theme with more than 64 ready-to-use demos. So even if you are a newbie and have no idea about codes, you can still build your own website in a few hours with just one click.

Bridge Theme users have chosen it for a number of reasons, such as the nice layouts, code quality, feature availability, flexibility, documentation, and customization possibilities. The best come-on of the Bridge Theme, however, is its customer support.

Here is one of the comments from its users:

…On top of the nice layouts, the customer support team is very responsive and do everything they can to fix any issue or help you understand how to make your pages look like the way you envision it. I have purchased a few themes from different creators and these designers provided the best of theme I have worked with yet. I wish I would have discovered them sooner.
– kqaglobal

Bridge Theme Best Features:

  • QODE Slider
  • Full Customizable Headers and Title Area
  • Fully Customizable Mega Menu
  • Section Video Background
  • Ajax Animations On/Off
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • Bonus Parallax Pages
  • Contact7 CSS
  • Flexible Layout
  • Multiple Sidebars

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Salient is a powerful theme with nice support for shopping cart and video header.

5. Salient Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme ($58)

Salient is developed by ThemeNectar and is one of the best-selling themes on ThemeForest because of its visually enhanced features. One of its features include the video background support which allows you to add videos instead of only images. The main concept of this theme is to display every part of the website on homepage using custom sections, supported by custom design and multiple columns.

An amazing template that I’ve decided to purchase for my company. It boasts a lot of features that allow you to create a visually attractive and powerful website, even for those with not much experience in web design.
– Through_Light
The testimonial above reflects the countless options the Salient theme offers its users. Its portfolio configuration options and layouts are extensive and you don’t have to worry about a breath-taking set up which are flexible and easy to use. You don’t have to worry about getting lost when setting up your website because ThemeNectar has provided full documentation to guide you every step of the way.

Salient Theme Best Features:

  • Nectar Slider
  • Narrated Videos and Documentation
  • Intuitive Shortcode Generator
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • Extensive Portfolio
  • Yoast SEO compatible
  • Free Updates
  • Multiple Single Posts Layout
  • Extensive Theme Options

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


If you love iOs style, you’ll love The7 WordPress theme.

6. The7 Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme ($58)

The7 is a retina-ready multi-purpose responsive theme that fits any site size. It is fully SEO-optimized and loaded with premium plugins. Designed by the Dream Theme, The 7 theme, has more than 21,000 sales since its release in 2013. Thanks to its scalability, performance, responsiveness, and its ability to fit into either big or small site, whether it’s a personal site or corporate portal.

The 7 theme is compatible with WordPress 4.1 and has two available styles to choose from – iOS or the clean minimalist. You can choose from its 128 professional designs which can be used out of the boxed or can be fully customized if you want to stamp your personal style to it. You can further tinker with it easily using the Visual Builder where you can play with any layout you want in just a few simple clicks.

On top of it all, The 7 theme comes with full and detailed documentation to help you with the installation process every step of the way. As one clients says,

The 7 is from a different planet…So many customizations, detailed manual, easy to use configuration, beautiful code and slick manual. It’s the best investment ever.
– dimoda

The7 Theme Best Features:

  • Unlimited Design and Layout Options
  • 2 Styles – iOS and Minimalist
  • Retina Ready
  • Unlimited Layout Pages and Elements with Visual Composer
  • WooCommerce Integrated
  • 128 Professional Designs
  • Multiple header, main menu and content interposition options
  • Plenty of Blog, Portfolio & Galleries Layouts
  • Supports WordPress post formats

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Be theme offers 82 premade layouts and one click installation.

7. Be Theme Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme ($58)

The BeTheme touts itself as the biggest WordPress theme with an extensive number of layout options, portfolios, blogs, and 200+ shortcodes. Built by the Muffin Group, the BeTheme is a dynamic theme which constantly grows as evident on the features it offers.

The One Click installation feature is the Be Theme’s secret weapon which allows you to choose and install any of its 88 pre-made layouts. With this extensive layout library, there is something for any type of website, whether it is a personal portfolio, a cooking blog, or even an online store.

Some of the awesome core features of this theme include the Ajax Technology which allows you to load more items separately from different categories by just clicking the “Load More” button, the 5 & 6 grid system to help you build better and more user friendly layouts, and the Greyscale Effect which works well in portfolio items.

Be Theme Best Features:

  • 82 Ready-to-use and pre-made layouts with one-click installation
  • Muffin Builder and Visual Composer
  • Mail Chimp compatible
  • Unlimited Google Map Styles
  • One-Page Menu
  • 5 & 6 Columns Grid
  • Ajax Technology
  • Dual Sidebars Option
  • Greyscale Effect
  • WPL and RTL Ready
  • Built-in Translator
  • Revolution and Layer Slider
  • Envato WordPress Toolkit Plugin
  • bbPress Compatible
  • Child Theme Included

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


8. Jupiter Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme ($58)

The Jupiter is a fast and stable theme developed by Artbees. It has a combination of different layouts, header styles, post types, and advanced content importers which allows more freedom and control.

The Jupiter theme has just released its version 4 with more features and updates, such as the mega menu widgets and backgrounds, unique headers and logos for each page, animated columns, and 7 unique blog styles. These are just a few from the numerous features added by Artbees, the Jupiter Theme developer.

As Roham Rad, a Jupiter theme user put it:

It is simply a massive upgrade. Every single element revised and many features added. It is like you’re working with a new product but way better.

Jupiter Theme Best Features:

  • Adaptable to any screen resolution
  • One-Click Template Install
  • Lightweight Admin Panel
  • State-of-the-art Customizer
  • Mega Menu Widgets & Backgrounds
  • Retina Ready
  • 5 Main Navigation Hover Style
  • Custom Post Types
  • 1800 Icons

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Brooklyn is great option if you are looking to build one page website.

9. Brooklyn Creative One-Page Multi-Purpose Theme ($48)

If you have a limited portfolio but looking to create an online presence, the Brooklyn Theme is the perfect theme for you. It is one of, if not the most, popular one page responsive themes. Despite being a one-page theme, it contains features that are dynamic and professional looking. Whether it is a personal site or for an organization, Brooklyn can pull it off for you.

Brooklyn Theme Best Features:

  • Fully Responsive and Extremely Customizable
  • Retina Ready
  • WP 3.7+ Ready
  • Demo Files Included (XML)
  • Fullscreen Slider
  • Parallax Support and Background Section
  • Fullscreen YouTube Video (Desktop only)
  • Color Background Section
  • Shortcode Generator
  • Font Awesome Icon Integration
  • Smooth Scroll
  • Multiple Sidebars
  • Blog Sidebar Left, Right and Without Sidebar
  • Child Theme Included
  • WPML and Translation Ready
  • Custom Widgets (Twitter, Video, Flickr)

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Good theme for shopping cart.

10. Flatsome Flat Responsive WooCommerce Theme ($58)

Inspired by eCommerce design, Flatsome is a WooCommerce-only company. It focuses on those who want a website where they can showcase their products or services on a beautiful and responsive theme.

A Flatsome Theme user have said this about the product:

There are so many options to customize and it looks great on mobile as well. The added layout page system is fast and efficient even in Beta and doesn’t slow down your site like the Visual Composer . Can’t wait to see where this theme goes and see more improvements made to the layout system. You won’t be disappointed with this theme. It’s got everything.
– reboot

Flat Theme Best Features:

  • Mobile Friendly
  • WordPress 4.0+ Ready
  • WooCommerce 2.2++ Ready
  • WPML Ready  – .po files included
  • CSS Animated Banners
  • Supports Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE8+
  • Catalog Mode Option – Hide cart and checkout functionality
  • Unlimited Sidebars and Widget Areas

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Enjoy beautiful minimalism with Stockholm WordPress theme.

11. Stockholm – A Genuinely Multi-Concept Theme ($58)

Stockholm, as the name suggests, has Swedish roots. The theme reflects its origin with its attention to details and lots of white spaces. The theme has 20 demos where you can see different designs using this theme. Being a 100% fully responsive site, Stockholm and all its elements are ready for different types of devices.

Stockholm Theme Best Features:

  • Parallax Image/Video Slider
  • Unlimited Header and Title Area Layouts
  • Customizable Mega Menu
  • Video Background Sections
  • AJAX Page Transitions
  • Visual Composer for WordPress
  • Parallax Sections
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Interactive Infographics
  • Blog Masonry Layout
  • Retina Ready
  • 30+ Custom Shortcodes
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • Font Awesome and Font Elegant Icons set
  • Demo Content Import with One-Click
  • WPML Plugin Integration
  • Translation Ready – po & mo files
  • Child Theme Ready

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Top WordPress theme for construction companies.

12. BuildPress Construction Business WP Theme ($58)

BuildPress is a theme designed for construction companies and businesses. Being a construction company itself, BuildPress Inc. has worked with various construction companies worldwide.

BuildPress Theme Best Features:

  • One-Click Demo Installer
  • Intuitive Page Builder
  • Retina Ready
  • WPML and RTL Compatible
  • Real-time WP Customizer
  • WooCommerce Compatible

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Total Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

13. Total Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme ($58)

Total is a responsive multi-purpose theme with a front-end drag & drop builder. Some themes might have a certain niche in mind but Total is designed for various niches and professions. With this in mind, the theme is packed with an extensive portfolio and other awesome features, such as WooCommerce integration.

Total Theme Best Features:

  • Easy Set Up & Install
  • Styled Themed Skin
  • Front-End Drag & Drop Builder
  • Page Template Maker
  • Slider Revolution
  • Layer Slider
  • Automatic Updates
  • Full & Boxed Layouts
  • Symple Mega Menu
  • Retina Image Support
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Child Theme Compatible

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Listify WordPress Directory Theme

14. Listify WordPress Directory Theme ($63)

Listify has a directory theme but with a beautiful layout and and fantastic functionality. It is built with directories and listings in mind. This is also a theme where you can charge when you add or make a listing, view a listing, make a reservation, book an appointment, or access the site.

Listify Theme Best Features: 

  • Powerful Plugin Integration
  • Solid and Well-Written Code
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • OpenTable, Guestful, Resurva Support

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here

florence wordpress theme

Florence Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

15. Florence Responsive WordPress Blog Theme ($43)

Florence is a classic theme loaded with a variety of post options, solid coding, and general theme options. Its cohesive and airy presentation, the theme has Solo Pine customer support behind it.

Florence Theme Best Features:

  • Classic Blog Layout
  • Post Formats
  • Custom Social Media Widgets
  • Support for Contact Form 7
  • Theme Options Powered by WordPress’ Customizer
  • Full Width Page Template
  • Tons of customizable color options
  • Social Media Icons in Header and Footer
  • Translation Ready
  • Works with WP 4+
  • WordPress 3.0 drop-down support

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Newspaper News WordPress Theme

16. Newspaper News WordPress Theme ($58)

The Newspaper Theme has the publication industry in mind when it was designed. The theme has five unique stacks you can choose from with YouTube video support and a wide variety of integration, such as bbPress Forum, BuddyPress, Buddy Press, and WooCommerce. It also supports responsive Google Ads and AdSense.

Newspaper Theme Best Features:

  • Custom-made lightbox
  • Custom-built drag and drop gallery
  • Vimeo/YouTube video playlist
  • Speed Booster v3 Plugin
  • Unique Article System
  • TypeKit, Font Stacks, Google Fonts
  • Powered by WordPress Booster Framework
  • Custom Visual Composer
  • Intelligent Ad System
  • Multiple Layouts
  • W3 Total Cache

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Story Creative Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

17. Story Creative Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme ($58)

Story is a clean and flexible WordPress theme with great features, like  full screen slider, custom headers and custom background sections. Story provides optimal viewing experience and will make your website look great on across wide range of devices and screen sizes with its parallax animation and responsive design.

Story Theme Best Features:

  • Live Theme Customizer
  • Extensive Portfolio and Gallery Options
  • Typography and Content Management
  • Intuitive Admin Panel
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Multiple Layout Blogs and Options
  • Mega Menu Support
  • Retina Ready
  • Visual Elements Builder
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • Easy Automatic Updates

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Osmosis Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

18. Osmosis Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme ($58)

Osmosis is a multi-purpose responsive theme which has the same backend and frontend UX. Packed with superior aesthetics, it also has awesome options and features for different types of websites.

Osmosis Theme Best Features:

  • Live Color Customizer
  • One Click Dummy Data
  • Retina Ready
  • Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • Multiple Footer Layouts
  • Master Key Safe Button
  • Smooth Parallax Scroll Effect
  • Predefined Color Presets
  • Crossbrowser Compatible
  • CSS animations
  • Full Width Background Section

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Aperio Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

19. Aperio Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme ($58)

Aperio is a clean and flexible theme loaded with multiple header layouts , parallax slider , posts slider , revolution slider , powerful admin panel , and 600+ Google fonts. So whatever type of website you want to create, Aperio has the appropriate tools and layouts to make your website unique and standout among others.

Aperio Theme Best Features:

  • Fully Responsive
  • Customisable Headers
  • Wide and Boxed Layout
  • Different logos
  • Advance Typography
  • Awesome Icongraphy
  • Unlimited Sections
  • Visual Composer for WordPress
  • Revolution Slider for WordPress
  • Awesome Bradslider
  • Translation Ready
  • Multiple Widgets
  • Multiple Blog Layouts and Portfolios
  • Unlimited Colors with a backend color picker
  • Wide and Boxed layout
  • Cross browser compatibility ( compatible with IE 9 , IE 10 , Firefox , opera and chrome)
  • Child Theme Ready
  • Touch Optimized carousel and sliders
  • Lightbox Integration for Images and videos

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Sprout Clean Blog/News/Magazine Responsive Theme

20. Sprout Clean Blog/News/Magazine Responsive Theme ($58)

Sprout is also a theme designed for the publication niche. It is fully responsive and adaptable features for mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

Sprout Theme Best Features:

  • WordPress 4.x Ready and also 3.9 Compatible
  • 1-Click Demo Installer
  • Mobile Friendly with Bootstrap 3
  • Ultra-sharp High Resolution Graphics
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Easy to customize theme’s template files by overriding from child theme
  • WooCommerce, bbPress & BuddyPress supports
  • Site Options
  • Advanced Admin Panel
  • Post Options

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Sahifa Responsive News, Magazine, Blog Theme

21. Sahifa Responsive News, Magazine, Blog Theme ($58)

Powerful Admin Panel, TiePage Builder, One-Click Demo Import, Content Slideshows – these are just some of the features TieLabs offer in their Sahifa WordPress theme. The theme is especially designed for online magazines, blogs, and newspapers as well as different kinds of platforms and devices. It is loaded with some of the latest features and plugins.

The Sahifa theme has a built-in Drag and Drop builder which allows you to customize your website by using blocks layouts. It is also retina-ready, fully customizable with more than 40 short codes, and well-documented. As one user said, “the theme is simple and straightforward. It has superb documentation to assist the novice user.”

Sahifa Theme Best Features:

  • Fully Responsive ( with Option to Disable it )
  • Wide, Boxed, Framed Layouts
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • Buddypress Ready
  • Responsive Google AdSense
  • Compatible with Infinite Scroll plugin
  • Mega menu

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here



Newsmag News Magazine Newspaper

22. Newsmag News Magazine Newspaper ($48)

The Newsmag Theme is a modern WordPress theme which enables you to create your blog posts easily. Its template is also compatible with newspaper, magazine, review or publishing site, and news. It is available in six unique styles which can be loaded with just a click. It is fully customizable, just in case you want to change the layout, fonts, colors, or other elements of your page.

Since it is especially designed for digital publishing, it supports YouTube videos and has a rating system where your readers can rate your posts. It also has a responsive Google Ads and AdSense where each ad spot has a designated box to input your ad code.

Newsmag Theme Best Features:

  • Unique SEO optimized search template
  • Blog index
  • Author widget
  • Easy Tagcloud Navigation via widget
  • 404 Template
  • One Click Demo Install
  • Live Search
  • Responsive Google AdSense

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


SEO WP Social Media and Digital Marketing Agency

23. SEO WP Social Media and Digital Marketing Agency ($48)

Each theme has been designed with a certain niche on mind, and SEO WP is not different. As the name suggests, the theme is designed for SEO and Social Media specialists and their clients as well as digital marketing agencies.Fully customizable, this Drag and Drop WordPress theme has a super quick live appearance customization. It also contains unlimited header styles, page designs,and footer layouts.

Lumbermandesigns also added the Live Composer page builder where you can make and edit pages in the front-end by dragging and dropping the items. Since it is designed for best SEO practices, the theme is loaded with the top-selling set of 55 SEO services and web designer icons.

The most-praised feature, however, is the theme’s customer service where one can get immediate support 24/7.

Got a response in less than 30 minutes. The developer gave a detailed explanation to questions that arise. Great theme and great support.
– subhashc

SEO WP Theme Best Features:

  • Drag and Drop Goggle Maps
  • One-Click Demo Content
  • Live Composer
  • Master Slider
  • Unlimited Header Styles

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Construction – WP Construction Business Theme

24. Construction – WP Construction Business Theme ($58)

This theme isn’t just good looking, it also has one of the best support staffs I’ve seen on Themeforest. Quick replies to questions and helps to provide a solution
– eskamedia

Construction is a beautiful WordPress theme that combines the aesthetics and technology together. It has a nice layout that looks good in different kinds of platforms and devices. It also includes a lot of options so you can change any visual elements of your website.

In the latest update, Version #1.0.2, the Construction Theme has a One Click Theme Update feature which allows you to update in your WP dashboard by entering your ThemeForest Username and ThemeForest Secret API key in Theme Options setting field.

Construction Theme Best Features:

  • Fully Responsive on Multiple Devices
  • Full Width Layout or Boxed Layout
  • SASS Powered
  • 600 Plus Google Fonts
  • One-on-One Email Support
  • One Click Demo Importer
  • Advanced Theme Option

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


KLEO Premium BuddyPress WordPress Theme

25. KLEO Premium BuddyPress WordPress Theme ($63)

KLEO is a dynamic and responsive theme developed by SeventhQueen. It is one of ThemeForest’s best selling themes with more than 4,000 sales since its release last year. It has also undergone various updates with the latest version includes features, such as Buddy Press Profile cover, Visual Composer, and WooCommerce Ready. It alsohas an awesome fully customizable portfolio which allows you to change your portfolio page with different appearance styles using portfolio shortcodes.

KLEO was designed with the entrepreneur in mind because most of its features allows you to set up your business home page with ease. Aside from being WooCommerce Ready, it is also has Paid Membership Pros which smoothly integrates PayPal Express for business accounts and Paypal’s Website Payments Pro with the recurring payment module, Stripe, and with ARB.

KLEO is a theme which uses the Drag and Drop feature which allows you to build your page even if you have no or limited coding or HTML skills.

KLEO Theme Best Features:

  • HTML5 & CSS3 & jQuery and Bootstrap powered
  • Boxed & Wide versions
  • Custom post types
  • Social share options
  • One Page Functionality
  • BuddyPress

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Constructo WP Construction Business Theme

26. Constructo WP Construction Business Theme ($53)

There are many WordPress themes that are geared towards the construction business. What makes the Constructo stand out is the simplicity and ease of set up. Its features have been designed to help even the most inexperienced to create a professional website to promote your business.

The Constructo Theme backs up its claim by having features, like One Click Demo install, Visual Composer, Revolution Slider and an Advanced Admin Panel where you can change your layout, colors, and fonts with just one click. The developers of the theme also included a free PSD file, video tutorials, and documentation to walk you through the set up. Above all, Anps offers free support just in case you encounter some new issues and problems.

Constructo Theme Best Features:

  • Contact Form 7
  • WPML compatible
  • Codestyle localization compatible
  • Wide and Boxed version
  • 4 predefined color chemese
  • 100% Responsive
  • Font awesome icons integrated

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Impreza Retina Responsive WordPress Theme

27. Impreza Retina Responsive WordPress Theme ($58)

Impreza is one of the highest rated themes in ThemeForest containing the Top 3 popular plugins from CodeCanyon. The theme is also well-spoken and has received expert reviews from top Web authorities. Even the developers of this beautiful theme is also well-spoken of and was chosen to be one of the speakers at the jQuery Conference in 2013.

According to N Themes, the WordPress Theme Experts:

Impreza Premium WordPress Theme is a flexible, powerful business or corporate theme designed to be the best theme for showcasing your company or your business.
Impreza has clean and modern design containing easy to use shortcodes and a custom CSS Editor so that you won’t have to modify the core files. Just like most WordPress themes, Impreza can be used out of the box after you download it via WordPress or FTP. Then, you can activate and load the demo content in just one click. If there are updates, you don’t have to download the updates manually but by clicking the automatic updates button found at the Admin panel, you will have it immediately.

Impreza Theme Best Features:

  • Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer
  • Extensive Style Options and Colors
  • Advanced Portfolio Options
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Parallax Effect Background

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Oshin Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

28. Oshin Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme ($58)

Oshin is a modern and powerful theme developed by BrandExponents. It has a striking balance between functionality and beautiful design which can be seen in each of their 12 unique demos. Oshin uses a powerful custom drag and drop page builder with features, such as copy and paste, that makes website building super fast.

In terms of options and other features, Oshin has different layouts which you can combine together to create your own unique personal website. It also comes with a very comprehensive options panel containing 500 Google fonts and fine colors. Oshin takes the game higher with backgrounds because it enables you to create video backgrounds instead of just images.

Oshin Theme Best Features:

  • 50+ Shortcode Modules
  • WooCommerce
  • Parallax Sections
  • Hero Sections
  • Fully Responsive
  • One Click Import
  • Unlimited Portfolios
  • Infinite Single Portfolios

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


WPLMS Learning Management System

29.WPLMS Learning Management System ($63)

WPLMS is an e-Learning WordPress theme designed for course management as well as instructor and student management. If you are into the education business, it is the ideal theme to promote and sell your courses online. The theme transforms your WordPress setup into an LMS, utilizing the potential of WordPress, BuddyPress, BBPress, and WooCommerce. WPLMS is compatible with TinCan/XAPI specifications and a lot of popular plugins such as WP Coauthors plus, MyCred points system, BadgeOS, and PMPro.

WPLS contains eight custom plugins which are specifically designed to enhance the learning experience. Exclusive features include the Instructor’s Dashboard where you can place your news, to-do list, schedules, and course statistics; Student Dashboard which displays your course progress, course assignments, online friends, and recent activity; Front End Course Creation where you can edit and create courses, quizzes, and set the pricing; and more which helps it easier for instructors and students to monitor everything in just one place.

WPLMS Theme Best Features:

  • Live Theme Customizer
  • ShortCode Generator with Live Preview
  • Advanced Vibe Options Panel
  • Awesome Sliders
  • Form Generators
  • Template Layouts

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Real Homes WordPress Real Estate Themes

30. Real Homes WordPress Real Estate Themes ($58)

Real Homes is a WordPress theme geared towards the real estate industry and has been the choice of more than 6,000 users. Its responsive layout was built in Twitter bootstrap with a full width slider. The Visual Composer is already part of the package when you purchase the theme allowing you to build custom layout pages with ease and speed.

Since it is geared towards the real estate industry, the theme has features that help businesses in this industry. Some of these noteworthy elements allow user log-in and registration as well as a submission form which allows you to submit and publish properties. Real Homes is compatible with the dsIDXpress plugin and comes with a widget for easy searches.

Real Homes Theme Best Features:

  • Fully Responsive
  • Revolution Slider Plug-in
  • Google reCAPTCHA Support
  • Easy and Extensive Theme Options
  • WPML Plugin Support

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


WooPress Responsive Ecommerce WordPress Theme

31. WooPress Responsive Ecommerce WordPress Theme ($58)

WooPress is designed with online retailers in mind. Those who used it have praised the theme for its customizability, flexibility, and customer support. Available in 7 different theme versions, you can have a One Page website if you have a limited portfolio, a boxed or full-width theme, and more. It is a clean and direct-to-the-point theme which showcases your goods and products attractively across different devices or platforms.

WooPress is regularly updated with the latest WordPress eCommerce trends and can handle all of the technical stuff for you. You will find here all the elements a premium theme has: Revolution Slideshow, Page Builder, 8theme ShortCodes and widgets. The basic package of the theme includes advanced Admin Panel, unlimited headers, footers, breadcrumbs, and colors as well as different files to make customization easier.

WooPress Theme Best Features:

  • WooCommerce
  • Retina Ready
  • WPML Ready
  • Advanced Admin Module
  • PSD and JSON Files
  • Exhaustive Documentation

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


ROSA An Exquisite Restaurant WordPress Theme

32. ROSA An Exquisite Restaurant WordPress Theme ($58)

ROSA is a parallax WordPress theme aimed at restaurant and food websites. The theme is equipped with features, such as parallax scrolling and full-screen images, and typography animations which let you present your products and story in a dynamic and  enjoyable way. It also has menus, OpenTable reservations or galleries within a single integrated interface in just a few clicks. It is also WooCommerce ready for those who want to sell their items online.

The ROSA theme developers gave careful attention not only to image and design quality, but also to the speed. The theme has a 98% score in the Live Demo page speed grade. In addition, it also has a live preview feature which lets you easily change the fonts, colors or layout sizes and everything will be reflected back to you.

ROSA Theme Best Features:

  • Once Click Demo Install
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • PSD Files
  • Extensive Theme Options
  • WPML Ready
  • SEO Friendly

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Automotive Car Dealership Business WordPress Theme

33. Automotive Car Dealership Business WordPress Theme ($58)

Automotive is a website template which has a well-designed inventory management system which will help you easily setup and customize your vehicle inventory. It also has a completely customizable, filterable, and sortable Inventory Search to search your Vehicle Listings, as well as a complete Inventory Management System and Loan Calculator. It also enables customers to quickly filter out vehicles that don’t fit their search criteria, displaying only vehicles that are perfectly suited to them. It also includes a layout for 2, 3, and 4 Vehicle Listing Comparisons, full Blog and tons of other pages and 32 page layouts.

The Automotive WordPress Theme has both the WordPress and PSD versions of the theme including a 32 pixel-perfect fully layered Photoshop files using the latest Bootstrap 3 responsive column layout. In its latest version, the Automotive Theme has CSV / XML File Import, enhanced SEO, unlimited sidebars, and a One Click installer.

Automotive Theme Best Features:

  • Filterable Inventory
  • Automotive Listings
  • jQuery Inventory Layouts
  • Custom Categories & Taxonomies
  • Customized Contact Forms with Recaptcha
  • Printable Brochures
  • Fully WooCommerce Compatible
  • Lifetime Free Updates

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


SimpleMag Magazine Theme for Creative Stuff

34. SimpleMag Magazine Theme for Creative Stuff ($53)

SimpleMag is another WordPress theme designed with the publishing industry in mind. Despite this, however, the theme has its own unique features which make it a class on its own. Also a responsive theme, SimpleMag has a QR code which can be scanned using your mobile devices. It also has an off-canvas menu which you can access by sliding the menu from the left and a smart footer which automatically adjusts itself based on the quantity of used sidebars.

True to its name, SimpleMag is a simple and easy-to-use theme available in four layouts and a configurable drop down menu which allows your readers to see the latest post from each category.

SimpleMag Theme Best Features:

  • SEO optimized
  • Multi-sectioned Page Composer
  • System fonts and Google fonts
  • Mega Menu and Columns Menu
  • WPML Ready
  • Support for RTL languages
  • Different Homepage Variations

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Photographer – A WordPress Theme For Photographers

35. Photographer – A WordPress Theme For Photographers ($43)

Photographer is a simple and minimalist theme designed to showcase your portfolio. The theme has only 2 layouts designed with a lot of space to focus more on your works. Its Live Photowall Homepage where visitors can see a different random unique homepage generated from the different images in your portfolio. It also has a zoomable image feature for the optimal image viewing experience. The images are flexible and the video can be embedded in various aspect ratios.

The theme is easy-to-use allowing you to create galleries using the WordPress built-in galleries. It also has customized widgets from various photo and video social networking sites, like Flickr, Instagram, Picasa, YouTube, and more.

Photographer Theme Best Features:

  • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery powered
  • 30+ social media icons
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • Ajax contact form with validation
  • SEO & Google Analytics ready
  • Custom Shortcodes
  • Unlimited Sidebars

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Zephyr Material Design Theme

36. Zephyr Material Design Theme ($58)

Zephyr is another WordPress theme designed by UpSolution, the group which was responsible for another popular theme, Impreza and two other themes. Zephyr is their latest offering and is a combination of these three other themes where most, if not all, best features are taken.

Zephyr has the basic features, such as being responsive and Retina-ready, One Click installation, Drag and Drop Page Builder, and WooCommerce Ready. There are also free features included in the basic package, like Slider Revolution plugin allowing you to add slides that will correspond the overall theme design. It also supports horizontal parallax backgrounds depending on the cursor movement. What more, you can easily add parallax background to every page section.

Zephyr is a theme with vast options. Its portfolio has more than 6,000 combinations including category filters, pre-built demos, and hover effects. Its blog and image gallery meanwhile has more than 1,000 and 40 combinations respectively.

Zephyr Theme Best Features:

  • Fully Responsive (feature can be turned off)
  • Quick Install & Demo Content Import
  • Automatic Theme Updater
  • Advanced Typography Options
  • WPML Optimized
  • Separate theme options field for Quick CSS
  • Separate theme options field for Custom HTML

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


uDesign Responsive WordPress Theme

37. uDesign Responsive WordPress Theme ($58)

uDesign is not only one of the most popular theme in ThemeForest, but also one of the best selling themes with more than 40,000 in sales. A powerful theme, uDesign users with no programming background as well as advanced developers. It will help you build your site in no time to your liking with minimal effort. It empowers you to set any color to elements such as backgrounds, links, text, menu links, and more.

One of uDesign’s clients has this to say about the theme:

This theme ROCKS! It’s very user-friendly, highly customizable, extremely flexible and the developers are on top of the updates and adding the new features. If you dream it up, you can build it up with uDesign –
– Strategic_Media

uDesign has also a very powerful SEO feature where the main content block is placed  before the sidebar regardless of the sidebar position. This is very important in code hierarchy because this is crawled first by search engines. For its premium features, uDesign has seven kinds of homepage sliders including jQuery sliders and Piecemaker Flash sliders.

uDesign Theme Best Features:

  • Custom Widgets
  • 500+ Fonts
  • Widgetized Home Page Option
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Extensive Documentation and Support

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


WP Residence – Real Estate WordPress Theme

38. WP Residence – Real Estate WordPress Theme ($53)

WP Residence is a clean and user-friendly design with features geared towards the real estate industry. Although specifically designed for real estate agents and agencies, it also allows other people to submit their properties for free, for a fee or based on a monthly subscription.Other options that are helpful for the real estate business are Properties Advanced Search with custom fields and dynamic search URL, admin-managed Google Maps with property location markers, Ajax Filters for Properties list, user log-in and register with white labeled dashboard with no WordPress reference, front end property submit & edit, and payment integration with PayPal and Stripe for CC Payments.

The theme has extensive documentation as well as videos. For example, it has a video to help you set up the theme step-by-step and another video in case you want to update the theme.

WP Residence Theme Best Features:

  • WordPress 3.9 – 4.1 compatibility.
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Built on Bootstrap 3
  • Spyder Pin for same location
  • Geolocation
  • Add Floor Plans
  • Boxed or Wide Layout
  • Cross Browser compatible, tested on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE9, IE10, IE11

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Hemlock – A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

39. Hemlock – A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme ($38)

Hemlock is a simple, clean, and responsive WordPress blog theme designed by Solo Pine. It has a straightforward functionality which makes your blog look sophisticated and modern as it stands out from the rest. The developers had simplicity in mind; thus, the peripheral elements has been trimmed away to remove distracting clutter. In place of this is a one column theme for any blogger in different niches.

Hemlock Theme Best Features:

  • Different Blog Layouts – Full Width, Grid, Sidebar
  • Different Social Widgets
  • Theme Options Powered by WordPress’ Customizer
  • Social Media Widgets in header and footer
  • Translation Ready
  • Works with WP 3.9+
  • WordPress 3.0 drop-down support

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Shopkeeper Responsive WordPress Theme

40. Shopkeeper Responsive WordPress Theme ($58)

Shopkeeper is a fully customizable WordPress theme with a flexible framework allowing you to create any niche-specific website even without any coding experience. The theme was built with the needs of developers and consultants putting together websites for their clients in mind. This multi-purpose theme allows you to create sites for a wide range of industries and styles: online stores, product catalogs, blogs, portfolios, or corporate sites.

Clean and minimalist, Shopkeeper has a wide range of customization features which lets you easily change the styles to fit your brand’s needs. You can upload your logo, change fonts and colors, build custom layouts, all through the admin interface without having to code a thing. In addition, it has a flexible header which can be adjusted according to your needs. And since it is an eCommerce theme, it has been built for WooCommerce helping you sell anything online, shippable goods, virtual or digital files.

Colorlib has this to say about the Shopkeeper theme:

Many online entrepreneurs and shop owners prefer this theme because it is fully integrated with WooCommerce plugin.

Shopkeeper Theme Best Features:

  •  Pre-built Page Layouts
  • Unlimited Header Styles
  • Portfolio Functionlity
  • Sharp Retina Graphics
  • Translation Ready
  • Multi-language support for WPML

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Elegance – A Flawlessly Minimalist Blogging Theme

41. Elegance – A Flawlessly Minimalist Blogging Theme ($58)

Elegance is one of the newest themes on ThemeForest. Having been only created in February 2015, it already has more than a hundred sales to date thanks to its seamless design and layout with lots of room for customization. Although the theme is aimed mainly for blogging, it can also be customized to create websites for various niches.

Elegance is a mobile-first theme which means the designers prioritized the mobile context when creating user experience. It also means that the design has incorporated the newer technologies available in the industry. Some of the noteworthy features of the Elegance theme include 5 Hero Banners to choose from, Infinite Post Scroll widget which allows you to infinitely load posts on the sidebar, an Ad Manager to let you insert ads easily in your site, and comprehensive theme options.

Elegance Theme Best Features:

  • 13 Custom Widgets
  • Sticky Menu Navigation.
  • 2 Style of Posts navigation
  • Off Canvas Mobile Menu with smooth transition.
  • Support Liveblog plugin
  • Social sharing buttons

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


TrendyBlog Multipurpose Magazine Theme

42. TrendyBlog Multipurpose Magazine Theme ($58)

The TrendyBlog is a fully responsive theme designed for blog, news, and review sites capable of adapting to any platforms and devices. As one client’s comment says:

This theme is highly professional with widgets and features to tailor the theme to your site, not the other way around. This theme provides a range of pre-created layouts and templates allowing you to create an amazing website in a short period of time, without having much to know about HTML5 and WordPress.
– GoldenVapour

TrendyBlog Theme Best Features:

  • Mega Menu
  • Sidebar Generator
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • Ajax Filtering Gallery
  • Weather Forecast
  • Page Builder
  • PSD Files

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Bodega – A Stylish Theme For Small Businesses

43. Bodega – A Stylish Theme For Small Businesses ($58)

Bodega is another newcomer theme on ThemeForest making its debut in February 2015. Despite being new, it is not behind in terms of design, flexibility, and customizability. The theme has 30 demos, each of which has been crafted with attention to details and a specific business in mind. So if no matter what niche or business you have, Bodega has something to offer.

The theme has innovative features as well, such as the SVG animations which allow you to animate the stroke paths of your own custom-made graphics, mask effects over your graphics in the theme sliders, and the Passepartout frame option which creates an attractive frame around your whole website.

Bodega Theme Best Features:

  • Sticky Content Menu from selected sections on page
  • Unlimited custom animations on elements in sections
  • Video Background Sections
  • Interactive Infographics
  • Parallax Sections
  • AJAX Page Transitions

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Pond Creative Portfolio & Agency WordPress Theme

44. Pond Creative Portfolio / Agency WordPress Theme ($43)

Pond is a minimal yet creative WordPress theme geared for any type of website. With Pond, you have the option to create a One Page website for those with limited portfolio or a Multi-Page one for bigger and established businesses. One feature that works well with the One-Page option is its unique vertical orientation with a nice hover action while its video and parallax background are sure to make your website stand out.

Pond Theme Best Features:

  • Viewport Border
  • Google Fonts
  • Page Builder
  • Ready for WP 4.1+
  • Well organized CSS
  • Ajax Contact Form
  • Google map

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Alaska – SEO WHMCS Hosting, Shop, Business Theme

45. Alaska – SEO WHMCS Hosting, Shop, Business Theme ($58)

Alaska is probably the best theme for hosting sites with WHMCS Responsive Bopostrap Template and WHMCS integration. With the WHMCS-Bridge plugin, you will be able to create a fully responsive website. Some of its basic features include the Drag and Drop Builder, a Mega Menu to help you create space for a heavy content website and navigation. It also has a Video & Parallax Backgrounds For Visual Composer to help you create background section parallax including video background parallax.

Since it is geared for web hosting sites, other features included are added to serve the purpose. For example, it is easy to add Google analytics. It also has Social list bar as well as contact bar at the top to help visitors and clients easily contact you. Alaska is also loaded with custom short codes, such as domain search form with custom URL short code, elegant professional pricing table short code, and beautiful Funfact short code.

Alaska Theme Best Features:

  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Custom Widgets
  • Contact Form 7 Support
  • SEO Friendly, Yoast SEO plugin compatible
  • Mailchimp Newsletter Support

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Jobify WordPress Job Board Theme

46. Jobify WordPress Job Board Theme ($58)

If you are creating a job listing website, Jobify is the theme for you. The theme is equipped with simple live filter and search features to help people find relevant jobs easily. It also has a fully customizable homepage which allows you to control the layout of your homepage. With Jobify, you will be able to easily monitor and approve job listing submissions. Jobify has the latest features including the Resume Manager, which allows employers, recruiters and prospects can find key phrases in resumes.

Joe Wakeford said this about Jobify;

Jobify is an elegant theme with a solid backend, ensuring total integration with WP Job Manager…It has a number of configurable elements that can be switched off or on depending on your usage case. Our installation is the underpinning of our music studio website and has had many compliments.

Jobify Theme Best Features:

  • Full Design Customization
  • WordPress Theme Customizer Support
  • Integrates with WP Job Manager
  • Integrates with Ninja Forms and Soliloquy Lite
  • WordPress 4.1+ Ready
  • XML Dummy Content Included For Easy Setup
  • Full Localisation Support with .po/.mo files

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Ausart Premium Multi-Purpose Business Theme

47. Ausart Premium Multi-Purpose Business Theme ($48)

Ausart is a fully responsive website for different types of users and organizations who want to showcase their portfolio. Built on the KODDE Framework V2, Ausart has a lot of new options and Page Builder V2 with drag and drop and resizable blocks. With these features, you are able to create complex layouts.

Ausart also XML files and page builder dummy data to make it  easy for you to setup and work. In terms of ease of set-up, there are also a lot of short codes included which can be accessed using a button in editor and a Shortcode Builder. To ensure that you set up the theme correctly, 10 video tutorials and extensive documentation are also included in the core package.

Ausart Theme Best Features:

  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Build with Bootstrap
  • 16+ Different Homepages
  • 10+ Custom Widgets
  • 50+ google fonts support and Standard Fonts
  • WordPress 4.0+ ready
  • 100+ Shortcodes

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here

Javo Directory WordPress Theme

Javo Directory WordPress Theme

48. Javo Directory WordPress Theme ($58)

The Javo theme is a directory and listing theme based on the Visual Composer Drag and Drop which allows you to build a website easily in just a matter of minutes. It also has 4 front-end forms, namely the My Items form, User Profile, Reviews form, Ratings Form, and Event Form – all of which has pictures and images. Its Lister features include by Location, by Categories, or both making it easier for visitors to search what they are looking for.

Javo Theme Best Features:

  • MailChimp
  • Slider Revolution
  • Advanced Google Map
  • Visual Composer Support
  • Paypal Integration
  • Multi-Options for Admin

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Royal – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

49. Royal – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme ($58)

I absolutely love this theme because there are many amazing templates to choose from, clean code so your website does not take forever to load, and amazing customer support. All my questions have been resolved to my satisfaction in a timely manner.
– bsolanki99999
Amazing templates – that is what the Royal theme is all about. Each template is grouped in different categories: Ecommerce, Landing, Corporate, and One Page. So you can imagine the vast options you have to build a unique website. Each theme also comes with customizable plugins and tools to make your page stand out from the rest.

Royal Theme Best Features:

  • WooCommerce Ready
  • Fully Optimized
  • WPML Plugin Ready
  • Video Tutorials
  • Unlimited Breadcrumbs, Headers, and Footers
  • Advance Admin Module

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Brixton Minimal & Personal WordPress Blog Theme

50. Brixton Minimal & Personal WordPress Blog Theme ($38)

Brixton is another minimalist theme with a clean and modern design. The theme has a trendy hipster combined with pure elegance. Designed by a small group of designers, Brixton has no unnecessary Slideshows and animations, just the information that you need. Even all your social media widgets are covered with no extra hassle.

Brixton has just released a hipster trend design for barbers and hairstylists. They are also developing a feminine theme which will be released soon. The theme has 7 post templates which includes standard, video, audio, gallery, and blog.

Brixton Theme Best Features:

  • Unlimited Color Variations
  • Google Web Fonts
  • Full width and boxed version
  • SEO optimized
  • CSS3 Features and Animations
  • Detailed written help file
  • Use your custom logo and favicon icon.

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here

Papillon Creative WordPress Blog Theme

Papillon Creative WordPress Blog Theme

51. Papillon Creative WordPress Blog Theme ($43)

Also one of the newest themes on ThemeForest, Papillon has already made around 200 sales within a month. Its popularity is due to its clean and simple design as well as being a fully responsive and retina-ready theme. It comes with some great features including a theme options panel, drag and drop page builder, and useful short codes. It is also equipped with a visual composer to help you create complex layouts of your pages and posts with simple drag-n-drop interface. Code is easy to modify and understand so you can personalize it in the easiest way.

Papillon Theme Best Features:

  • Child Theme Ready
  • Unlimited Portfolio Pages
  • Parallax Effect Backgrounds
  • Advance Portfolio Options
  • WordPress 4.1 compatible
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Built on the latest Boostrap 3

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here

Voice - Clean News/Magazine WordPress Theme

Voice – Clean News/Magazine WordPress Theme

52. Voice – Clean News/Magazine WordPress Theme ($48)

Although built with the online news and magazine websites in mind, the Voice theme can also be utilized for small blogs. Its highly customizable features can transform your personal taste and transform it into a multi-purpose theme. Voice is a fully responsive theme enabling your content to look good across any device. however, this feature is optional and can be turned on and off through different theme options.

Voice also has an advanced, easy to use theme options panel which allows you to setup your website in 5 minutes. It also gives you unlimited options on fonts and colors as well as options to upload your logo and icons, depending on your taste. One noteworthy feature is the Smart Category where you can have a different look for each category on your website. All you need to do is choose a layout, color, featured area, pagination type and number of posts per page.

Voice Theme Best Features:

  • Unlimited Fonts and Colors
  • One Click Updates
  • Smart Post Listings
  • Advanced Post Selection/Filtering
  • Unlimited Sidebars and Sticky Sidebars
  • Voice Posts
  • Voice Video

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


Suave Multi-Purpose WooCommerce Theme

53. Suave Multi-Purpose WooCommerce Theme ($58)

Suave is a WooCommerce theme with vast options. Its theme alone has more than a hundred options which you can mix and match to get the look you want. Aside from the three types of headers you can choose from, you can also choose and remove sidebars to shop screens. Other features include Ajax filters where the variables change and the pages reload without refresh and currency support where you can feature a currency switcher.

The One Click install comes with a step-by-step videos to ensure that you install the theme correctly. You can choose from the 10 different homepages and customize it according to your taste. If you want to add more, additional plugins are available, some of which include CommerceGuru Toolkits, Wishlist feature, WordPress SEO, and Layer Slider.

Suave Theme Best Features:

  • WordPress 4.1+
  • WooCommerce 2.2/2.3+
  • Free Install
  • Child theme support
  • Bootstrap 3 Grid
  • Shortcode manager
  • 404 error page

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here


The Keynote Conference/Meeting WordPress Theme

54. The Keynote Conference/Meeting WordPress Theme ($43)

The Keynote is a theme specifically designed  for conference, meeting, exhibition, congresses and more. It comes with very important feature for conference website such as speaker post type, speaker list, event schedule. Moreover, this theme also has built in PayPal payment system for selling tickets or if you’re using third party agent for managing your ticket, you can also put specific URL for each ticket to link to as well.

One clients says about the Keynote theme,

This theme was very easy to customize, implement, and deploy. The sample site that can be imported was extremely helpful in getting up and running. For any questions and issues that I had, support was fantastic.
– hnswift

The Keynote Theme Best Features:

  • PayPal payment for ticket selling
  • Speakers Post Type
  • Session Post Type
  • Time Counter
  •  Page Builder
  •  Full-screen slider, Full-width slider, Boxed slider
  •  Social link in header
  •  GoodLayers Importer
  •  Page Builder Setting Shortcut Button
  •  Landing Page Template

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here

Specular Responsive Multi-Purpose Business Theme

Specular Responsive Multi-Purpose Business Theme

55. Specular Responsive Multi-Purpose Business Theme ($58) has this to say about the Specular Theme:

The Specular theme is very well-designed – the 24 available demo templates is great for someone who needs to build a specific type of website. You can pick one and use that as a starting point and then tweak it to further customize and match your needs exactly.
The Specular theme has one of the most extensive features and options. The best attraction, however, especially for non-coders, is the codeless design. The theme not only contain home variations and demos, but also more than 20 fully created sites which you can publish immediately on the Net.

Specular Theme Best Features:

  • 30+ Portfolio Layouts
  • Custom Codeless Slider
  • Video Backgrounds
  • Multimedia Slides
  • Parallax Sections
  • One Click Demo Data

View Demo and Purchase Theme Here

So that’s it for now, these are the most popular premium WordPress themes we could find around. Hope you found what you were looking for here and just now have take the next step to creating awesome and functional website design for yourself or your client! If you are a web professional and are looking for a framework to use as a base of your themes, check out Genesis framework review.

Time for decision…

Which premium WordPress theme looks attractive to you? Have you tried any of them and can share your experience with it? Feedback is strongly appreciated!

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Landing Pages 101: How To Create A Powerful And Converting Sales Page – #EspressoMonday Nr.10

#EspressoMonday Episode Nr.10

What are the most important things to keep in mind when designing a successful and high converting sales page?

One of the most important elements for any online business is a landing page. a landing page is what converts your visitors into leads. In short, it is the heart and soul of any marketer’s lead generation efforts. The big question, however, is how to design a lead page that actually converts.

This is what we’re going to tackle in this #EspressoMonday episode. Before we dive in-depth to this question, let’s have a shot of real espresso this time.

A landing page, in the purest sense of the word, is just another webpage where your visitors can “land” on or arrive at. In terms of marketing and advertising, however, a landing page is a standalone page different from your website and has been built with a single objective – turn visitors into leads. That is why landing pages are also called sales pages.

Creating a landing page allows you to target a specific audience, offer them something of value, and convert a higher percentage of your visitors into leads, while also capturing information about who they are and what they’ve converted on.

But how do you utilize this? Or rather, how do you create a landing page that generates high conversion?

A Simple Acronym for Success

If you have done a bit of copywriting or involved in marketing and advertising, you might have heard of AIDA.

AIDA is not a woman although the name sounds like one. On the other hand, AIDA is a model – a very popular one.

AIDA is actually an acronym used by marketers, advertisers, and copywriters and it stands for:

A- Attention,

I- Interest,

D- Desire, and

A- Action

This acronym has been an essential guide for marketers to target their audience effectively. The most prime examples of using this model are car advertisers. Advertisers in the automotive industry are aware that in order to grab the attention of their consumers, they have to use colors, backgrounds, and themes that would appeal to their target audience.

The same principles also apply to web design and here, we will walk through each point and provide examples to help you design a high converting sales page.


In web design, or even in any industry, two of the most important things to keep in mind when you want to attract someone’s attention for the first time are generating your audience’s trust and addressing their pain.

When it comes to generating trust, it is always our instinct to observe a person we meet  or inspect the place we visit for the first time. Based on that first impression, we begin to form our opinions, prejudices, and fear. For example, it is easier to trust a person in a suit rather than a person in a hoodie.

First impressions may change but it is true that they last as well. This is also the first thing you have to keep in mind when you design or create a landing page.

Are the facts inside your landing page trustworthy? Have you double-checked the information before you put them on your sales page?

When it comes to the visuals and aesthetics, you don’t throw in all the flashy things and colors on your landing page. Instead, keep it clean, elegant, nice, and neat because you don’t want to overwhelm your clients.

Remember, when a client becomes overwhelmed, they become intimidated. When they become intimidated, they run away. So there goes your lead conversion slipping from your hands.

Once you have earned their trust, you can step up to the next level where you have the privilege to address their pain. Keep in mind that your visitor has come across or gotten into your landing or sales page because they have a pain or need. They must have gotten there because of an email or an article they read which is related to what they need or they have searched Google to look for an answer to that need or pain.

In addressing your client’s pain, one of the most important thing to keep in mind is to be able to speak their language. One example of doing this is what we do in our site where we placed the headline,

“Build Your Own WordPress Site 100% Responsive and Flat”

This headline or ad is intentional and not just thought of randomly because it sounds good. It is, of course, catchy, but mostly it is to address a pain or a need.

Before putting up this headline, we realized that a lot of people want to build their own website – and not just any other site but their own WordPress site, which is flat and responsive. So when the targeted audience see this, the heading will catch their attention and curiosity leading them to know more about what is being offered.


Attention and interest are different as black and white. Attention piques a person’s interest but it doesn’t mean that when you get someone’s attention, you can keep them interested. Interest, on the other hand, is long term. If you are interested in something, you will be able to do it for a long time no matter how difficult or expensive it is.

Thus, the next step you need to do once you captured your audience’s attention is to keep them interested.


By paying attention to your audience’s emotional journey and telling them an authentic story about the success they can have.

Emotional journey is something like a roller coaster ride where you show or address your audience what their pain is – the place where they are in right now- and describe the world where they could be – the world which you can build for them. Then, you show them by creating a bridge between the two worlds. You must be able to show them that you can take them from a place of pain into a place of pleasure.

One example for this is the question we posed in our sales page:

Are you scratching your head  wondering how amateur designers or programmers can make powerful modern websites, and be able to sell it to their clients and making their dreams come true?

Here, we show them their place of pain (scratching your head) and the place they want to be (making their dreams come true). When our audience saw that, they become interested how to be able to get to that place in the future.

In order to hold your audience’s interest further, you need to paint a clear picture of the new reality. For example, you can show them that 80 million sites are being served by WordPress. This sends a message that they can actually build almost everything using WordPress.

The second part of catching your audience’s interest is by telling them an authentic story. The story is basically about the how and why of why you built this product or service. People, of course know that the real reason is to make money. However, when they can see that what you are offering will actually address the problem they have, they won’t need any convincing – and you do this by telling them an authentic story.

One example of an article that tells an authentic story is the article we wrote about “Building a Portfolio Website.” We start the article by stating the reason why we wrote the article, which is a real need – a lot of people want a portfolio website for their personal brand. After that, the article showed the readers how we did it and how they can do it as well.


The next step in building a successful landing page is Desire. In creating desire for your audience, you also need to remember two points – social proof and added bonus.

Social proof is making your visitor feel safe. After you show them that they can cross from one side to another, they want to be assured whether the bridge you’re creating or using is safe. And the best way to assure them, of course, is to show them the proof that the bridge actually works.

For example, to show your audience that WordPress really works is to show them that WordPress is used by big companies, such as BBC, TED, CNN, Dow Jones, Time, and many more.

Another way of social proof is testimonials. When they see that other people who have used your products and services are saying positive things about what you offer, it will put their minds at ease leading them to open up to what you are offering.

After you assure them, the next logical step is to surprise them. Most, if not all, people love surprises – good surprises to be more specific. Surprises also make your visitors or customers feel that you actually care about them and not just concerned about getting their money.

In one of our sales page, we offer several bonuses to our products and services. Below that, our customers can see what added bonus they can get when they enroll in our courses.


Now to the last and most important step, you need to move your audience to action. In order to do this, there are also two things to remember – easy CTA and minimal risk.

When you want to incite people to action, it doesn’t have to sound like you’re Mel Gibson shouting “Freedom” to rally the Scots to fight against the English. It doesn’t even have to be complicated. In fact, your Call to Action should be simple using words that are familiar to your audience. Do not ask a lot of questions unless it is really necessary. Your call to action should be easy and painless.

For us, our Call to Action is by simply telling our visitors to click the “Enroll in Course” button.

If someone is not yet convinced to take the Call to Action, unleash your secret weapon which is to avoid risk.

It is natural for people to always look for an assurance, something they know they can go back to in case they don’t like the place you’re taking them. You have to make sure that you don’t burn the bridge and there’s nowhere for them to turn or run back into when things don’t work out fine.

One way of doing this is by giving them a guarantee. There are many kinds of guarantees you can create, like a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. In our case, we give our clients a “Double Guarantee” where we return double what they spend when they do not get results after implementing the product we offer. This guarantee, of course, applies if they can prove that they have really used our products.


Creating a high conversion landing page is not complicated but easy. Just keep AIDA in mind, use it as a guide and you’ll never go wrong.

Again, have a very great #EspressoMonday!

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WPEngine Review: Which Is The Best Managed WordPress Hosting For Professionals? #EspressoMonday Nr.9

#EspressoMonday Episode Nr.9

Do You Want A Fast WordPress Hosting? What is The Best WordPress Host For Professionals?

Hi there! For this #EspressoMonday episode, we will go in-depth with a question focusing on web hosting.  If you have been wondering about where to host your WordPress site and some of the most important factors regarding what a good web hosting site is, then this is for you. Let’s have another great day learning beyond just web design.

What are you waiting for? Grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive in.

Web design and web hosting go hand in hand. You can’t design a website without a reliable and fast hosting service. It would be like building a house without a ground to build it upon, which is impossible. Like looking for land which will provide a solid foundation for your house, looking for a good web hosting service works similarly. Therefore, the web hosting provider you choose can either be a blessing or curse for you because it can either help you build a solid foundation or give you a headache for failing to deliver what it had promised. Thus, this question we’re going to tackle today is one of the dilemmas most web designer often encounter.

What WordPress Hosting Service Do We Recommend?

The question seems easy to answer but the choice you make will greatly affect your website. Therefore, it is not child’s play where you play “Rocks, Scissors, and Papers” or “Eenie Mini Miny Moo” and then choose the website hosting provider randomly.

Most often than not, the next questions that follow are:

Do you host your clients’ websites yourself? – It reflects the uncertainty on some web designers whether they are doing the right move/decision or not.

Do you use web hosting sites, such as GoDaddy, etc.?

Whats your advice on web hosting in general? What are the pros and cons of web hosting your clients sites?

While a lot of good web host providers offer dedicated hardware and virtual private servers, you need to figure out which web host meets your needs you need to consider these five important points:

  • speed,
  • flexibility,
  • support,
  • security
  • can you make money by handling hosting for your clients? Affiliate program?

Web Hosting Service Speed

Website hosting affects the speed of your WordPress website. How fast is your website host?


There are many kinds of website hosting to choose from, the cheapest of which is “shared hosting.” In this type of website, various website files from different companies are placed together on the same server.

What does this mean to you and your website?

You can already guess that when a certain area is congested, there’s sure to have a traffic jam. The same goes with shared hosting. Because thousands of other websites share the same space, they share the same resources as well. When the server gets a lot of traffic, the websites in that server receives less resources than it should making it very slow.

Another type is a dedicated website host where you don’t share your rented server with other websites. However, this type of web hosting is not a practical solution for some businesses. Another option are virtual private servers or VPS which are affordable but provide dedicated resources but there are also certain restrictions.

If you want reliability and speed, the best hosting plan choice is – fully managed hosting service.

So what do you do?

WP Engine Fully Managed WordPress Hosting Comes To The Rescue

Here at 1stWebDesigner, we recommend a very amazing web and WordPress hosting called WP engine which you can access here. One of the best things about this tool is when you sign up or create your account, they will let you choose a server you’d want your website to be based upon. This means that you can use a server based in any part of the world, such as the UK, Japan, or any additional US server. The tool has three international data centers you can choose from which best suits your audience.

Another option the WP engine gives you in terms of speed is the “No Caching Plugin of the BIG-IP system and the content servers.” option which ensures the smooth performance of your website, especially when it becomes bigger.

WPEngine proves its speed

It is a fact that when  a website becomes filled with data and information, it gives a spotty performance. With the “No Caching Plugins” option, however, your website speed is taken to new levels using new levels with multi-server clusters which include in-RAM caching.

To explain what RAM caching does in simple terms, this feature reduces the traffic load to back-end servers by taking the stress off of the BIG-IP system and the content servers. This is especially useful when the object on a website is  is under high demand, if the site has a large quantity of static content, or if the objects on the site are compressed.

Another option is the EverCache, which makes your website scalable and much faster. It caches all the elements, CSS, HTML, and all the images you need to ensure that your website runs fast. WP Engine takes care of all these making it much easier for you.

WordPress has even written an article called “Disallowed Plugins” which lists all the plugins which are incompatible with their custom caching environment. Every time WP maintenance scripts see these plugins being used, they are automatically removed from your install.

These “disallowed plugins” include: WP Super Cache, WP File Cache, WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache, and WordFence.

Flexiblity is taken care of at WPEngine

1. How Flexible is WPEngine?

In terms of flexibility, WP Engine offers every single account unlimited data transfer as well as CDN or content delivery network, which serves content to your end-users with high availability and performance. In layman’s terms, it allows your website to load in lightning speed no matter where your website visitors are. This works especially if you want real-time streaming of your content.

The best thing about WP Engine hosting when it comes to flexibility is their plans. WP Engine offers various plans, each with their own limitations. The good thing, however, is no matter what your plan is, your account will never get frozen. For example, you only get the Personal Plan which can handle up to 25k visitors, even if you exceed that number they will never stop your account. Instead, you will automatically be upgraded to the next plan; thus, you won’t have to worry about your website going offline.

Flexible plans for your pocket

You will also be notified about this change immediately. In case you don’t want it, you can just cancel it. You can also get a refund in 60 days if your business fails.

Ever so famous 24/7 support

2. Is WPEngine Support Any Good?

Website host providers have different systems for their support. Some use a ticketing system where you can submit your complaint and they will give you a ticket to follow-up the solution. Others use a wiki-page where you can search the solutions for a problem you encounter. WP Engine has all of these types of support 24/7.

They also have a live chat support where you can talk with their customer support about any problem that may arise. In short, they give you a 24/7 support no matter where you are. You can find that on the upper right corner of your account once you log in to your WP engine account.

WPEngine’s own staging area

3. How Secure And Safe Your Site Is With WPEngine?

When it comes to security, WP Engine has a system called “Staging” to ensure that your website is protected lock, stock, and barrel.

Imagine that you have messed up your CSS or installed an incompatible plugin that wrecked havoc on your database. It happened all live for your readers to see. These are the times you wished you had backup.

Every time you’re going to make a scary change to your website or blog, “Staging” is a feature which allows you to click the “snapshot” button which makes a complete copy of your blog and set it up in a separate, safe area. You can play with anything you want; nothing’s live. Only when you’re ready to make it live do you touch your main site.

The best part – you have it at no additional charge.

Easy way for you to earn

How You As A Web Designer Can Generate Passive Income From Hosting?

This is regarding the question if you host your clients’ websites yourself.

The answer is a resounding YES – you must do it.

That is because your clients want to know and feel that you take care of them. They don’t want to do all the steps or the dirty work. They don’t want to worry about the technicalities behind their websites. What they are concerned of is the result and they pay you.

If you want to generate more income, WP Engine also takes care of this through their affiliate program which gives you payouts on hosting referrals. In fact, it has one of the highest payouts compared to other affiliate programs. They pay their commissions monthly but the best thing is that you belong the league of popular brands, such as Foursquare, Buffer, and Geekwire, which are also using the WP Engine Affiliate Program.


WP Engine is one of, if not, the best fully managed web and WordPress site hosting services. Not only do they offer you speed, flexibility, security, and support, but it also helps you earn more. The best part is it is used by a lot of big name companies which means it is a trusted brand.

You can use other web hosting service providers, just make sure that they have these five elements to give your website the optimum performance it needs.

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